Fifth Test Match

England v South Africa 1909-10

The Englishmen finished their tour with a dazzling performance, winning the last Test Match by nine wickets. For this victory they had to thank Hobbs, Rhodes and Blythe. On England winning the toss, Hobbs and Rhodes scored 221 for the first wicket in rather less than two hours and forty minutes. Their rate of run getting was curiously uniform, the first and second hundreds being obtained in practically the same time. Rhodes was overshadowed by his partner's brilliancy, but he scored his 79 without a mistake of any kind. Hobbs - out fifth at 327 - was unlucky in touching his stumps with his foot and dislodging a bail. He scored his 187 in three hours and three quarters, hitting in his superb innings twenty three 4's. He might have been caught twice, but the first chance was not given until he had scored 146. Of the other England batsmen Thompson alone met with much success, the innings ending early on the second day for 417 - a far smaller total than might have been expected after such a start. The South Africans gave an inglorious display in their first innings, being out, although the wicket remained good, for 103. Following on against a balance of 314 the South Africans played up finely, but they were too far behind to have any chance of saving the game. Faulkner scored 99 out of 195 in splendid style, hitting fifteen 4's and giving no chance. The single innings defeat was averted, and the Englishmen lost Bird's wicket before they won the match.

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