Obituaries during the war, 1917

(A full list of Deaths in the War up to the end of 1916, so far as could then be ascertained, appeared in the last issue of WISDEN.)

The Roll of honour.

AIRTH, LIEUT. RENNIE ALEXANDER (Bedfordshire Regiment, attached Royal Flying Corps), died of wounds July 29, aged 23. Leys School XI, 1909-10-11. He was a good bat, heading the averages in 1909 and standing second in the two following years. A fair change bowler, he took 28 wickets in 1910.

ADAM, 2ND LIEUT. R. W., (R.F.A.) died November. Leys' School XI, 1908, when he played an innings of 120, and was third in batting, with an average of 20.

ADAMSON, 2ND LIEUT. G. A. (King's Own Scottish Borderers), killed in October. Captain of the XI at Androssan Academy.

ALLOM, LIEUT. CHAS. CEDRIC GORDON, (R.F.A) died of wounds, October 9, aged 21. Wellington XI.

ANDERSON, CAPT. (TEMP. LIEUT.-COL.) DONALD KNOX (The Buffs attd. Machine-Gun Corps). Military Cross. Killed December 3, aged 31. King's School, Canterbury XI, 1902 and 1903.

ANDERSON, 2ND LIEUT. JAS. L. (Black Watch), killed May 25, aged 25. Perthshire XI. A very promising batsman. A younger brother of the better-known Joe Anderson. Had been wounded three times.

ANDERSON, 2ND LIEUT. W. H., killed in June. Leys School XI, 1911, when he scored 211 runs with an average of 15.

ARCHER, MAJOR H. (Devon Regt.), D.S.O. Killed November or December. Blundell's School, 1901, 1902.

ARMITAGE, CAPT. FRANK RHODES M. B., D.S.O., (R.A.M.C.), killed July 30, aged 34. Oundle XI, 1901 and 1902. Had played in Amateur Golf Championship.

ARNOLD, FLIGHT LIEUT. CHARLES VERNON, (R.N.) accidentally killed August 16, aged 23. Dulwich College XI in 1911. He made 171 v. R. B. Firth's XI, at Dulwich, on June 21, 1911, when he and R. K. Nunes (167 not out) scored 340 for the first wicket. He came out fourth for a strong batting side scoring 458 runs with an average of 32.71.

ASPELL, PTE. SAMUEL (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Bedford, February 27, 1892; killed August 21. Lynn Valley C.C., of Vancouver (B.C.)

ATCHISON, LIEUT.-COL. CHARLES ERNEST, D.S.O. (King's Shropshire Light Infantry), born 1875, killed August 24, Played in Regimental Cricket and for United Services.

ATKINSON, LIEUT. AND ADJT. GEOFFREY HOWARD (Indian Infantry), killed February 1, aged 26. Marlborough College 1908-9. At Cambridge he played in the Peterhouse XI, and for the Freshmen in 1910, and the Seniors in 1911 and 1912. Going in last in 1911 for B. H. Holloway's side he scored 37 not out, the total being 502.

ATKINSON, 2ND LIEUT. MILES LINZEE (Tank Corps), born 1888; killed November 20. Fettes XI., 1905-6-7. Football Blue for Cambridge.

BAGGULEY, LIEUT. J. L. (Durham Light Infantry, attd. Trench Mortar Batt.), accidentally killed December, aged 24. High School, Newcastle, XI, 1908, 1909, 1910, and 1911: captain in 1910 and 1911.

BAGNALL, 2ND LIEUT. G. B. (Rifle Brigade), killed April, Pembroke College (Cambridge), Hampstead C.C., East Dereham C.C., and Norfolk C. and G.

BAKER, CAPT. CECIL DOUGLAS (Grenadier Guards), born 1870, killed July 29. Abbey School XI, Sherborne XI, Merton (Ox.) XI. A good all-round man. In the Oxford Rugby XV, 1891-2-3, being Captain in 1892. Member of M.C.C. since 1895. Was wounded in 1916.

BAKER, LIEUT. SPENCER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at East Grinstead, December 9, 1882; killed October 26. The Saskatoon C.C. of Saskatchewan.

BAMBRIDGE, CAPT. WM. HERBERT (Royal Fusiliers), killed August 19, aged 27. Marlborough, 1907. A fairly good bat, he was in the eleven with J. F. Ireland, S. H. Saville, and R. O. Lagden. Member of M.C.C. since 1913.

BARBOUR, COMPANY Q. M. S. FRED G. PITTY, killed February 25, aged 21. Captained the Eleven at Toowoomba Grammar School. Younger brother of Capt. E. P. Barbour of New South Wales.

BARKER, 2ND LIEUT. GEORGE FREDERICK (Essex Regt), killed May 12. Brentwood C.C.

BARRETT, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN AMBROSE (Rifle Brigade), born 1881, killed July 31. Merchant Taylors' XI, 1898-1899. He did nothing remarkable in either year, but was a useful bat and bowler. At Oxford he got his half-blue for lawn tennis.

BARTLEY, LIEUT, F. JOHN (Essex Regt), killed March 26, aged 30. Brighton College, 1903 and 1904.

BATTYE, LIEUT.-COL. CLINTON WYNYARD (Shropshire Light Infantry attd. Highland L.I.), D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Had been wounded. Killed November 25, aged 43. Regimental cricket and United Services.

BAXTER, CAPT. W. HEDLEY B. (Royal Warwickshire Regt.), killed August 27. Merchiston, 1910 and 1911. Rugby Blue for Cambridge.

BAZALGETTE, 2ND LIEUT. W. T. A. (Devon Regt.), killed May. Blundell's School XI, about 1914.

BEAUMONT, LANCE-CORPL. F. (The King's Liverpool Regt.), killed May. Chester C.C.

BEAUMONT-CHECKLAND, LIEUT. MONTGOMERY BEAUMONT (Yeomanry attached Somerset Light Infantry), born 1883, killed August 17. Newton College XI and St. John's College XI ( Cambridge).

BELCHER, MAJOR RAYMOND DOUGLAS. Military Cross. (Royal Field Artillery). Died of wounds December 7, aged 34. Brighton College XI, 1900. The third son of Rev. T. Hayes Belcher, the old Oxford Blue, to lose his life in the War.

BENSON, LIEUT. C. S. (Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry), born 1891, killed April 24. Pembroke College (Ox.) XI, 1911. Had previously been wounded.

BEST, LIEUT.-COL. T. A. D. (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, commanding a battalion of Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regt.), D.S.O. Killed November. Sandhurst 1898: made 21 v. Woolwich.

BIRD, LIEUT. FRANCIS WILLIAM (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Sheffield June 21, 1884, killed August 10, 1916. Public Schools C.C., of Vancouver.

BIRD, LIEUT. WALTER CYRIL (Northants Regt.), killed early in March. Captain and Secretary of the Kettering C.C. Formerly in the eleven at Kettering Grammar School.

BIRKBECK, CAPT. GERVASE WILLIAM (Norfolk Regt.), killed April 19, aged 30. Twelfth man of Eton; in eleven at Trinity College (Camb.); good bat and field. First match for Norfolk was in 1906. Best scores for the County--111 v. Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge, 1910; 108 v. Hertfordshire, at Norwich, 1911; and 118 v. Bedfordshire, at Bedford, 1912. His father had played for Norfolk.

BISHOP, MAJOR CHAS. GAMBLE (Royal Engineers), killed October 30, aged 39. Uppingham XI 1897.

BLACK, CAPT. JOHN NEIL L. (Somerset Light Infantry), born in India, June, 1894, killed April 8. Malvern and Clare College (Camb).

BLACK, MAJOR MAURICE ADAM (Dragoon Guards, attached Royal Flying Corps), born 1876, killed February 11. Rugby XI, 1895; reserve wicket-keeper. Played in Seniors' match at Cambridge. Rugby Blue at Cambridge. Served in South African War. Had been wounded in 1914.

BLACKBURN, LIEUT. J. (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry). Succumbed to illness whilst on active service, 1917. Giggleswick Grammar School XI. (Died before February 13, 1917.)

BLACKLIDGE, SERGT.-MAJOR HENRY GEORGE (Hants. Regt.), born at Stoughton, Surrey, July 14, 1884, died of dysentery in Mesopotamia in May. Surrey, 1912 and 1913; Surrey 2nd XI; was qualifying for Hampshire at outbreak of the War. Useful all-round; fast bowler.

BLAXLAND, CAPT. JOHN BRUCE (South Wales Borderers), killed January 24. Selwyn College (Camb.) XI. In the eleven while at Shrewsbury.

BLYTH, 2ND LIEUT. ALICK FREDK. (Cyclists' Battalion, attd. Gloucester Regt.), killed September 6. Radley XI, 1915. Good bat and change bowler. Had an average of 33, and took sixteen wickets.

BLYTHE, SERGT. COLIN (Kent Fortress Engineers, attd. K.O.Y.L.I.), born at Deptford May 30, 1879; killed in November. Went to Australia 1901-2 and 1907-8; to South Africa 1905-6 and 1909-10; to America (with the Kent team) 1903.

The news that Blythe had been killed in France was received everywhere with the keenest regret. Inasmuch as Kenneth Hutchings had practically done with the game before joining the Army, the loss is the most serious that cricket has sustained during the war. It is true Blythe had announced his intention of playing no more in first-class matches, but quite possibly this decision was not final. He had certainly no need to think of retiring at the age of 38. That Blythe was a great bowler is beyond question. He had no warmer admirers than the many famous batsmen who had the satisfaction of making big scores against him. So far as I know they were unanimous in paying tribute to his remarkable powers. He was one of five left-handed slow bowlers of the first rank produced by England in the last forty years, the other four being Peate, Peel, Briggs, and Rhodes. To place the five in order of merit is a task I shall not attempt. The best experts, if asked to give an opinion on the point, would vary considerably in their views. For example, W. L. Murdoch thought Peate far ahead of either Peel or Briggs, whereas Arthur Shrewsbury found Peel harder to play than Peate, the fast ball that Peel had at command keeping him always on the alert. Again I have heard Ranjitsinhji say that he considered Blythe a finer bowler than Rhodes, the deceptive flight of the ball making him more difficult to hit. To these views I would only add that judging by the practical test of results a good case could be made out for Rhodes as the best bowler of the five--before he turned his mind to batting. The seasons in which he did such wonderful things for Yorkshire-- 1898 to 1901 inclusive--were seasons of fine weather and huge scoring. Peate's great deeds were done chiefly in summers of rain and bad weather.

Blythe had all the good gifts that pertain to the first-rate slow bowler, and a certain imaginative quality that was peculiarly his own. Very rarely did he get to the end of his resources. To see him bowl to a brilliant hitter was a sheer delight. So far from being disturbed by a drive to the ring he would, instead of shortening his length to escape punishment, send up the next ball to be hit, striving of course to put on, if possible, a little extra spin. In this respect he reminded me of David Buchanan in the Gentlemen and Players matches of long ago. Blythe's spin was something quite out of the ordinary. On a sticky wicket or on a dry pitch ever so little crumbled he came off the ground in a way that beat the strongest defence. He had, too, far more pace than most people supposed. The ball that went with his arm often approached the speed of a fast bowler and had of course the advantage of being unsuspected. On this point Fred Huish, the wicket-keeper, can be very illuminating.

Blythe was introduced to Kent cricket by Captain McCanlis, one of the best coaches the game has known. He was 20 years of age when he first played for Kent, and in 1900--his second season--he took 114 wickets in county matches alone. Illness during the winter affected his bowling in 1901, but after his visit to Australia with the team captained by A. C. MacLaren in 1901-2 he never looked back. His best season was 1909, when he took in first-class matches 215 wickets, at a cost of 14½ runs each. A list of Blythe's feats with the ball for Kent would fill a column. Against Northamptonshire, at Northampton, in 1907, he obtained seventeen wickets in one day, taking all ten in the first innings for 30 runs, and seven in the second for 18. Test matches, owing to his tendency to epileptic fits, were very trying to him, and after having had a big share in England's victory over Australia at Birmingham in 1909 he was practically forbidden to play at Lord's. Still he was, out by himself, England's best bowler in the three matches with the famous South African team of 1907, taking twenty-six wickets for less than 10½ runs a-piece. Only one of the three matches was finished, England winning at Leeds by 53 runs. Blythe on that occasion bowled himself to a standstill, but he had his reward, clearly winning the game for his country. Blythe's reputation will rest on his doings in England. His two visits to Australia scarcely added to his fame, and when he went to South Africa in 1905-6 and again in 1909-10, he did not find the matting wickets altogether to his liking. In the second of his South African tours he had a fairly good record, but as he was only picked for two of the five Test matches, he could not have been at his best. To sum up his career in a phrase, he will live in cricket history as the greatest Kent bowler of modern days. Nearly all his finest work was done for his county. It is pleasant to know that the Kent Committee have decided to put up a suitable memorial to him.-- S.H.P.

BOAL, CAPT. J. K. (Royal Irish Fusiliers), killed May. Campbell College (Belfast) XI.

BODINGTON, CAPT. CECIL H. (Household Battalion), bond January 20, 1880, killed April 11, aged 37. King's School, Canterbury ( 1896-7-8); Peterhouse (Camb. XI); Cambridge Freshmen, 1899; Seniors, 1901 and 1902; Hants., 1901 and 1902; Household Brigade XI.

BONHAM-CARTER, 2ND LIEUT. NORMAN (Household Battalion), born 1867, killed May 3, aged 49. Balliol College (Ox.) XI. Member of M.C.C. since 1899.

BONNER, LIEUT.-COL. SINGLETON, D.S.O.(South Staffordshire Regiment attached Royal Fusiliers), died of wounds May 1, aged 37. Played for his House at Harrow. Three times mentioned in Dispatches.

BOTHAM, 2ND LIEUT. ARTHUR FREDK. (R.F.A.), died of wounds June 18, aged 28. Merchant Taylors' XI, 1908. Played in Freshmen's Match at Cambridge.

BOULTER, CAPTAIN HARRY STEWART (Canadian Expeditionary Force). Born at Toronto November, 18, 1892, killed April 4. St. Alban's School XI, Toronto. Captain in 1908.

BOWYER, CAPTAIN J. W. (Rifle Brigade), killed in April. In XXII at Rugby. (He was not in the XI, owing to going to Germany to study the language before going to Queen's College, Oxford). A nephew of Mrs. J. T. Hearne.

BOYCE, PRIVATE HERBERT BERESFORD HUNT (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in Barbados, April 15, 1890, died of wounds July 30. Pickwick C.C. of Barbados, 1910-11. Played for New York in the Halifax Cup matches in 1915. His highest score in New York was 102 not out v. Van Cortlandt C.C., 1915. He was a good all-round player.

BOYTON, 2ND LIEUT. VICTOR H. T. (R.G.A.) killed May 30, aged 20. King Edward's School, Birmingham; Captain of the XI in 1916.

BRADBY, CAPTAIN DANIEL EDWARD (Rifle Brigade), killed April 9, aged 20. In the Rugby eleven 1914.

BRADFORD, BRIGADIER-GEN. ROLAND BOYS (Durham Light Infantry), V.C., M.C. Twice wounded. Born February, 1892; killed first week of December, aged 25. Played Regimental cricket for Durham Light Infantry. At the outbreak of War he was only a subaltern, and at his death the youngest General in the British Army.

BRADFORD, 2ND LIEUT. PERCY (Durham Light Infantry). Military Cross. Killed in September, aged 22. St. Bees' School XI.

BRADSHAW, 2ND LIEUT. HAROLD JAMES (Norfolk Regiment), died of wounds May 17, aged 24. Bradfield Coll.

BRAIN, LIEUT. JAMES ANDREW LEWTON (Norfolk Regt.) killed August 24. Albion C.C., of Victoria (B.C.)

BRETON, MAJOR W.G.W. D.S.O. (R.G.A.), killed September. Longton C.C.

BRIGHT, MR. GEORGE, late of the Bengal Civil Service, died at Clifton, Bristol, September 30, aged 91. Winchester XI, 1842 to 1844. His best score in the school matches at Lord's was 25 against Eton in 1843.

BROWN, 2ND LIEUT. CHAS. WILLIAM (King's Own Scottish Borderers), died of wounds May 23, aged 36. Merchiston XI, and for some years Captain of the Gala C.C.

BROWN, 2ND. LIEUT. FOSS HUNTER (Royal Engineers), born May, 1898, killed July 31, aged 19. Felsted XI, 1915.

BROWN, 2ND LIEUT. WALTER RAVENHILL (West Yorkshire Regt.) Military Cross. Killed November 21, aged 34. Giggleswick Grammar School XI. Rugby football for Yorkshire.

BRYAN-BROWN, REV. GUY SYDNEY SPENCER (Chaplain to the Forces), killed October 4. Tonbridge School XI, 1903-4. Had a batting average of 25 in his second year. Hockey for Cambridge University.

BRYANS, 2ND LIEUT. J. A. (Loyal North Lancashire), died of wounds, November. Elstow School XI, 1912, 1913.

BUCKLEY, CAPT. EDWARD (York and Lancaster Regt.) born 1887; killed September 30. Worksop College XI; St. Catherine's College (Camb.) XI. Wounded in 1915. Mentioned in Dispatches.

BUCKLEY, CAPTAIN H. P. S. (East Yorkshire Regiment), killed July or August. St. Bees School about 1912-13.

BUCKLEY, LIEUT. ROY (Manchester Regiment), born at Grimsby, March 11, 1894, died of wounds January 9. Secretary to the Wanderes' C.C., of Edmonton (Alberta).

BULKELEY-JOHNSON, BRIGADIER-GENERAL CHARLES BULKELEY (A.D.C. to the King), born 1867, killed April 11. Regimental cricketer and a good bat. Had received the Order of St. George (3rd class) and was an Officer of the Legion of Honour.

BUNBURY, LIEUT. AND ACTING-CAPTAIN HUGH ST. PIERRE (Indian Infantry), killed February 1, aged 22. Eastbourne College XI, 1912.

BURDON, CAPTAIN ROWLAND (Royal Flying Corps), killed in aeroplane accident near Leeds, January 10, aged 23. At Eton he played several times for the XI, but owing to a mishap to his knee did not get his colours.

BURROWS. PTE. ALBERT (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at London (Canada) September 8, 1883; killed August 16. Lynn Valley C.C., of Vancouver (B.C.)

BURT, LIEUT, O. L. (Royal Flying Corps), killed July. Felstead XI, 1914.

BURTON, MAJOR STEPHEN JOHN (Coldstream Guards), born 1882, killed July 20, aged 34. Played in the Household Brigade XI, and for his Battalion.

BUTLER, LIEUT. GEOFFREY LEWIS (Lancashire Fusiliers), killed May 15, aged 20. Haileybury XI.

CAMPBELL, LIEUT. COLIN (R.F.A.), born at Woymouth (Nova Scotia), November 22, 1894; killed November. Played for the Weymouth C.C. of Nova Scotia.

CAREY, 2ND LIEUT. ARTHUR JOHN EDWARD (Gordon Highlanders), killed September 5. Malvern 1914. Had a batting average of 20 with 67 as his highest score.

CARRE, 2ND LIEUT. GILBERT TRENCHARD (Royal West Kent Regt.), killed November 20, aged 25. King's School, Canterbury, XI, 1909. Twice wounded.

CARTE, 2ND LIEUT ALAN SIMPSON (London Regt.), born August, 1883; killed June 9. City of London School XI, 1910, 1911.

CARVER, CAPT. WALTER LIONEL (Herefordshire Regt.), killed November 6, aged 34. Hereford Cathedral School XI. Captain of Weston-super-Mare C.C.

CARY-ELWES, 2ND LIEUT. WILFRID GERVASE (Irish Guards), killed November 29, aged 19. Downside College XI, 1914.

CHAMPION, 2ND LIEUT. ERIC OSBORNE (South Lancashire Regiment), killed June 11, aged 21. Rugby XI, 1914.

CHAPPLE, AUBREY TORRINGTON (A.S.C. Motor Transport), died at the Military Hospital, Fulham, May, aged 34. Bedford School XI. Well-known oarsman.

CHARLTON, CAPT. ARTHUR NESBIT (Norfolk Regt.). Military Cross. Killed November 30, aged 22. Westminster XI, 1912-13-14.

CHERRY, CAPTAIN ALFRED DOUGLAS (Dorset Regiment attached Somerset Light Infantry), killed Easter Monday. Regimental cricket. Dorset County XI.

CHETHAM-STRODE, CAPT. EDWARD RANDALL (Border Regt.), killed October 1. St. Paul's XI, 1909. Wicket-keeper and left-handed bat. Had an average of 17. Wounded in 1916.

CHIDSON, CAPTAIN LAURENCE DRURY M.C. (King's Royal Rifles), killed April 23. Dulwich College XI, 1914. Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

CHOVEAUX, LIEUT, NIGEL (South Staffordshire Regiment), killed March 14. Victoria College (Jersey) XI.

CLARKE, CAPTAIN SYDNEY HERBERT (Wilts. Regiment attached Royal Flying Corps), died of wounds September 2, aged 20. Marlborough College XI. Military Cross.

CLARKSON, CAPTAIN CHARLES (Duke of Wellington's West Riding Regiment) died at the front February 17, aged 37. For some years one of the mainstays of the King's Cross C.C. of Yorkshire.

CLARKSON, LIEUT. MAURICE ARUNDEL (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto, April 1, 1893, died of wounds April 21. Upper Canada College XI, 1911.

CLAYTON-SMITH, CAPT. HORACE H. (King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), killed July. Pontefract C.C. A useful all-round player; best as a bat. Military Cross.

COLEMAN, LIEUT. EDWARD CHARLES (R.F.A.), killed April 2, aged 25. Dulwich College XI, 1907-8-9-10 Excellent wicket keeper. Pembroke (Camb.) XI. Played in a few matches for Essex.

CONMEE, LIEUT. JOHN ADOLPHUS (York and Lancaster Regt.), killed May 4. Captain of Eleven at the Catholic University School, Dublin.

COOK, LIEUT. C. H. (Manchester Regt.), killed ? date. Watson's College: captain of XI in 1914. A hard-hitting bat.

CUNDALL, CAPT. CECIL (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers). Military Cross. Killed November 30, aged 21. Dover College XI, 1913.

CURRY, ACTING-MAJOR WALTER E. (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto, February 28, 1891, killed April 9. Upper Canada College XI, 1901.

CURWEN, LIEUT. WM. LYNEDOCH (R.G.A.) Military Cross. Died of wounds October 30, aged 33. Glenalmond.

CUTHBERTSON, LIEUT. E. HENLEY (Royal Warwickshire Regt.), born December 15, 1889, killed July 24. Malvern; Cambridge Freshmen, 1908; Seniors, 1909 and 1910. He played a few times for the University, but did not get his Blue. Clare (Camb.) XI, Hertfordshire; made 151 v. M. C. C. and Ground, at Lord's, 1910. Sound defensive left-hand bat and good wicket. A member of the M.C.C. since 1909. Got his blue for Association Football.

DAVIES, LIEUT. FAIRFLAX LLEWELLYN (Norfolk Regiment attached West Yorkshire), killed July 8, aged 24. Haileybury XI.

DAVIS, LIEUT. CECIL (Welsh Regiment), killed March 25, aged 21. Farnborough School (Captain of XI two years.) Wellington College XI.

DAWSON-DAMER, 2ND LIEUT. The Hon. George Seymour (10th Hussars), died of wounds April, aged 24. Winchester XI, 1910. New College ( Oxford) XI.

DEELEY, LANCE-CORPORAL G. T. (York and Lancaster Regt.), killed July. Well-known in Birmingham district. A former Secretary of the Birmingham Suburban Cricket League.

DENISON, MAJOR HARDY, D.S.O. (R.H.A.), died of wounds, August 28, aged 35. Played for his House at Eton. As a boy took nine wickets for one run in a match--five in an over. Member of M.C.C. since 1905.

DENNE, MAJOR WILLIAM HENRY, D.S.O. (Bedfordshire Regt.), born 1876, died of wounds, February 21, received at Neuve Chapelle two years before. Cheltenham XI, 1894 and 1895. Slow left-hand bowler, very good on slow wickets.

DETMOLD, PTE. PHILIP WALTER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in London, November 25, 1894; died of wounds April 18. St. Jude's C.C., of Winnipeg.

DEW, PRIVATE WILLIAM (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in Cheshire, July 19, 1892, killed June 4, 1916. In the Eleven at Trinity College, Port Hope.

DEWAR, 2ND LIEUT. LANCELOT JOHN AUSDEN (R.M.L.I.), killed November 13, 1916, aged 20. Oakham School XI, 1913-14-15 (captain in 1915).

DINES, MR. EBENEZER, died first week in August, aged 62. Prominent in Norfolk cricket in the early eighties. Left-hand bowler. Played much for Lynn and West Norfolk Clubs.

DODD, 2ND LIEUT. ERNEST JOHN (R.F.A.), born May 22' 1892, killed July 17, aged 25. St. Alban's School XI and Hertfordshire XI. Had previously been wounded.

DRAPER, MAJOR ARNOLD INMAN (King's Liverpool Regt.), killed October 21, aged 35. Rossall XI, 1898; Rock Ferry C.C. Hockey International. Had been wounded.

DRIFFIELD, 2ND LIEUT, HERBERT GEO. (West Kent Regt.) Brother of L. T. Died of wounds August. Monckton Combe School XI; St. Catherine's (Camb.) XI; Freshman at Cambridge, 1902.

DRUMMOND, FLIGHT-LIEUT. LINDSAY (R.F.C.), born at Toronto, July 1, 1893; killed May 18. Upper Canada College, Toronto, 1910.

DUNCAN, 2ND LIEUT. KENNETH (Devon Regt.), killed May 9 aged about 24. Greenock Academy XI.

DUNN, 2ND LIEUT. MARTIN (Black Watch), killed May, aged 22. Montrose C.C. and Forfarshire. A bowler. Had previously been wounded.

DURAND, LIEUT. REGINALD HEBER MARION (Indian Cavalry), died of wounds, June 29, aged 25. Cheltenham XI, 1910. He was fourth in batting with an average of 22, and took 26 wickets at a cost of 17.30 each.

EAKIN, CAPT. ROBERT ANDREW (King's Shropshire Light Infantry), born 1883, died September 24, of wounds received in October, 1914. Military cricket.

EASTWOOD, CAPT. FREDK. ARTHUR JERVIS (R.F.A.), killed June 6, aged 22. Sedbergh XI, 1911 and 1912. Manchester University XI.

EATON, PRIVATE J. CLARENCE (South Staffordshire Regt.), killed in March. Walsall C.C., in Birmingham League; in 1909 he had an average of 26.13, and in the same year he took seven wickets for four runs against Smethwick. Played in one match for Staffordshire in 1910. Stylish bat and good bowler.

EATON, LIEUT. JOHN NORRIS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Dore, Derbyshire, October 15, 1896, killed April 5. St. John's C.C. of Calgary, Alberta.

EDGE, LIEUT. S. F. (Loyal North Lancashires), killed August 10, aged 25. Blackpool C.C. XI several seasons.

EDMONDSON, SERGEANT JAMES HENRY (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Bradford (Yorks), February 4, 1886, killed February 25. Secretary of the Point Grey C.C. of British Columbia.

EDWARDS, 2ND LIEUT. WM. ARMINE (Yeomanry), died of wounds, November 1, aged 25. Swansea C.C. and Glamorgan County XI.

EGERTON-GREEN, CAPT. JOHN WM. (Rifle Brigade), died of wounds, October 9, aged 25. Member of M.C.C. since 1914; Eton Ramblers; Oxford Authentics; Colchester C.C.; Gentlemen of Essex.

ERWOOD, 2ND LIEUT. CECIL VICTOR (King's Royal Rifles), killed February 17, aged 22. Bath Association C.C. and King Edward's School XI. Fast bowler.

FARMILORE, 2ND LIEUT. GEORGE FREDK. (H.A.C.), killed June 26, aged 31. Not in Eleven at Uppingham. Trinity Hall (Camb.) XI. Hampstead C.C., scoring 107 v. University College School in 1912.

FARQUHARSON-ROBERTS, CAPT. DONALD (East Surrey Regt.), born 1892; killed November 20. Bedford Grammar School and Bedfordshire.

FAWCETT, CAPT. BERTRAM JAMES ACTON (East Lancashire Regt.), died of wounds April 24, aged 24. Cheltenham XI, 1911-12. Colombo C.C., playing v. the Australians in 1912. A member of the Ceylon teams to Rangoon in 1912-13 season and to Calcutta in 1912-13. During latter tour he scored 114 and 57 v. Rangoon.

FIRTH, LANCE-CORPL. ROBERT BROWING (London Rifle Brigade), died of wounds, September 26, aged 30. Dulwich XI, 1905 and 1906. Trial games at Cambridge. Was a capital bat at Dulwich, having an average of 50 in 1905.

FLETT, LIEUT. ARTHUR DAVID (Royal Scots), killed April 9, aged 37. Leys School XI, 1898; Secretary and Treasurer of the Scottish Rugby Union.

FREDERICK, CAPT. THOMAS (Norfolk Regt.). Military Cross. Died of wounds December 14, aged 24. Aldenham XI, 1910, 1911, and 1912, and Regimental cricket.

FREEMAN, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN ROLAND (Northumberland Fusiliers), died of wounds, February, aged 20. King's College, London: captain of XI.

FRENCH, 2ND LIEUT. THOMAS HUGO (Royal Flying Corps), born 1895, killed (flying accident) January 13. King's School, Canterbury XI, 1911.

FURZE, 2ND LIEUT. NEVIL FORD (The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.), killed March 14, aged 19. Westminster School XI, 1914.

GARNETT, CAPTAIN HAROLD G., born November 19, 1879, killed on the Italian front at the beginning of December. Harold Garnett will be remembered as a distinguished member of the Lancashire eleven. Tried twice for his County towards the end of the season of 1900, he jumped into fame the following year, playing so finely that he seemed likely to become the best left-handed bat in England. His style was attractive and his hitting very brilliant. Against Sussex at Manchester he scored 110 and 89, and in two other matches--against Leicestershire at Leicester and Middlesex at Lords--he made over a hundred, his scores being 139 and 114. As the result of his season's work he came out second to Tyldesley in the Lancashire averages. On the strength of this performance he was chosen to go to Australia with Mr. McLaren's team, but he failed, doing next to nothing during the tour. He was so obviously out of form that he was given few chances. For several seasons, till business took him to the Argentine, Garnett batted exceedingly well for Lancashire, but he never quite equalled his efforts in 1901. Returning to England in 1911 and again in 1914 he renewed his connection with the Lancashire eleven. In 1914 he had developed into a first rate wicket-keeper, and strictly on his merits he was picked for Gentlemen v. Players at Lords. He proved fully worthy of the distinction, and had no small share in winning the match. The way in which he stumped Hitch in the Players' second innings would have been wonderful even if done by Blackham at his best. Garnett volunteered at the outbreak of the War, and soon obtained a commission. S.H.P.

GARNETT, LIEUT. LAURENCE HENRY (R.F.A.), killed June 7, aged 25. Radley XI and Brasenose (Ox.) College XI.

GIBSON, 2ND. LIEUT. JAS. GUTHRIE (Cameron Highlanders), died of wounds in Germany, September 12, aged 25. Glenalmond XI, 1909-10-11.

GIBSON, 2ND LIEUT, S. A. C. (Wilts. Regt. attached Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry), died of wounds August 26, aged 28. Christ's Hospital XI, Exeter College (Ox.) XI. Had previously been wounded. Won Military Cross.

GIFFORD, TROOPER JOHN D. (Sportsman's Brigade), died July 8. Denbighshire XI. An old Westminster boy.

GILL, GUNNER FAIRFAX (R.F.A.), born September 3, 1883; died of wounds November 1, aged 34. Yorkshire (two matches) 1906; Yorkshire 2nd XI; Ossett C.C. since 1910.

GILL, 2ND LIEUT. WILLIAM GERALD OLIVER (Essex Regt.), killed March 27, aged 21. Dulwich College XI, 1913, when, with 113 as his best score, he had an average of 26, coming out fourth for a strong side. Left-handed bat with good defence, a good field. Played for Young amateurs of Surrey in 1913.

GLASS, PTE. THOMAS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born August 28, 1879, at Bradninch (Devon); died (of illness), September 13. Captain of the West Toronto C.C. Highest score: 116 not out for West Toronto v. Yorkshire Society, 1915.

GLEED, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN VICTOR ARIEL (Royal Flying Corps), killed July 7, aged 20. Uppingham 2nd XI.

GOODWIN, 2ND LIEUT. HAROLD J. (R.G.A.), born at Edgbaston, January 31, 1886, killed April 24. Marlborough College XI, 1903-4-5. (In 1905 he scored 193 and 40 v. Free Foresters). Camb. University, 1907 and 1908; Warwickshire XI, his father being Treasurer of the County C.C. Got his Blue for Hockey, and played that game for England v. Scotland. On June 1 and 8 in a House match at Marlborough, he scored 365 for Cotton House v. Littlefield, making 276 for the first wicket with G. V. Sturgeon (73), and adding 264 for second with M. P. Thorburn (83). He sent the 200 up with a hit for eleven!! He also took 15 wickets for 57 runs, his side winning by an innings and 421 runs. A hard-hitting bat, good leg-break bowler and excellent field.

GOODYEAR, 2ND LIEUT. FREDK. (Essex Regt.), died of wounds, May 23, aged 30. University College School XI, 1905. Brasenose (Ox.) College XI.

GORDON, CAPT. AND ADJT. GERARD MONTAGUE (Royal Fusiliers), killed June 9, aged 26. Wellington College XI and Dorset XI. Free Foresters. Member of M.C.C. since 1913.

GOSSAGE, MAJOR GUY WARWOOD (R.F.A.), died at Press Health Camp, December 24, aged 47. Sedbergh School XI, 1888 and 1889.

GREENHILL, 2ND LIEUT. FREDK. WILLIAM RIDGE (Grenadier Guards), killed October 10, aged 25. Merchant Taylors' XI, 1907-8-9-10-11: captain last three years. Headed batting in 1909 and 1910, with averages of 26 and 30: 2nd in 1911.

GREER, LIEUT.-COL. ERIC BERESFORD GREER, Military Cross (Irish Guards), killed July 31, aged 28. Irish Guards XI. Had been mentioned in Dispatches.

GREGSON-ELLIS, CAPT. REGINALD (Oxford and Bucks, Light Infantry), died of wounds, April 17. Eton XI, 1901 and 1902, captain in 1902. Useful fast bowler. He was on the losing side both years against Harrow at Lord's; but he bowled well in 1902. Taking five wickets--three for 50 runs and two for 17. Member of M.C.C. since 1903.

GRIEVE, LIEUT. W. R. (Highland Light Infantry), killed May Played in representative Scottish matches.

GRIFFITHS, CAPT. JOHN NEVILLE, M.B. (R.A.M.C.), killed November 30, aged 36. Sydney Grammar School XI.

GRIMSHAW, PTE. SAMUEL (Canadian Expeditionary Force), died of wounds, June 25, aged 63. Brother of G. Irwin Grimshaw, of Yorkshire. In order to enter the Army gave his age as 46. Played for the Yorkshire C.C. and S. Edmund's C.C. of Toronto.

GUNN, 2ND LIEUT. RONALD WILLIAM CRAIG (Sherwood Foresters) born February 9, 1897; killed January 6. Durham School XI, 1912-13-14-15: would have been captain in 1916. A fine slow bowler and a very fair bat.

GWYN, CAPT. CHARLES CAMPBELL (Canadian Expeditionary Force), killed April 9, aged about 30. Highfield School XI in 1902-3. Nephew of Sir William Osler.

HALL, LIEUT. DOUGLAS ALEXANDER (York and Lancaster Regt.), killed April or May, aged 21 or 22. Oakham School XI, 1914.

HALL, CAPT. GEORGE OSBORNE (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto, May 5, 1896, died of wounds, June 16. A junior member of the Toronto C.C. (His father was secretary of the Canadian Cricket Association for a number of years, and was one of the authors of Sixty Years of Canadian Cricket.)

HALLAM, 2ND LIEUT. H. (Royal Warks. Regt.), killed October 4. Moseley C.C.

HAMILTON-CAMPBELL, LIEUT.-COL. WILLIAM KENTIGERN (Ayrshire Yeomanry), D.S.O., born September 30, 1865, died at Netherplace, Manchline, November 22. Sedbergh School XI, 1883.

HARDING, MAJOR CHARLES EGERTON HUGH (Royal Fusiliers), died on December 10, of septic poisoning after an operation, aged 32. Regimental cricket.

HARDING, CAPT. REGINALD W.F. (London Regt.), killed November 7, aged 30. St. Paul's XI, 1903. Had been wounded.

HARDING, LIEUT. ERIC S. M. (King's Liverpool Regt.), killed July 5. An old Malvernian. Cheshire XI, 1914. Secretary of the Birkenhead C.C. Very useful bowler.

HARDMAN, LIEUT. W. F. K. (Royal Engineers), killed ? date. City of London School XI: headed averages 1902. Military Cross.

HARGREAVES, 2ND LIEUT. JAS. PATER (R.F.A.), born April 27, 1898; killed October 9. Leys School XI, 1915, 1916.

HERDMAN, LIEUT. JAMES (Royal Scots), accidentally killed, aged about 21. Edinburgh Institute XI, 1912 and 1913.

HERTSLET, 2ND LIEUT. HAROLD T. (Middlesex Regt.), killed early in 1917. Educated at Merchant Taylors. Played for the Crescent Athletic C.C., of Brooklyn, New York.

HILARY, 2ND LIEUT. H.J. (R.F.A.), died of wounds, June 3, aged 41. Tonbridge School XI, Trinity College (Camb.) XI.

HILDER, CAPT. MAURICE LAKE (Royal Fusiliers), killed May 3, aged 22. Lancing College XI, 1912-13-14. He was a good bat in his last year in the team, scoring 303 runs with an average of 30. Won the Military Cross.

HILL, CAPT. NICHOLAS WEATHERLEY (Oxford and Bucks. Light Infantry), killed January 16, aged 20, Winchester XI, 1913 and 1914. Previously wounded. Won the Military Cross.

HILLS, 2ND LIEUT. FREDERICK MERVYN (Northumberlan Regt.), killed July 27, aged 34. Tonbridge School XI, 1901.

HIRST, MR. HAYDON (Duke of Wellington's Regt.), died of nephritis whilst in hospital abroad, February, aged 32. A good bat and formerly captain of the Heckmondwike C.C.

HOBBS, 2ND LIEUT. GERALD PARKER (Essex Regt.), died of wounds, October 15, aged 19. Felsted XI, 1915, 1916.

HOBDAY, CAPT. VICTOR MAITLAND (West Yorkshire Regt.), killed June 7, aged 22. Not in XI while at Malvern, but played in British Columbia. Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

HOBSON, LIEUT. JOHN COLLINSON (Machine-Gun Corps), killed July 31, aged 23. Westminster School XI, 1912.

HODGKIN, LIEUT. JAMES PERCY ( Leicestershire Regt.), killed September, aged 25. Wyggeston Grammar School, captain of XI in 1908 and 1909. In 1908 he made over 1,000 runs with an average of over 60. In 1909 he played for Leicestershire 2nd XI.

HODGKINSON, 2ND LIEUT. GEOFFREY STILL (R.F.A.), killed July 24, aged 24. Radley College.

HODGSON, 2ND LIEUT. CYRIL FRANCIS (Indian Army), killed January 11, aged 19. King's School XI, Canterbury, 1914.

HOGG, CAPT. HARDINGE MONTEITH (Indian Army), killed April 22. Sandhurst XI.

HOLLAND, 2ND LIEUT. EDWARD HUGO (Worcestershire Regt.), killed April 23, aged 24. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1909 and 1910. Was a fairly successful batsman.

HORNER, LIEUT. BERNARD (Lancashire Fusiliers), killed March, aged 26. Played for Stockport C.C.; Cheshire Gentlemen; Old Rossallions and Manchester; Son of Mr. James Horner, for many years Treasurer of the Lancashire County C.C.

HOUGHTON, LIEUT. COL. NOEL (Sherwood Foresters), born 1883, killed September 13. Glenalmond: captain of XI. Was Mentioned in Dispatches.

HOUSE, 2ND LIEUT. MALCOLM HUTCHINSON (Rifle Brigade), born 1897, killed May 3. Rugby School XI, 1913, 1914, and 1915: captain in 1915.

HOUSEHOLD, 2ND LIEUT. E. S. (Essex Regt.), died of wounds July 21, aged 23. Watford Grammar School: captain of XI; West Herts C.C., Hertfordshire XI.

HOWE, LIEUT. GILBERT ( New Zealand Reinforcements), born at Wellington (N.Z.), killed January. Left-hand bat and good wicket-keeper. Played for Wellington (N.Z.) in inter-Provincial matches. In 1913-14 season had a batting average of 15.44 for Wellington in representative games, and in the four matches caught five and stumped four.

HUNTER, 2ND LIEUT. JAMES GLADSTONE (Royal Scots, attached South Staffs. Regt.), killed March, aged 24. Fast bowler of the Gala C.C.

ISAAC, CAPT. DUDLEY CHAS. (Machine Gun Corps), born 1893, killed April 10. Merchant Taylors' XI., 1902-12.; Old Merchant Taylors' XI; Pembroke Coll. (Camb.) XI. Trial games at Cambridge. Had previously been wounded and mentioned in Dispatches. He was a consistently successful bowler during his four years in the Merchant Taylors' XI. In 1911 he had a fine season, as in addition to taking 55 wickets, he headed the batting averages.

JACK, PTE. WILLIAM EWART (Canadian Expeditionary Force) born at Beverley, Yorkshire, January 18, 1885; killed January 6. Central Park C.C., of Vancouver.

JACKSON, CAPT. GEOFFREY LAIRD (Rifle Brigade), born 1894, killed April 9. Useful all-round: excellent cover-point. Harrow 1911-12-13: captain in 1913. Balliol Coll. (Ox.) XI. 12th man for Oxford in 1914. He made 71 in the Freshman's match and scored 50 v. G. J. V. Weigall's XI. Derbyshire XI, 1912-13-14. Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

JACKSON, LIEUT. GEORGE ORLANDO CEDDAR (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Longworth, Berks, July 1, 1886; killed April 28. Good bat. St. Jude's C.C., of Winnipeg.

JACKSON, LIEUT. HUGO LANCELOT CEDDAR (Canadian Expeditionary Force). Brother of Lieut. George Jack on. Born at Shilton (Ox.), June 20, 1887; killed April 28. St. Jude's C.C., of Winnipeg: captain of side in 1913 and 1914.

JACKSON, CAPT. ROBT. RAIMES (R.F.A.), Military Cross. Born January 30, 1893; died of wounds, November 1. Loretto XI, 1910-11-12: captain in 1912. Played Rugby Football for Lancashire.

JAMES, LIEUT. G. B. L. (Irish Guards), killed July 18, aged 26. Rossall XI 1909-10. He was a most valuable member of the team in 1910, being third in batting, with an average of nearly 30, and taking 46 wickets at a cost of 15¼ runs each.

JENKINS, 2ND LIEUT. PATRICK GRAHAM (Cameron Highlanders) killed April 9, aged 28. Glenalmond, 1905.

JEPSON, LIEUT. HENRY ROTHWELL (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Aden, May 6, 1880; died of wounds August 5. Nanaimo C.C., of British Columbia. Scored 116 v. Incogniti in 1915.

JESSON, MAJOR ROBERT WILFRED FAIREY (Wilts. Regt.), born at Southampton, June 17, 1886; killed February, 1917. Sherborne XI, 1903-4-5; At Oxford he played in the Freshmen's match, 1907; Seniors' match, 1908 and 1909. Merton College (Ox.) XI but not a Blue; Hampshire XI occasionally. Good all-round, hard hitter; bowled right-hand slow leg-breaks. In his last year at Sherborne he took 40 wickets and had a batting average of 30. Had been wounded in Gallipoli.

JOHNSON, 2ND LIEUT. FRANK LAWRENCE (British West Indian Regiment, attached Royal Flying Corps), born in St. Lucia, 1898, accidentally killed September 9, 1917. In Upper Canada College XI, 1914.

JOHNSON, CAPT. SIDNEY FREDERICK (Border Regt.), born at Bombay, 1887; killed January 10. Westminster XI, 1905-6.

JONES, CAPT. J. LLEWELYN T. (London Regt.), killed August 16, aged 22. Llangollen County School XI. Had previously been wounded.

KEITH, 2ND LIEUT. DOUGH HAY (Highland Light Infantry, attached Durham L.I.), killed August 30, aged 27. Glenalmond 1907-08. Headed bowling averages in 1908.

KEMBLE, LIEUT.-COL. HERBERT, D.S.O., M.C. (London Regt.), died of wounds, June 1. Bath College XI ( 1895-97). Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

KENNEDY, SERGT. DAVID (Highland Light Infantry), died of wounds, in March. Uddington C.C. (of Scotland).

KENT, LIEUT. E. (R.F.C.), killed in flying accident in France in April. Borlase School (Marlow) XI.

KING, 2ND LIEUT. MAURICE (Egyptian Labour Corps), died of fever in hospital at Kantara, in May. Borlase School, Marlow: captain of XI three years.

KING, LIEUT. RICHARD H. (-------- Regt.), killed June 27. For some years captain of the Mansfield C.C., and once played for Notts Colts.

KINGHAM, 2ND LIEUT. LEONARD ARTHUR (R. Berks. Regt.), killed August 10, aged 20. Oakham School: captain of XI. Previously wounded.

KINSEY, 2ND LIEUT. T. (Somerset Light Infantry), killed August 16, aged 19. Bristol Grammar School XI.

KNIGHT, 2ND LIEUT. ERNEST ALEXANDER (Machine-Gun Corps), killed September 24, aged 31. City of London School: captain of XI; Corpus Christi (Ox.) XI; Bishop Stortford C.C.

KNIGHT, 2ND LIEUT. JAMES WILLIAM (York and Lancaster Regt.) Had been wounded. Died in hospital of cerebro-spinal fever December 12, aged 23. Had been captain of cricket at Denstone College.

KNOX, CAPT. WM. JOHNSTONE, M.C. (Australian Field Artillery), born 1887; died of wounds, August 20. Scotch College, Melbourne; in the XI.

KORTRIGHT, LIEUT. MOUNTENY C. W. (Essex Regt.), killed May 21, aged 23. Harrow XI, 1912.

LAMBERT, CAPT. E. N. (Yorks. Regt.) killed June 1917. Radley XI, 1900 and 1901. Military Cross.

LANG, CAPT. JOHN (T.F.), killed April or May. Loretto XI, 1865 and 1866. Author of Cricket Across the Border in Imperial Cricket. Brother of Messrs. Andrew and T. W. Lang. Obtained his commission at the age of 65.

LEE, 2ND LIEUT. H. DUNCAN (R.F.A.), killed in August, aged 35. North Middlesex C.C. Good bat.

LEEMING, CAPT. A. J. (Royal Fusiliers), born 1889; killed July 31. Christ's Hospital: captain of XI. Made 25 in Seniors' match at Cambridge, 1911; Corpus Christi College (Camb.) XI.

LEEMING, SERGT. R. E. ( New Zealand F.A.), died of wounds, February 2, aged 21. St. Alban's C.C., of Christchurch (N.Z.) Useful all-round.

LEGGATT, 2ND LIEUT. LOGIE COLIN (Coldstream Guards), killed July 31, aged 22. Eton XI, 1912 and 1913: he scored 74 against Winchester in 1913: kept Sixpenny. In the Cambridge Freshmen's match, 1914, he made 116 and 12; and in a Trial match, 160 not out (carrying his bat through the innings) and 67. Despite these long scores he failed to get his Blue. At Eton he was a good bat in two very strong Elevens, averaging 33 in 1912 and 26 in 1913. He played an innings of 76 for Old Etonians v. Old Harrovians, at Lord's, 1914.

LEMON, 2ND LIEUT. LEO E. T. (Dorset Regt.), born April 14, 1898; killed April 13. All Hallows, Honiton, XI.

LEWIS, 2ND LIEUT. H. L. (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed November. St. Bees' XI, 1912-13-14.

LEWIS, LIEUT.-COL. RICHARD PERCY (Manchester Regt.), born March 10, 1874 (according to the Winchester and Oxford Registers), died of wounds, September 9. Had previously been wounded. Winchester XI, 1891, 1892; Surrey XI, 1892: Middlesex XI, 1898; Oxford University XI, 1894-5-6. Went with Priestley's team to West Indies, 1897. Played much Military cricket, for Devon Regt., King's African Rifles, Egyptian Army, etc. Lewis seemed likely at one time to be a great wicket-keeper. At Winchester he was spoken of as a coming MacGregor, but it cannot be said that he quite fulfilled his early promise. His ability was beyond question, but his hands would not stand the hard work of first-class matches, and when they went wrong he had bad days. He had no pretensions as a batsman, and in the University match in 1894 he was very pleased that he managed to stay for a couple of overs, enabling Charles Fry to add seventeen runs and complete his hundred. Served in the South African War. Member of M.C.C. since 1893.

LEY, 2ND LIEUT. GEOFFREY ARTHUR HENRY (Devon Regt. attached Machine-Gun Corps), killed July 31, aged 26. St. Paul's School, 1906-7-8.

LINDSAY, CAPT. G. W. T. (R. A.), killed June. R.A. XI.

LINGWOOD, 2ND LIEUT. EDWARD ST. HILARY (Bedfordshire Regt.), born 1892; killed May 3. Woodbridge School, Suffolk: captain of XI.

LIPSCOMB, PTE. CHAS. HUGH PEARSON (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Sawbridgeworth, Herts., January 12, 1881; died of wounds, April 18. Cowichan C.C., of Canada.

LONG, BRIG.-GEN. WALTER, D.S.O., C.M.G. (Wiltshire Regt.), born July 26, 1879; killed January 27. Not in XI while at Harrow, but played Regimental cricket. During the South African War was wounded at Kimberley, mentioned in Dispatches and received D.S.O. In present War had been Mentioned in Dispatches, and been awarded the C.M.G. and the Russian Order of St. Stanislaus with Swords. Elder son of Rt. Hon. W. H. H. Long ( Harrow XI, 1873). And grandson of R. P. Long ( Harrow XI, 1843 and 1844). Member of M.C.C. since 1899.

LONGBOURNE, CAPT. HUGH RICHARD, D.S.O. (Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt), killed May. Repton XI, 1901-2-3. Received the Russian Order of St. Stanislaus with Swords.

LOVELACE, 2ND LIEUT. RONALD DESMOND WESTON (Royal West Kent Regt.), killed October 26, aged 19. Tonbridge School XI.

LOVELL, LIEUT. JOHN C. (Cameronians, Scottish Rifles), killed August 1, aged 20. One of the family XI so well-known in Metropolitan cricket.

LUCAS, MAJOR FREDERIC TRAVERS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Hamilton (Ontario) February 20, 1883; killed March 2. Trinity College (Port Hope), XI, 1899, 1900; R. M. College XI, Kingston, 1901, 1902, 1903. In 1904 he played for Canada v. United States at Halifax, making 20 and 12. He was the first Canadian cricketer recommended for the V.C.

LUMGAIR, CAPT. R. R. MORRIS (King's Own Scottish Borderers), killed April. Uppingham XI, 1909, when he scored 49 against Shrewsbury; Peebles County XI; and Selkirk C.C.

LUMLEY, 2ND LIEUT. FREDK. WM. (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed April, aged 21. Royal High School F.P., Edinburgh, XI.

MACAULEY, 2ND LIEUT. G. C. G. (East Yorks. Regt.), killed May. Rossall XI, 1912.

MCCONAGHEY, LIEUT.-COL. MAURICE E., D.S.O. (Royal Scots Fusiliers). Mentioned in Dispatches, killed April 23, aged 39. Clifton College XI, 1894 and 1895; having a batting average of 23 in his his second year. Sandhurst XI: scored 94 v. Woolwich in 1897. Scots Fusiliers XI. Served in S. African War.

MCCONNEL, MAJOR MERRICK HUGH (R.F.A.), born November 6, 1884; died of wounds, September 14. Winchester XI, 1901 and 1902. R.M.A. (Woolwich) XI. R.A. XI. Member of M.C.C. since 1906.

MACFARLANE, CAPT. ROBT. (Black Watch). Military Cross. Killed in April, aged 23. Merchiston XI, 1911-12-13.

MCLAREN, LIEUT. W. (R.F.C.), died of wounds, November, aged 19. Captain of the XI at Edinburgh Academy.

MACLELLAN, LIEUT. GEORGE DOUGLAS (Highland Light Infantry), killed April 28, aged 26. Merchiston XI.

MACNAMARA, MAJOR G. (Wiltshire Regt.), killed May. Regimental cricket.

MAGNAY, CAPT. JOHN CHRISTOPHER FREDK. (Norfolk Regt.) born December, 1896; killed April 23. Played for his House at Harrow.

MAGNAY, LIEUT.-COL. PHILIP M. (Royal Fusiliers), born 1886; killed April 13. Played occasionally for the Harrow XI. Twice Mentioned in Dispatches. Recommended for D.S.O.

MCNEILAGE, PTE. JAMES (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Glasgow, July 1, 1880; died of wounds, September 26 Lynn Valley C.C., of Vancouver (B.C.).

MAGNIAC, LIEUT.-COL. ERSKINE (Indian Infantry), killed April 27, aged 34. Clifton College, Sandhurst (8 wickets v. Woolwich in 1901), and North-West India.

MAGNIAC, LIEUT.-COL. MEREDITH, D.S.O.(Lancashire Fusiliers), killed April 25, aged 36. Clifton College, Sandhurst ( 1899); also played for Battalion and United Services.

MANGER, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN KENNETH (Northumberland Fusiliers) killed May 8, 1915. Wellington College XI (top of the batting 1913 with the fine average of 48); Dorset County, Freshmen's match at Oxford, 1914; Oxford Univ. Authentics.

MANLEY, LIEUT. JOHN FITZPATRICK (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto, July 10, 1896; killed April 9, Ridley College XI: made 101 v. Hamilton in 1913. Vancouver C.C. Good bat.

MARLOW, 2ND LIEUT. C. D. (Royal Dublin Fusiliers), killed August 8. King's Hospital Eleven, Dublin: captain of XI.

MARTIN, 2ND LIEUT, FRANCIS HENRY (Royal Engineers), born 1888; killed November 24. Clifton College XI, 1906 and 1907. Pembroke College XI, Cambridge.

MATHESON, 2ND LIEUT. CLAUD BRUCE (Rifle Brigade), killed September 24, aged 25. Glenalmond XI; Keble Coll. (Ox.) XI. Oxford Freshmen 1911.

MAUDE, LIEUT.-GEN. SIR FREDK. STANLEY, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., K.C.B., Croix de Commandeur Legion of Honour, Grand Officer of the Crown of Italy. Born June 24, 1864; died of cholera, November 18. Commander-in-Chief in Mesopotamia. Played for Coldstream Guards and Household Brigade.

MEAD, 2ND LIEUT. RALPH EDWARD CULVERHOUSE ( The Buffs), killed September 29. King's School, Canterbury, XI.

MEARS, PTE. ALBERT (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Sittingbourne, February 12, 1887; killed May 3. Brantford C.C. of Ontario.

MEREWETHER, CAPT. CHRISTOPHER KEN (Wiltshire Regt.) born at North Bradley Vicarage, 1890; died of wounds December 12. Oriel College (Ox.) XI; Oxford Authentics. An old Wykehamist. Hockey ½-blue for Oxford.

MILLER, LIEUT. A. W. B. (King's Own Scottish Borderers, attd. R.F.C.). Fettes XI, 1914. In October was described as Previously reported Missing: now reported killed.

MILLS, CAPT. G. D. (Sherwood Foresters, attached Royal Flying Corps), killed May. Haileybury and Sandhurst.

MINSHULL, CAPT. J. LEWIS (London Regt.), killed April 11, aged 20. Christ's College, Finchley XI. Mentioned in Dispatches.

MITCHELL, LIEUT. RONALD WALTER (Yeomanry), second son of R. A. H. Mitchell. Born 1876; died of wounds November 19. Eton XI, 1894-95. Was a very successful bowler in his second year, taking 41 wickets for something over 11 runs each. In Harrow's second innings three wickets fell to him for seven runs. Member of M.C.C. since 1896.

MOLTRAM, CAPT. FREDERICK (ERIC) (R.F.A.), born in Glasgow, 1894; died of wounds, September 9, aged 32. Liverpool Institute XI.

MOODY, 2ND LIEUT. CHAS. ANGELO (Royal Flying Corps), killed August 31. In XI at King Willam's College, Isle of Man.

MORSE, LIEUT. EDWARD HELY TEMPLEMAN (Devon Regt.), born at Great Torrington, Devon, 30 October, 1887; died of wounds May 8. Edmonton C.C., of Alberta. All-round cricketer--punishing left-hand bat and medium-pace bowler. Represented Alberta in the Western Canada Tournament at Calgary in 1912.

MORTIMER, STAFF-SERGT. O. (R.A.M.C.), died of wounds, January. For some time Hon. Sec. of the Suffolk County C.C.

MURRAY, LIEUT. JOHN CONGREVE (Royal Scots), died of wounds, September 23, aged 35. Edinburgh Academy; Grange C.C.; Scotland v. Ireland at Perth, 1909, when he made 34. Wicket-keeper and batsman.

MYERS, PTE. FRANK WILLIAM (Canadian Expeditionary Force) born at Leeds, Yorks.; killed June 23, aged 25. Secretary of the Yorkshire Society C.C., of Toronto.

NELSON, CAPT. THOMAS ARTHUR (Yeomanry), killed April 9, aged 40. Edinburgh Academy XI and University College, Oxford, XI. Oxford Rugby Blue and Scottish International (one match against England in 1898).

NEW, 2ND LIEUT. BRIAN BROOKE (Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry), killed August 16, aged 26. Bournemouth School XI 1907-1911: captain of XI, 1910 and 1911.

NICHOLSON, MAJOR EDWARD FRANCIS DALE (South Lancs. Regt.), died of wounds, October 12, aged 33. Sandhurst XI, 1901.

NIXON, 2ND LIEUT. W. H. (R.G.A.), killed in April. Fenton C.C., in the North Staffordshire League.

NUNN, MAJOR JOHN HENRY (R.F.A.), died of wounds, April 1, aged 32. Well-known as a good bat in Irish cricket, especially for the Phoenix C.C.

O'BEIRNE, LIEUT. ARTHUR JAMES LEWIS (Yeomanry attached to Royal Flying Corps), died of wounds, July 27. Radley College (?)

O'BRIEN, 2ND LIEUT. LUCIUS J. F. (Wiltshire Regt.), died of wounds, April 7, aged about 36. Was in the Stoneyhurst XI, and played for the Paddington C.C. in Metropolitan cricket. Played football for London and Middlesex. Mentioned in Dispatches and previously wounded.

ODELL, 2ND LIEUT. WILLIAM WARD (Sherwood Foresters), born November 5, 1885; missing, believed killed, October, Military Cross. Had been wounded. For several seasons Odell was one of the best bowlers in the Leicestershire Eleven. He was right handed and bowled medium-pace. He met with marked success for Gentlemen against Players at the Oval in 1905, taking four wickets for 86 runs and six for 54.

ORMSBY, BRIG.-GEN. VINCENT ALEXANDER, C.B. (Indian Army), born 1865; killed May 2. Winchester XI, 1883; Sandhurst XI, 1884. Member of M.C.C. since 1900.

OUCHTERLONY, MAJOR JOHN PALGRAVE HEATHCOTE (Royal Engineers), born June 10, 1884; killed June 8, R.M.C. (Woolwich) XI; R.E. XI. D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Previously wounded.

PAGET, LIEUT.-COL. ALBERT EDWARD SYDNEY LOUIS, M.V.O. (Hussars), died at The Warren House, Coombe Wood, August 2, aged 38. (Had been ill for some months in hospital in France, whence he was removed to a nursing home in London). Regimental cricket and Aldershot Command XI. Member of M.C.C. since 1908. Fine horseman, polo player and rider to hounds. Had previously been wounded and three times mentioned in Dispatches.

PARK, CAPT. JAMES WILFRID HAYNES (Indian Cavalry), killed January 14, aged 29. St. John's, Leatherhead, XI, Keble College (Ox.) XI.

PARKER, MAJOR LEONARD (Hussars, attached to R.F.C.), born February 25, 1886; killed January 7. Marlborough XI, 1903; Christ Church (Ox.) XI. Had been wounded in 1915.

PATEY, CAPT. EDWARD (Rifle Brigade), killed July 31, aged 35. Norwich Grammar School XI: captain in 1899.

PATON, 2ND LIEUT. LAUDER (Royal Scots), killed March 21, aged 19. Dulwich College XI, 1915.

PENDRIGH, 2ND LIEUT. ALEXANDER CONRAD CUTHBERTSON (Devon Regt.), died of wounds, August 17, aged 19. Whitgift Grammar School 2nd XI.

PENNINGTON, LIEUT. HAROLD C. (Royal Fusiliers), born 1891; died of wounds, June 20. Christ's Hospital XI, 1909 and 1910: captain of XI. Had been wounded in 1916.

POORE, MAJOR ROGER ALVIN, D.S.O. (Welsh Fusiliers), brother of R. M. Poore. Killed September 26, aged 47. Sherborne XI, 1889.

PQWELL, MAJOR GERALD FREDK. WATSON (Cyclists, attached to R. West Kent Regt.), born 1891; killed July 28, aged 26. Captain of his House XI at Harrow.

PRIESTLEY, LANCE-CORP. DONALD LACEY (Artists' Rifles), born at Tewkesbury July 28, 1887; killed November 18. Played for Tewkesbury Grammar School, Tewkesbury, and Gloucestershire.

PRATT, LIEUT. JOHN SELBY (Yorks. Regt.), killed April 11, aged 19¾: Blundell's School.

RAE, MAJOR JAS EDMOND PRINGLE (Devon and Cornwall Light Infantry), killed December 24, aged 25. St. Bees School XI, 1911.

RAIL, LIEUT. RICHARD ANGWIN (Coldstream Guards), killed October 9, aged 29. Coldstream Guards XI and Household Brigade XI. Played for Western Province v. England in 1914. In XI at the South African College. A dashing but rather careless bat.

RAMSAY, LIEUT. JOHN MARMADUKE (Rifle Brigade), born at Harrow (Queensland), September, 1897; died of wounds April 13. Son of M. F. Ramsay, the old Harrovian. Harrow XI 1915: made 67 v. M. C. Kemp's Team. He was a useful bat and bowled slow leg-breaks.

RAPHAEL, LIEUT. JOHN EDWARD (King's Royal Rifles and A.D.C. to the G.O.C. of a Division), born at Brussels April 30, 1882; died of wounds June 11. Merchant Taylors, 1898, etc.: captain two years; Oxford v. Cambridge 1903-4-5. Surrey XI, 1903, etc., and captain for a time in 1904. Member of M.C.C., since 1906.

The news that John Raphael was dead caused sorrow to a very wide circle of friends. Though he never gained quite the place as a batsman that his deeds as a school-boy had suggested, he was in the cricket field and still more in the world of Rugby football a distinct personality. Everything he did created more than ordinary interest, his popularity as a man, apart from his ability, counting for much. At Merchant Taylors he had a brilliant record. He was in the eleven for five years-- 1897 to 1901. In 1898 as a boy of sixteen he headed the batting with an average of 23 and, being quite a good school bowler, took 32 wickets at a cost of less than nine runs each. Thenceforward his school career was one long success. He was third in batting in 1899--average 27--and first in bowling with 51 wickets for just under 15 runs each. Then in 1900 he had a great season. At the top of the list both in batting and bowling he scored 962 runs with an average of 43, and took 68 wickets. His highest innings was 152 not out. He finished up at school in 1901 with nothing short of a triumph. Again first in batting he scored 1,397 runs with an average of 69, and as a bowler he was second, 76 wickets falling to him. He and J. Dennis made 326 together without being parted against Kennington Park, their scores being 175 not out and 135 not out respectively. Naturally great things were expected of Raphael when he went up to Oxford, but as a cricketer he began with a set-back. From some cause, after making 47 not out in the Freshmen's match, in 1902, he showed such poor form that he never had any chance of gaining his blue. As a matter of fact he was not tried in a single first-class match. In 1903 his prospects while Oxford played at home were equally dismal. However he got on well for Surrey against Oxford at the Oval, and was given a trial for the University against Sussex at Brighton. Seizing his opportunity he played a fine innings of 65, when no one else could do much against the Sussex bowlers, and two days before the match with Cambridge at Lord's Mr. Findlay gave him his colours. As in the case of Lord George Scott for Oxford and late Eustace Crawley for Cambridge in 1887, the last choice proved the batting success of his side. Raphael scored 130 on the first day and laid the foundation of Oxford's victory. His innings did not start well, but it was brilliant in its later stages. In the drawnmatchof 1904 Raphael only made 12 and 25 against Cambridge, but in the sensational match the following year--won in brilliant style by Cambridge after it had at one point seemed any odds against them--he played perhaps the best innings of his life. With a score of 99 he only failed by a single run to rival Yardley's feat of getting two hundreds in the University match. In Surrey cricket Raphael never became a power, but he often played well for the county and when--as the last of various captains--he took charge of the team in 1904 he proved quite a capable leader. Raphael's weakness as a batsman was that he relied too exclusively upon forward play. His method--at any rate when he had to contend against first-rate bowling--demanded an easy wicket. His bowling seemed to leave him after his school days.

At the game of Rugby football Raphael earned much distinction as a three-quarter back, playing for England in nine matches--against Scotland and against Wales in 1902, 1905, and 1906; against Ireland in 1902; and against New Zealand and France in 1906. A beautiful kick, a brilliant field, and possessed of a good turn of speed, he was a fine natural player, even if his special qualities did not always make for success as one of a line of four three-quarters in international encounters. He accomplished great things for the Old Merchant Taylors, and gaining his blue as a Freshman at Oxford in 1901, not only appeared for his University against Cambridge on four occasions, but only once failed to secure a try.

In a bye-election at Croydon he stood as Liberal candidate but did not succeed in entering Parliament.--S.H.P.

REEVES, CAPT. GEOFFREY BROWNING (Indian Cavalry), accidentally killed February 28, aged 25. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1909.

REID, CAPT. GUY P. S. (Seaforth Highlanders, attd. R.F.C.), Military Cross. Killed in accident in England October 16, aged 20. Borlase School XI, Marlow.

REID, LIEUT. GEORGE (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Greenock, April 8, 1885; killed April 9. Coquitlam C.C., of Vancouver. The best field in British Columbia, hard-hitting bat and useful bowler.

REID, 2ND. LIEUT. JOHN SHUTER (South Wales Borderers attached Trench Mortar Battery), died of wounds September 17, aged 20. Sedbergh School XI in 1915. Was second in batting with an average of 21.50.

RICHARDSON, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN SHERBROOKE (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed April 9, aged 40. Charterhouse 1895; Trinity College (Camb.) XI.

RIEKEY, PTE. DAVID THOMAS ( Princess Pat's), born at Lewes, August 20, 1894; killed in August. Willow Park C.C., of Providence (Rhode Island); Olneyville C.C., of which he was Secretary and Treasurer.

RILEY, GUNNER WILLIAM (attached R.G.A.), born at Newstead, August 11, 1886; killed by a shell splinter in Belgium, August 9, His early cricket was played for Newstead Colliery C.C.; first match for Notts in 1909. Left-hand slow-medium bowler. Did good work in 1911. He promised well, but never came up to expectation in County cricket. In 1911 he took forty-seven wickets for Notts in Championship matches, but they cost just over 23½ runs each. Played very little county cricket in 1914, appearing for Oldfield Uttoxeter C.C. In his two games v. Longton he took nine wickets for nine runs, and all ten for 31--19 out of a possible 20. When he and Alletson (189) added 152 for the tenth wicket of Notts v. Sussex at Brighton, in 1911, in 40 minutes., Riley's share was 10 not out.

RITSON, CAPT. FRANK (Dorset Regt.), killed June 17. Sedbergh XI; Magdalene College (Camb.) XI.

RIX, CAPT. LESLIE GORDON (London Regt.), born 1893; died of wounds, February 11. University College, Hampstead, XI: played for the side until 1914.

RIXON, LIEUT.-COL. THEODORE MEREDITH (King's Royal Rifles). Military Cross. Killed September 19, aged 51. Merchant Taylors' School XI.

ROBERTS, CAPT. CECIL LLEWELYN NORTON (Royal Warks. Regt.), killed October 9, aged 22. St. John's School, Leatherhead, 1910-11-12. Headed the batting averages in his last year.

ROBERTS, 2ND LIEUT. MATTHIAS GROVES (R. Berks. Regt.), killed July, aged 19. King's School (Worcester) XI.

ROBERTS, 2ND LIEUT. W. A. (Royal Fusiliers, attached to T.R.B.), died at Dover August 20, aged 20. St. Paul's XI, 1913-14-15. In his last two years he was a capital all-round man. He was second in batting in 1914, with an average of 28, and took 42 wickets at a cost of something over 13 runs each; in 1915 he was again second in batting--average 28.33, and took 24 wickets for just under 10 runs each. He was a left-handed bowler, rather above medium pace.

RODERICK, CAPT. HUME BUCKLY (Welsh Guards), killed December 1, aged 30. Rugby XI, 1905 and 1906.

ROGERS, CAPT. LEONARD NEVILLE (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed April 11, aged 38. Marlborough 1896. Brilliant bat, fine field and useful change bowler. He failed against Rugby at Lord's, but had an average of 29. Marlborough Blues XI. Rugby football for Surrey.

ROGERS, LIEUT. PERCY ALEXANDER MACKARNESS (West Yorks, Regt.), killed October 9, aged 20. Bradfield College XI.

ROGERS, MAJOR WILFRED FRANK (R.F.A.), killed May 19, aged 26. Not in XI at Charterhouse, but played for Merton College (Ox.); R.A. XI; and United Services.

ROSEVEARE, LIEUT. FRANCIS BERNARD (Indian Infantry), died of wounds, November 9, aged 21. Sedbergh School XI.

ROSS, MAJOR ARTHUR JUSTIN ROSS (R.E., attached Royal Flying Corps). D.S.O. and Bar to D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches. Accidentally killed whilst flying August 2, aged 36. Royal Engineers XI. Not in XI while at Malvern.

ROSS, LIEUT. WILLIAM STUART (Border Regt.), killed July 23, aged 25. Brighton College XI.

ROWLEY, 2ND LIEUT. W. A. (Leicestershire Regt.), killed July. St. John's School (Leatherhead) XI, 1911.

RUSSELL, CAPT. J. (Highland Light Infantry), died in hospital, at Edinburgh, July 10. Glasgow Academy XI. Military Cross.

SAMUDA, MAJOR C. M. A. (Somerset Light Infantry, attached Royal Fusiliers), died of wounds, July 2, aged 38. Regimental cricket.

SCHIFF, 2ND LIEUT. ALFRED SYDNEY BORLASE (Rifle Brigade), killed April 9, aged 19. Brighton College, 1915. Was a fairly good bat and useful change bowler.

SCHOFIELD, LANCE-CORP. ALFRED (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Sandwich March 9, 1893; killed August 21. Wanderers C.C., of Winnipeg.

SEDDON, LIEUT.-COL. EDWARD MCMAHON, D.S.O. (R.G.A.), killed June 24. Royal Artillery. XI

SHARP, MAJOR JOHN STANLEY (R. Berks. Regt.), killed March 17, aged 33. Trinity Hall (Camb.) XI. Not in XI while at Wellington.

SHORLT, LIEUT. W. E. DUDLEY (Scots Guards), killed October 12, aged 24. Charterhouse XI, 1910.

SHUTTLEWORTH, LIEUT. KINGSLEY CHRISTOPHER (Suffolk Regt.), killed November 19, aged 20. Forest School XI, 1915, when he came out third in batting with an average of 43.

SKOULDING, 2ND LIEUT. A. C. (Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry), died of wounds in March. Captain of the Melton C.C.

SMEETH, 2ND LIEUT. WILLIAM SUTTON (Royal Irish Rifles, attached R.F.C.), accidentally killed July 17, aged 22. Loretto XI. Played twice for Yorkshire Colts in 1914. Had been wounded.

SMITH, CAPT. S. PERCY (South Staffordshire Regt.), killed in March, aged 28. Great Barr and Walsall XIs.

SNOW, MIDSHIPMAN EDWARD RUPERT (Royal Navy), killed whilst flying March 3, aged 18. In XI at Osborne.

SNOWDEN, LIEUT. H. J. (South Lancashire Regt., attached Royal Flying Corps), died of wounds, August. Rugby in 1906. He scored 47 and 35 against Marlborough at Lord's, and headed the averages with 40. Trial games at Oxford 1907.

SOUTHWELL, CAPT. FREDK. EDMOND GLANVILLE (East Yorkshire Regt.), died of wounds, in April. Bedford County School XI: 1905 and 1906; St. Catherine's College (Camb. XI). Played chess for Camb. University.

STEEL, LIEUT. ALLAN IVO (Coldstream Guards), son of A. G. Steel; killed October 8, aged 25. Eton XI, 1910-1911; Middlesex, 1912. Calcutta C.C. Member of M.C.C. since 1912. A good slow bowler at Eton, Steel had obviously modelled his style on that of his famous father. His school records were excellent--42 wickets with an average of 12.71 in 1910, and 47 wickets with an average of 14.53 in 1911. He fairly divided honours with Fowler in 1910 on the whole season's work, and took the other two wickets when Fowler, with eight wickets for 23 runs, beat Harrow in such sensational fashion at Lord's. Steel was improving fast as a batsman when he left Eton, and would no doubt have developed considerably if he had gone to Cambridge instead of taking up a business appointment in India.

STEYN, LIEUT. STEPHEN SEBASTLAN LOMBARD (R.F.A.) killed December, aged 26. Three years in XI at Diocesan College, Rondesbosch ( South Africa). Went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, got his Rugby Blue and played Rugby for Scotland.

STRATHAIRN, LIEUT. HERBERT W. (Black Watch), died of wounds, aged about 35. Played for Edinburgh Institution F.P. in 1911-12-13.

STRATHY, FLIGHT-LIEUT. FORD STUART (R.N.A.S.), born at Hamilton (Ontario) September 2, 1897; killed August 17, aged 19. Trinity College School, Port Hope: Captain of the XI in 1915. Toronto C.C.

STUART, CAPT. CHAS. ERSKINE (Suffolk Regt., attached York and Lancaster Regt.), died of wounds March 15. Bath College XI: headed batting, a fine field and useful change bowler. Trinity College (Camb.) XI: played golf and lawn-tennis for Cambridge.

STUART, CAPT. WM. GRANT SPRUELL (Cameron Highlanders), killed April 23. Watson's College XI: captain in 1907. Edinburgh Univ. XI; Scotland v. Ireland, 1914.

SWANN, CAPT. HUMPHREY NISBET (Lioncolnshire Regt.), killed April 4, aged 24. Regimental cricket. Mentioned in Dispatches.

SYMINTON, 2ND LIEUT. GEO. C. (Royal Sussex Regt.), died of wounds, August 1, aged 19. Ardingly College. Captain of the XI. In his last season he averaged over 50.

TANNER, BRIGADIER-GENERAL JOHN ARTHUR, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. (Royal Engineers). Mentioned in Dispatches. Born 1858; killed July 23, aged 59. R.M.A. XI (Woolwich). R.E. XI for many years: a fine bat.

TAPP, CAPT. THEODORE ARTHUR (Machine-Gun Corps), Military Cross. B. 1883, died of wounds, October 10. Rugby XI, 1900, when he headed the bowling with 34 wickets for rather less than 15 runs each. Against Marlborough at Lord's, he took, in all, nine wickets for 78 runs.

TAYLOR, 2ND LIEUT. GEO. FREDK. WOODLAND (Essex Regt.), killed May 3, aged 20. Malvern XI; wicket-keeper.

TAYLOR, 2ND LIEUT. LEONARD F. (South Staffs Regt), killed March, aged 26. Left-hand bat. In 1911 headed the Birmingham League averages with 68.40 for Walsall C.C. Played for Staffordshire, and in 1914 scored 102 v. Surrey 2nd XI at the Oval. Prior to the War he was qualifying for Warwickshire. Was first in Staffordshire's averages in 1912 with 44.16 (106 v. Monmouth, at Newport), and second in 1913 with 36.27 (106 v. Free Foresters).

TETLEY, CAPT. JOHN CHARLES DODWORTH (Grenadier Guards), killed October 9, aged 32. Charterhouse. Association Blue for Oxford.

THOMPSON, 2ND LIEUT. C. V. (East Lancashire Regt.), killed February 6, aged 19½. Forest School XI, 1911-12-13-14. Essex 2nd XI in 1914.

THOMPSON, LIEUT. JOHN (Royal Flying Corps), killed March 11. A prominent member of the South Shields C.C.

THOMPSON, PTE. T. (Bedfordshire Regt.), killed April 22, aged 42. Scorer to the Herts. County C.C. for 16 years.

THOMSON, LIEUT AND ADJT. AUBREY LLOYD ST. CLAIR (King's Liverpool Regt.) Military Cross. Wounded three times. Died of wounds November 14, aged 26. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1910, 1911. Had a batting average of 25 in 1910, but was not quite so successful the following year.

TILBURY, CAPT. AUGUSTUS (R.F.A.), born at Southampton, May 3, 1887; killed June 16. King's County C.C., of Brooklyn, 1911.

TREMELLAN, 2ND LIEUT. D. H. (Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry), killed in April. Highgate School XI, 1913-14-15.

TRENEHARD, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN WILFRED (R.G.A.), died of wounds, October 3, aged 20. Mill Hill XI, 1914-15.

TROTTER, LIEUT. STUART FONDEN (Royal Flying Corps), born at Forest Hill, November 25, 1885: died of wounds, July 6. St. Dunstan's College XI; Winnipeg C.C.: captain of XI. His best score was 153 not out for Winnipeg B. v. Yorkshire White Rose in 1909.

TUBBS, CAPT. SEYMOUR BURNELL (Gloucestershire Regt.), born 1893: killed August 22, St. Cyprian's, Eastbourne: capt. of XI for three years, in last of which his batting average was 79. At Harrow he played for his House, and occasionally for the XI.

TURNER, PTE. ARTHUR (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Byfleet, Surrey, August 25, 1890; killed April 11. Galt C.C., of Ontario.

UPTON, 2ND LIEUT. RALPH HAMON WHEELEY (East Surrey Regt.), killed May 3, aged 19. Haileybury XI, 1915. Was a very useful bat in a run-getting team.

VANE-TEMPEST, LIEUT. CHAS. STEWART (R.F.C.), born May 5, 1896; died of wounds, March 25, a prisoner of the Germans. Eton XI, 1914. A good bat in a team that could get runs down to the tenth man. He made 37 and 15 against Harrow at Lord's, and had an average of 19.

VICKERY, LIEUT. GEORGE (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Millview, Co. Cork, August 7, 1874; killed April 28. St. Michael's C.C., of Calgary, Alberta.

VIGERS, 2ND LIEUT. ROBERT STANLEY GARROD (King's Royal Rifles), born 1896; died of wounds, April 5. Uppingham XI, 1914 and 1915.

VON WINCKLER, LIEUT. MYLES WILLIAM (Middlesex Regt.), born in Demerara, 1893; killed August 1. St. Paul's XI, 1911 and 1912. A successful batsman in both years, his averages being 20 and 24. Wadham College (Ox.), XI.

WALKER, LIEUT. MAURICE JOHN LEA (Royal West Kent Regt.), killed May 3, aged 24. Uppingham XI, 1910, 1911, Pembroke College (Camb.) XI; Cambridge Crusaders.

WALKER, CAPT. W. G. J. (Trench Mortar Battery), killed July. Epsom College XI.

WALLER, LIEUT. JOHN CHARLES (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Karuirawa, Japan, August 20, 1895; killed May 2. Trinity College School, Port Hope, XI, 1913.

WALLINGTON, CAPT. AND ADJUTANT GEOFFREY STAFFORD (King's Royal Rifle Corps). Mentioned in Dispatche. Born 1896; killed September 19. Eton, 1915.

WARD, 2ND LIEUT. T. P. (Northants. Regt.), killed July 31, aged 20. Played for his House at Rugby.

WARREN, PTE. H. S. (Bedfordshire Regt., attached South Wales Borderers), killed in March. West Herts. C.C.

WATSON, CAPT. WILLIAM GEORGE DOUGLAS (King's Own Scottish Borderers), killed April 19, aged 35. Captain of the Annan C.C. for some years.

WATTS, 2ND LIEUT. HAROLD VAUGHAN IREMONGER (Devon Regt.), born 1881; died of wounds, August 11. Newton College XI, 1898. Hon. Sec., South Devon C.C. At Oxford got his half-blue for hockey. Played for Devon at cricket.

WAYMOUTH, MAJOR ERNEST GLANVILLE (R.A.), died October 16, aged 48. R.A. XI; I.Z; Free Foresters. Member of M.C.C. since 1894.

WEDD, 2ND LIEUT. H. (R.G.A.) killed May (or earlier). Rossall XI, 1890.

WEEDING, MAJOR THOMAS (Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.), killed August 26, aged 38. Regimental cricket in India. Son of T. W. Weeding (formerly Baggalay). Twice wounded.

WELSBY, LIEUT. SIDNEY WALTER HUMPHREY (Cheshire Regt.), killed April 30, aged 26. Malvern XI, 1910, being a useful bat and change bowler; Trinity Hall (Camb.) XI. Rowed in Trinity Hall Eight at Henley.

WEST, CAPT. ARTHUR EUSTACE LOCKLEY (R.G.A.), killed April 28, aged 24. Captain of XI at Mountjoy School, Dublin.

WHEATLEY, 2ND. LIEUT. R. V. (East Yorkshire Regt.), killed in December. Elstow School XI, 1906, 1907, and 1908.

WHISTLER, CAPT. RALPH ALLEN FULLER (Highland Light Infantry), died of wounds, April 27, aged 21. King's School, Bruton, XI. Regimental cricket.

WHITELAW, LIEUT. R. H. LOCKHART (Household Battalion), died of wounds, May 28, aged 22. Glenalmond XI; Grange C.C.

WHITEMAN, 2ND LIEUT GEORGE WORLEY (R.F.A.), killed July, aged 21. Bedford Modern School XI 1910-11. Was a very useful bat.

WHITEHEAD, 2ND LIEUT. GODFREY NIELD (R.F.C.), killed October 15, aged 29. Shrewsbury XI, 1906 and 1907. Christ Church (Ox.) XI. A very useful bowler.

WHITE, 2ND LIEUT. J. G. (Scottish Rifles, attached R.F.C.), killed August. Edinburgh Academy XI, 1914-15. Very good wicker-keeper.

WILL, LIEUT. J. G. (Royal Flying Corps), killed March 25. Merchant Taylors' XI, 1911.

WILLIAMS, LIEUT. CHAS. ELLICOMBE (South Wales Borderers), died of wounds May 27, aged 27. King's School, Bruton, XI; Somerset County Juniors. Mentioned in Dispatches.

WILLSON, LIEUT. FREDERICK JAMES (Indian Army), born at Shellong (Assam), died of wounds, January 10, aged 27. Kelly College (Tavistock) XI; Emmanuel College (Camb.) XI.

WILSON, CAPT. AND ADJT. H. L. (R. West Kent Regt.), killed April. King's School, Canterbury, XI, 1900. Good bat.

WILSON, 2ND LIEUT. EVAN WELLDON (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), born April 21, 1897; killed April 23, aged 20. Fettes XI.

WILSON, 2ND LIEUT. TOM BONHOTE (Irish Guards), killed July 18, aged 25. Harrow XI 1909-10-11. Brother of Mr. F. B. Wilson. He was a very steady batsman, averaging 16, 21, and 24 in his three years in the Harrow team. Against Eton at Lord's he scored 32 and 6; 53 and 0; 46 and 45. He went up to Cambridge but did not get his Blue. Member of M.C.C. since 1913.

WISE, CAPT. ARNOLD VINCENT DENYS, M.C. (Royal Engineers). Mentioned in Dispatches. Born 1894; May 15, aged 23. Cheltenham XI: captain in 1911, when he stood second in batting with an average of 23; R.M.A., Woolwich, XI.

WOODALL, LIEUT. J. F. (Machine-Gun Corps), Military Cross. Wounded. Mentioned in Dispatches. Killed ? date. Was captain of cricket at Ellesmere College, Salop.

WOODS, CAPT. JOHN ROBINSON (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Toronto March 20, 1892; killed October 24. Upper Canada College XI, 1907-08-09-10. Played also for the Toronto C.C.

WORTHINGTON, CAPT. RICHARD FITZPATRICK (Gloucestershire Regt.), died of wounds, May 4, aged 36. Tonbridge School XI, 1898-99-1900; a good bat, but quite overshadowed in 1900 by K. L. Hutchings. Cambridge Freshmen's match 1901; Seniors 1902-3, but did very little at the University.

WRIGHT, CAPT. REUBEN (Yorkshire Light Infantry). D.S.O. Died of wounds, August 17, aged 28. Leigh C.C., of Lancashire. Fast bowler. Height 6ft. 3in.

WYLLIE, CAPT. A. (Royal Scots Fusiliers) killed April. Edinburgh Academy XI (about 1901-2).

WYNNE, CAPT. EDWARD ERNEST (Leicestershire Regt.) born June 7, 1895; killed June 8. Uppingham: cricket, hockey, and fives.

YOUNG, MAJOR GEORGE EDWARD SAVILL (Irish Guards), died of wounds, March 31. Bradfield XI, 1900-01-02. Hockey for Oxford v. Cambridge.

YOUNGER, LIEUT. CHARLES FREARSON (Yeomanry), born at Tillicoultry, in Clackmannan, killed March 21, aged 31. Winchester, 1903 and 1904: first in bowling each year; Oxford Freshmen in 1905; Seniors in 1906 and 1907. New College (Ox.) XI; Clackmannan County XI. Member of M.C.C. since 1909. A left-handed bowler of medium pace, Younger was highly thought of at Winchester, his length being so good, but though he did well in the Freshmen's match in 1905, he never seemed likely to get his Blue at Oxford. He bowled finely against Eton in 1904, having a big share in Winchester's victory.

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