Third Test

Australia v England 1891-92

The third meeting with Combined Australia was the last match of the tour. As some compensation for their defeats at Melbourne and Sydney, the Englishmen won in a single innings with 230 runs to spare. It was a brilliant victory, but inasmuch as the Englishmen batted on a perfect wicket, and the Australians had to go in when the pitch had been runied by rain, it cannot be pretended that the result represented with any accuracy the merits of the two elevens. In justice to the English team however, it should be mentioned that before the rain came on they had scored 490 for nine wickets. This being the case, it is not unreasonable to suppose that even had the weather remained fine, the game would still have ended in their favour. Stoddart's batting and Briggs's bowling were the features of the game. In scoring 134 Stoddart was at the wickets three hours and fifty minutes, his hits including two 5's and fifteen 4's. He gave three chances, but not one of them was easy, and from first to last he played in his best form. Grace's 58 was quite faultless, and the only mistake in Peel's admirable 83 - an innings which lasted three hours - was a hard return to Giffen when he had scored 60. Briggs, it will be noticed, took six wickets in each innings of Australia.

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