World Series Cup


At Sydney, January 5 (day/night). New Zealand won by six wickets. Toss: Sri Lanka. An ordinary match will be remembered for the high degree of sportsmanship shown by the New Zealand team and, in particular, their captain, Jeff Crowe. In Sri Lanka's 45th over, a drive from Ratnayeke struck the non-striker, Asoka de Silva, deflected on to umpire Crafter's leg, and then bounced back to the bowler, Chatfield, who broke the stumps with de Silva out of his ground. The batsman walked, only to be chased by Crowe, who told him there had been no appeal as the dismissal had been considered unfair. De Silva accordingly returned to the crease. Ratnayeke eventually top-scored for Sri Lanka, but to no avail as New Zealand, pacing themselves well, ran out easy winners.

Man of the Match: E. J. Chatfield. Attendance: 8,063.

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