Obituaries in 1888

DALLAS, Lieut.-Col. G.F. (Harrow Eleven, 1843)Feb. 2
NORTON, Mr. Daniel (Rickmansworth )Feb. 10
BAKER, Mr. W. De Chair (A founder of the Canterbury Week)Feb. 20
SHAW, J. C. ( Notts)March 9
MARKHAM, Mr. E. W. (Wellington College Eleven, 1885)April 21
MACALPINE, W. (Custodian of the Melbourne Club Ground)April
SHIRLEY, Mr. W. S. (Revellers and M.C.C.)May 1
CHARLWOOD, Henry ( Sussex)June 6
SLINN, William ( Yorkshire)June 19
CHESTER, James ( Surrey)June 19
ANDERSON, Mr. T. J. (Cricket writer Sheffield Daily Telegraph)June 23
SUTTON, Mr. F. W. (Dartmouth Park C.C.)Aug. 10
FOX, Mr. H. (Somersetshire ). Lost in the CaucasusSept. 4
EARLE, Doctor (Brentwood C.C. )Oct. 4
BARKER, George (North Riding, Yorkshire)Oct. 9
EARL, G. ( Hastings)Oct.
RODGER, Mr. W. W. (Kent)Nov. 1
SEWELL, Thomas, Sen. ( Surrey)Nov. 1
CARNEY, W. (Surrey colt )Nov.
CARTER, W. J. ( Surrey)Nov.
DAWSON, E. ( Yorkshire)Dec. 1

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