Australia v New Zealand

At Melbourne, December 17 (day/night). Australia won by six wickets. Toss: New Zealand. International debut: P. Wilson.

Two pace bowlers who had risen from oblivion to represent Australia provided the twin engines of the victory their country so desperately needed. Paul Wilson, who once drove halfway across Australia to plead his way into the Cricket Academy, and Adam Dale, who was flourished with Queensland after being an anonymous grade cricketer in Victoria, helped skittle New Zealand for 141. Their recovery from 45 for six owed everything to Harris, who had scored 310 runs in his last eight one-day international innings without being dismissed. Australia faltered in the chase, Cairns reducing them to 22 for three before Bevan, ever the cool head, scored a nerveless 42.

Man of the Match: M. G. Bevan. Attendance: 31,097.

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