Winner: Pakistan

Wills Trophy, 1992-93

In their first venture under the leadership of Wasim Akram, Pakistan claimed their sixth trophy in successive visits to Sharjah since March 1989. Playing only Test cricket's newest teams, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, they had a welcome opportunity to recover their self-confidence, after a poor showing in the World Series Cup in Australia. Pakistan won all three of their matches, and Wasim took four Sri Lankan wickets twice to be named the Player of the Series, but two notoriously weak attacks provided an insufficient challenge for Pakistan's top order.

India refused to attend after their protest over what they considered to be biased umpiring in the previous tournament 16 months earlier. Former Pakistani Test bowler Sikander Bakht and opener Ramiz Raja both received benefit cheques of $US35,000 from the series. Pakistan won $20,000, beaten finalists Sri Lanka $12,500 and Zimbabwe $5,000.

Note: Matches in this section were not first-class.

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1st Match: Pakistan v Zimbabwe at Sharjah, Feb 1, 1993
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2nd Match: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Sharjah, Feb 2, 1993
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3rd Match: Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe at Sharjah, Feb 3, 1993
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Final: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Sharjah, Feb 4, 1993
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