World Series Cup - Second Final Match


At Sydney, January 24. Australia won by six wickets. Toss: Australia. In a match reduced by rain to 38 overs, and played under lights for a brief time because of the overcast conditions, the Australian superiority over New Zealand in the one-day series was shown yet again. Tight, accurate bowling by Dodemaide, McDermott, Davis and Taylor, against a visiting team showing signs of world-weariness, was the dominant factor. In the New Zealand innings, Jones remained unbeaten with 56 from 82 balls, and his stand of 60 with Jeff Crowe (42 from 40 balls) was the one highlight. When Australia replied, Hadlee bowled with his usual accuracy before retiring with a knee injury, and there was a fifth WSC half-century, from 70 balls, for Jones as the New Zealanders went through the motions. The World Series Cup was once again presented on television rather than on the field, much to the disappointment of the players who earned it and the spectators who took the trouble to turn up.

Man of the Finals: D. M. Jones. Attendance: 29,356.

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