Pool B - 2003 World Cup

Bangladesh v West Indies

At Benoni, February 18, 2003. No result. Toss: Bangladesh.

Bangladesh picked up their first points of the World Cup by default, but the chief beneficiaries of the bad weather were South Africa: because West Indies, one of their main rivals in an increasingly complex race for Super Six qualification, had lost two points, South Africa's fate was back in their own hands. The hopes of West Indies, meanwhile, now rested on their showdown with Sri Lanka. On a sporting pitch and under cloudy skies, the Bangladesh bowlers put in their most disciplined performance of the competition: they wilted only when Powell launched a late, withering assault, reaching a 30-ball half-century with his fourth six and helping West Indies add 73 in the last seven overs. The Bangladesh reply lasted just 49 deliveries, but included two wickets and three dropped slip catches, two by Hooper.

Attendance: 4,323.

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