Pool B - 2003 World Cup

New Zealand v West Indies

At Port Elizabeth, February 13, 2003. New Zealand won by 20 runs. Toss: West Indies.

New Zealand's win was largely the handiwork of Andre Adams, who produced four wickets, a run-out and the key innings. The ploy of promoting Vettori to open proved only moderately productive and, despite a counter-attack from Astle and Cairns, New Zealand's innings was mostly a struggle, especially when Hinds struck three times in successive overs, doubling his tally of victims at this level. When Harris missed a straight ball from Gayle, West Indies seemed to start celebrating. Instead, Adams, who was dropped on 14 by Samuels, the substitute, took a fancy to Gayle's bowling. He and McCullum piled on 45 in the last five overs, Adams driving and pulling 15 from the last. When they reversed roles and Gayle opened the batting, his riposte was three fours in a row off Adams. But the next over from Adams resolved the personal contest. Fleming expertly held Gayle's carve at slip, the first of three incisions by Adams in as many overs. To make things worse, Lara was run out too. He flicked to backward square and turned confidently for a third. Vincent sprawled to intercept and threw to Cairns, stationed at square leg; his aim was true and Lara was short: a training ground move, pilfered from baseball and honed to perfection. West Indies had sagged to 80 for six before Sarwan and Jacobs reinjected some tension with a seventh-wicket stand of 98, a tournament record, but Adams had long since reduced his St Vincentian father to glum silence.

Man of the Match: A. R. Adams. Attendance: 9,659.

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