World Cup 1999, tenth group A match

England v Zimbabwe

At Nottingham, May 25. England won by seven wickets. Toss: England.

In their first match against England in England, Zimbabwe played like the novices they had never resembled when facing them elsewhere. On a cool morning, their batsmen failed to warm to the task. Strang gave a new twist to pinch-hitting: you had to pinch yourself if he hit the ball. His duck stretched over 17 deliveries. England's six-pack of seamers were fizzing: Fraser was his old immaculate self, and even held a running catch in the deep.

Zimbabwe gave themselves a chance by surviving 50 overs and taking two early wickets, but the sun came out, the swing evaporated and Hussain and Thorpe coolly compiled 123 in 22 overs - their first century one-day partnership. England's determination to make certain was again to prove disastrous in retrospect. Fairbrother scored seven in 23 balls at the end without worrying about net run-rate.

Man of the Match: A. D. Mullally. Attendance: 14,191.

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