Fifth Test match

Australia v England 1884-85

Played at MELBOURNE, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, March 21, 23, 24, 25, 1885. England won by an innings and 98 runs. The Colonial eleven selected to oppose Shaw's men in the last of the contests against picked teams of Australia differed from that engaged in the previous encounter, Bonnor, Blackham, McDonnell and Palmer giving place to Bruce, Jarvis, Walters and McShane; and although the home eleven won choice of innings, and, as the Australian captain admitted, had in no marked manner anything the worst of luck, they suffered a crushing defeat by an innings and 98 runs. There were about 8,000 spectators present on the opening day, but the attendance fell to less than a quarter of that number on the following days.

The captain of the Australian - Horan - won the toss, and a little before 12.30 sent Bannerman and Bruce to the wickets. Peel and Ulyett started the bowling, and from the latter's second ball Bruce should have been taken at the wicket, but Hunter dropped the catch. In the same bowler's next over, Bruce was very lucky in escaping being run out, and with the total 21 he was easily caught for 15. Directly Giffen came in Bannerman was caught at third man, and Horan who succeeded, was at once given out leg before wicket. Jones came in, but at 34 was also given out lbw, and without a run being added Giffen was bowled. Jarvis and Walters carried the total to 45, when the latter was bowled off his leg, and six wickets were down.

Luncheon was then taken, and on resumption of play Trumble joined Jarvis. At 58 Barnes bowled for Ulyett, and at 67 Jarvis was caught at the wicket. Garrett was caught from a skier, and 9 wickets were down for 99 runs when Spofforth joined Trumble. The great bowler immediately began to hit in most vigorous fashion, and runs were put on at a rapid rate. Soon after 110 went up Ulyett bowled in place of Flowers, but gave way at 135 to Peel. Attewell also relieved Barnes who had been hit for a 5 by Spofforth, the ball clearing the pavillion gate. A ringing cheer accompanied the hoisting of 150, but at 163 Attewell sent down a short-pitched fast one which clean bowled Spofforth for a rattling 50, Trumble carrying his bat for a good defensive innings of 34. The wicket having been rolled Barnes and Scotton opened the batting for Shaw's team to the bowling of giffen and Bruce. When 30 runs had been made Spofforth went on in place of Bruce, but when stumps were drawn for the day at 5.45 no wicket had fallen, and the total had reached 44, Barnes, being 19, not out, and Scotton, 21, not out.

On the second day Bruce and Giffen again started the bowling, and for a considerable time runs were put on at a very slow rate, the first 16 occupying 40 minutes. With the total at 60 Bruce clean bowled Scotton, who made way for Read. After 90 had been telegraphed Spofforth bowled for Bruce, and at 96 Giffen clean bowled Read. Ulyett scored a single from Giffen and then played the first ball he received from Spofforth hard on his leg, from whence it rolled into the wicket and disturbed the bails. Luncheon was then taken, the score being 97 for three wickets. On resuming Shrewsbury joined Barnes. At 130 Trumble tried in place of Giffen, and at 136 Bruce bowled for Spofforth. This change met with success, as at 141 Barnes was caught at leg off Bruce for a finely played 74. Bates came in, and though very unwell, punished the bowling severely, bringing on Spofforth for Bruce and Garrett for Giffen. About this time several chances were given but not accepted. Shrewsbury should have been caught by McShane off Spofforth, while Bates was missed four times - at long-off by Horan, at third man by Jones, at point by Bruce, and in the long field by McShane. Bates scored his first 33 runs while Shrewsbury made 6, and as soon as the 200 went up illness compelled him to retire, his individual score then being 54. McShane relieved Garrett when Flowers came in, but was soon shunted for Jones, and at 227 Bruce bowled for Spofforth. At 230 Jones gave way to Horan, and at 256, Spofforth, who changed ends, bowled Flowers off his legs. Giffen bowled for Bruce when Briggs joined Shrewsbury, and in the hope of getting another wicket Trumble was tried, but without success, as at the call of time Shrewsbury had made 54 and Briggs 11, the total being 270 for 5 wickets.

The not out men were opposed by Giffen and Spofforth when the game was continued on the third day, but Trumble and Bruce were both tried before a separation could be effected. The total had reached 324, and the partnership yielded 68 runs, before Briggs was caught at short slip for a vigorous and excellent 43. Attewell was caught at mid-off with the total unchanged, and then Bates resumed his innings. He had not, however, sufficiently recovered to hit in his usual vigorous form, and after adding 7 runs was caught at long-on at 335, Peel being bowled a couple of runs later. Hunter, the last man, then rendered valuable assistance. At lunch time Shrewsbury had made 86, and the total stood at 347, which was afterwards raised to 386 before Giffen clean bowled Hunter for 18, the last wicket having increased the score to the extent of 49 runs. Shrewsbury carried his bat for 105 out of 289 scored while he was in, and his fine innings - the highest he had made in Australia - was only marred by the one chance to McShane.

Garrett and Bannerman commenced the second innings of Australia at three o'clock. Ulyett and Peel were the bowlers, and Mr G. F. Vernon fielded for Bates. Bannerman was nearly bowled with the first ball he received, and should have been caught before he had scored. It mattered little, however, as he was taken at long-slip after maiking a couple. A fast ball from Ulyett bowled Garrett at 17, and at 26 Giffen was caught at short-leg. Jones and Horan were now associated, and when 50 was posted Attewell relieved Ulyett, and bowled the Australian captain at 60. Jones was clean bowled at the same total directly Bruce came in, and Trumble filled the vacancy. Flowers went on at 78, and Trumble was given out leg-before-wicket at 91. Walters, who followed, was brilliantly caught at mid-off by Attewell at 100, and then Bruce and Jarvis played out time.

By previous arrangement the match was not continued until 2.15 on the last day, when Bruce and Jarvis faced the bwling of Attewell and Flowers. The Australians, with three wickets to fall, required 118 runs to save a single innings defeat, and the very slight chance they had of accomplishing so heavy a task was rendered hopeless by a very heavy fall of rain in the early morning, which gave the bowlers a great advantage. Only a single was scored before Jarvis was caught at mid-on, and with a couple added Spofforth was caught at long-on by Jarvis, fielding for Barnes, Bruce and McShane put on 17 runs, and then the former was caught at short-slip for a very meritorious innings of 35, bringing the match to a conclusion, and giving Shaw's team victory by an innings and 98 runs.

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