Third Test

Pakistan v Zimbabwe 1998-99

At Faisalabad, December 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. Abandoned.

The first Test to be completely abandoned in Pakistan gave Zimbabwe their first series win. The fog was so thick that, after the second day, most of the players did not even come to the ground. Umpires Salim Badar and New Zealander Doug Cowie called off the game on the fourth morning - the same day that the Dunedin Test between New Zealand and India was abandoned. These were the 10th and 11th games in Test history to suffer this fate. Some commentators felt the umpires had been too hasty, as conditions improved a little in the afternoon. The Pakistan Board was also criticised for scheduling a Test at Faisalabad in December, when meteorologists said fog was predictable. The Board said fog this dense was unexpected and did not happen every year.

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