Obituaries during the war, 1918

ADAM, LIEUT. FRANK DALZIEL (Rifle Brigade), killed July 16, aged 21. Leys School, 1914.

ADAMS, 2ND LIEUT. FREDK. LESLIE (R.G.A.), killed September 15, aged 22. Whitgift Grammar School, 1912 and 1913.

ADAMS, LIEUT. LESTOCK HANDLEY(Rifle Brigade), killed April 22, aged 30. Captain of XI at St. Lawrence Coll. (Ramsgate). In XI at Queen's Coll. (Camb.). Played in Camb. Univ. Trials. Only son of the Rev. H. F. S. Adams. Also played with success for the Winnipeg C.C.

ADAMSON, CAPT. CHAS. YOUNG (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed September 1918. Durham School XI. Durham County XI for many years. Queensland XI. English International footballer.

AITKEN, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN (IAN) M. (R.F.A.), died of wounds received in action October 10, aged 19. Edinburgh Academy XI, 1915 and 1916. Nominated for Oriel College, Oxford.

ALDERSON, CAPT. ALBERT EVELYN (Royal West Surrey Regt., attd. K.O.Y.L.I.), drowned March 11. Dover College XI in 1907.

ALDERSON, CAPT. REGINALD, Military Cross (Lancashire Fusiliers), died of wounds March 25, aged 24. St. Bees- XI, 1913; and Selwyn, Cambs. Wounded 1915.

ALLEN, LIEUT. STEPHEN HENRY HAMMARS (Devon Regt., attd. Northumberland Fusiliers), killed March 27, aged 23, Berkhampsted School XI.

ALLSOPP, LIEUT.-COL. JEROME BOILEAU (South Lancs. Regt.), killed May 27, aged 38. Stubbington House XI, 1896. Had been wounded.

ANSELL, 2ND LIEUT. ARTHUR G. (R.E.), died of gas-poisoning, April or May. Solihull Grammar School, where he headed the batting averages for four years.

APLIN, CAPT. ERIC SCOTT (Worcesteshire Regt.), born November 18, 1895; died of wounds March 11. King's School, Rochester, XI.

ASHCROFT, LIEUT. WILLIAM (The King's Liverpool Regt.), killed March 22, aged 37. Caius Coll., (Camb.) XI.

ASHFIELD, LIEUT. LIONEL ARTHUR (R.A.F.), born August 1, 1898; killed July 16. Was in the Marlborough XI, in 1916, when he had a batting average of 47, having been twelfth man the year before. His father was in the College XI in 1883 and 1884.

ASHWORTH, LIEUT. THOMAS (Canadian Expeditionary Force), killed September 2. Played for St. Edmund's C.C., of Toronto.

ASKHAM, CAPT. W. (Army Cyclists Corps), killed about the beginning of May. Wellingborough Grammar School. All-round player.

ASPDEN, LIEUT. FRANK FRANK (Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.), died of wounds September 20, aged 24. Chatham House School XI.

ASTLEY, LIEUT. C. B. (Liverpool Scottish), killed in August, Birkenhead School.

ATHERTON, CORP. J. W. (Machine-Gun Corps.), killed September. On ground-staff at Old Trafford for six years. Lacashire 2nd XI. Professional at Lowerhouse.

BAILES, GUNNER RICHARD (R.F.A.), killed in action about October 26th. Was professional of the Chickenley C.C. A native of Armley he became a member of the club there at the age of 15. Formerly professional at Elland.

BARWELL, CAPT. HUGH WM. EAMES. Military Cross, Croix de Guerre. (R.F.C.), killed March 25, aged 25. Oundle XI, 1910 and 1911.

BATCHELOR, CAPT. HENRY WASHINGTON (R.A.M.C.), killed March 24, aged 30. Berkhampsted School XI, 1906 and 1907.

BEATTY-POWNALL, LIEUT.-COL. GEORGE ERNEST (Border Regt., attd. King's Own Scottish Borderers), D.S.O. Died of wounds October 10. Mentioned in Dispatches twice. St. Paul's School XI, Sandhurst XI, 1896.

BELL, 2ND LIEUT. CALLUM MUNRO (R.A.F.), killed middle of August. In the cricket and football teams at Birkenhead School.

BENNETT-GOLDNEY, MAJOR F. (Assistant Military Attaché at the Embassy at Paris). Born at Moseley, near Birmingham died in American Hospital at Brest in July, aged 53, as result of a motor accident. Prominent in the Canterbury Week. M.P. For Canterbury since December, 1910. Mayor of Canterbury 1906-1911.

BENSON, CAPT. JOHN MARTIN (Northumberland Fusiliers, attd. T.M.B.), killed May 27. Had been wounded. Fettes XI, 1910; Oxford Freshmen, 1911.

BERKELEY, CAPT. MAURICE HENRY FITZHARDINGE (late Temporary Major A.S.C.), died January 1, after a long illness contracted in France early in the war, aged 32. Played cricket for the A.S.C.

BIRTWISTLE, LIEUT. NORMAN. Military Cross. (Hussars), killed October 8. Cheltenham XI, 1914; was a useful bowler.

BISHOP, LT.-COL. BASIL F. (South Lancs. Regt.). Military Cross. Killed September 18, aged 39. Repton XI., 1897.

BOLTER, 2ND LIEUT. CHAS. ALBERT (Machine Gun Corps), killed April 13, aged 31. St. Paul's School: captain of XI. Headed batting in 1905 with an average of 49.

BOLTON, LIEUT. S. (King's Own Royal Lancaster Regt., attd. T.M.B.), killed March. Cheltenham College XI. Had been wounded.

BOOTH, MAJOR LAURENCE ELLIOT (R.F.A.) Military Cross and Bar. Killed in action April 13th, aged 26. Wounded April 1917. Twice mentioned in Dispatches. Educated at Winchester. In the cricket and association teams, R.M.A.

BOSCAWEN, MAJOR THE HON. GEORGE EDWARD (R.F.A.)., died of wounds May 27, aged 29. Woolwich XI, 1907. R.A. XI and United Services Twice Mentioned in Dispatches.

BOWRING, MAJOR FRANK HARVEY (King's Liverpool Regt.), killed August 28. Shrewsbury School XI, Freshmen and Seniors at Camb. Had been wounded.

BOYCOTT, LIEUT. HAROLD CHARLTON (Coldstream Guards), died of wounds March 21, aged 41. Played cricket for Northamptonshire. English hockey team for several years.

BRACHER, MAJOR F. V. (Welsh Regt.), killed June. Secretary Glamorgan Wanderers C.C. Had been wounded.

BRAITHWAITE, CAPT. PHILIP PIPON (I.A.R.O.). Born July 1880; killed September 23. Captain of XI at Felsted. Had been wounded. Played for Cambridge at Hockey and Association football.

BRISLEY, MAJOR CUTHBERT EVERARD (R.A.F.), killed July 30, while flying in England. Lancing XI 1902-05; Gonville and Caius College. Association XI v. Oxford 1908-09. A.F.A. International, playing several times v. France, Wales, and Belgium.

BROUGHTON-ADDERLEY, CAPT. PETER HANDCOCK (Scots Guards), died of wounds October 16, aged 27. Useful cricketer at Eton. Played for Exeter College (Ox.), Ox. Univ. Authentics, Bullingdon C.C., and M.C.C.

BROWN, CAPT. WILLIAM SANDILANDS (North Stafford Regt., attd. K.O.S.B.), killed October 14, aged 26. Glasgow University XI three years, and Grange C.C.

BROWNE, MAJOR R. GEOFFREY (Manchester Regt.) D.S.O. Died of influenza November 1, aged 37. Radley XI.

BROUGH, REV. MAJOR JAMES STANLEY BROMFIELD(Chaplain to the Forces), died of pneumonia following influenza, November 11th, aged 30. Was in the Fettes XI in 1897. Had been Mentioned in Dispatches.

BRUCE, CAPT. GEORGE JAMES, D.S.O., Military Cross and Bar (Royal Irish Rifles, subsequently on the General Staff), killed in action October 2, aged 38. Winchester XI, 1898-99; New College, Oxford.

BRYCE-SMITH, 2ND LIEUT. NORGRAVE (King's own Scottish Borderers), killed April 25. Captain of XI at Cheltenham.

BUCK, CAPT. GEOFFREY SEBASTIAN (R.A.F.), M.C., D.F.C. killed September 3, aged 21. Winchester XI, 1914, when he scored 67 and 83 against Eton. Mentioned in Dispatches.

BUCKINGHAM, LIEUT. PHILIP EDWARD (R.A.F.). Military Cross. Killed November 8, aged 22. In the XI, at Churcher's College, Petersfield.

BUDGE, LIEUT-COL. P. P. (R.F.A.), D.S.O., died of wounds September 11. Weymouth College XI, 1898 and 1899.

BURDEN, FLIGHT-LIEUT. CHAS. ELBRIDGE (R.N.A.S.), born at Toronto, September 24, 1894; killed whilst flying in England, January 22. Was a member of the Upper Canada College XI in 1912.

CAMERON, CAPT. COLIN MACKENZIE (Seaforth Highlanders), killed April 11, aged 23. Sedbergh XI, 1912.

CAMPBELL, MAJOR A. C. (King's Own Scottish Borderers, attd. Royal Scots) D.S.O. Died of wounds April 3. Regimental cricket.

CAMPBELL, 2ND LIEUT. HON. ERIC OCTAVIUS (Seaforth Highlanders), D.S.O, Bar to D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches three times. Wounded. Born 1885; died of illness contracted on active service, June 4, aged 32. An old Etonian, he played cricket for the Seaforth's XI and Shorncliffe Garrison.

CAMPBELL, BRIG.-GEN. CHAS. LIONEL (Lancers). Wounded twice. Mentioned in Dispatches. Died in hospital in London March 31, aged 44. A useful cricketer at Cheltenham.

CAMPBELL, LIEUT. ISLAY MACKINNON (Yeomanry attd. Royal Sussex Regt.), died of wounds April 4, aged 22. Mill Hill School XI.

CANCELLOR, LIEUT. DESMOND BERTRAM (Hants. Regt.), killed November 1, aged 20. Radley XI.

CARR, CAPT. VICTOR FRANCIS (R.G.A.). Had been wounded. Born 1887, at Santa Marta, Colombia; killed May 21. Durham School XI, 1903, 1904, and 1905.

CARTMELL, LIEUT. GEORGE MUSGROVE (R.A.F.). Had been wounded. Killed April 6, aged 19. Rossall XI.

CAVE, LIEUT. ARTHUR DOUGLAS (Durham Light Infantry attd. R.A.F.), died of pneumonia following influenza, November 10. Brighton College XI about 1912-13.

CHANT, LIEUT. THOMAS ROY (London Regt.), died of pneumonia, November 7, aged 26. In XI at University College School, and in 1907 headed the batting averages.

CHATTERTON, CAPT. RODEN LATHAM (Leinster Regt., attd. R.F.C.), died March 29, aged 22, of injuries received in a flying accident. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1911 and 1912.

CHESTER, LIEUT, RONALD HENRY VENN (R.A.F.), accidentally killed July 16, aged 20. Merchant Taylor XI: captain in 1915 and 1916. Was a very successful bowler for the School.

CLARKE, CAPT. EDWIN, C. K. (London Regt.) Military Cross. Killed August 31. Westminster School. Headed batting in 1909 and the bowling in 1910. Played at Lord's in 1910.

CLIFF, MAJOR GROSVENOR (Dragoon Guards). Croix de Chevalier Legion of Honour. Died in March in France of injuries accidentally received. Lincolnshire XI and Regimental cricket.

COGHILL, LIEUT. NORMAN HARRY (Scots Guards, attd. Machine Gun Corps), died of wounds March 26, aged 20. Cheltenham XI, 1915.

COLBECK, 2ND LIEUT. LEONARD GEORGE (R.F.A.) Military Cross. Died at sea, January 3, aged 34. Marlborough XI, King's Coll. (Camb.) XI, Cambridge Univ. XI, Middlesex, M.C.C. Played hockey for Cambridge.

Colbeck had a fine record as a batsman at Marlborough, but his name will live in cricket history by reason of the extraordinary innings he played in the University match of 1905. Going in for the second time against a balance of 101 runs Cambridge lost six wickets for 77, and looked to be a hopelessly beaten side. At this point Colbeck, in with the score at 11, was joined by McDonnell, and in the course of 85 minutes the two batsmen put on 143 runs together, completely pulling the match round. McDonnell kept up his wicket while Colbeck hit on the off-side with amazing brilliancy. The partnership recalled the memorable stand made for Cambridge in the 1870 match by Yardley and J. W. Dale. Colbeck took all sorts of risks, cutting balls off the middle stump to the boundary, but his eye served him so well that he was very rarely at fault. He hit thirteen fours in his 107 and was batting for two hours and a quarter. Like Yardley in 1870 he had his reward, Cambridge in the end winning the match by 40 runs. Colbeck had splendid figures for Cambridge in 1908, scoring 552 runs with an average of 42, but when tried in half-a-dozen matches for Middlesex in 1906 he did very little. He played one innings of 46 and another of 30 but on all other occasions he failed dismally. In 1906, however, he again did very well for Cambridge, scoring 63 and 44 against Oxford at Lord's, and heading the University batting with an average of 39. Against W. G. Grace's XI at Cambridge he played an innings of 175 not out.--S.H.P.

COOTE, LIEUT, GEO, BERTRAM (Royal West Kent Regt., attd M.G.C.), killed May 27, aged 22. Radley XI, 1913-14.

COSTA, 2ND LIEUT. LUIGI G. (R.F.C.), killed in aeroplane accident in Norfolk, March 19, aged 19. Captain of XI at Dulwich.

COUTTS, 2ND LIEUT. P. C. (M.G.C.), killed middle of August. Played for Clydesdale Club.

CRAGG, LIEUT. W. A. (R.N.V.R.), killed October. Cheshire.

CRAIGMILE, CAPT. ALEXANDER MURRAY (Rifle Brigade). Military Cross. Had been wounded. Killed March 29, aged 23. Sedbergh School XI.

CREBBIN, CAPT. W. A. (Rifle Brigade.) Military Cross. Had been wounded. Killed April 29. St. Paul's School XI, 1911-12-13. In 1912 he headed the batting with an average of 35.

CRELLIN, LIEUT. COL. WILLIAM ANDERSON (Sherwood Foresters) D.S.O. and Bar to D.S.O. Died of wounds (October 8, aged 25. Regimental cricket.

CRESWELL, SERGT. G. H. (Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry), killed May 28, aged 21. Borlase School XI three years.

CROGGON, CAPT. J. F. S. (Sherwood Foresters), died in France of influenza, November 19, aged 37. Mill Hill School XI.

CROSSMAN, CAPT. RICHARD DOUGLAS (Royal Scots). Military Cross. Had been wounded. Killed September 27, aged 22. Eton XI, 1914. He was second in batting with an average of 29, scoring 0 and 89 against Harrow at Lord's, and 55 and 10 against Winchester.

DAVIS, 2ND LIEUT. ALISTAN INGRAM (A. and S.H.), killed April 11, aged 19. Fettes XI, 1915 and 1916.

DAVISON, 2ND LIEUT. CHAS. MONTAGUE (Northumberland Fusiliers), died of wounds April 10, aged 19. In the XI at the Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

DEACON, MAJOR WALTER J., V.D. (Clerk of the Peace of Peterborough) died June, aged 57. Played for the Peterborough Town C.C., until 1914.

DEALEY, LIEUT. THOS. SYDNEY OUGH (Australian Flying Corps), born at Hong Kong, 1896; killed March 7. Stonyhurst XI for two years.

DEAN, 2ND LIEUT. LEONARD LAWSON (Loyal North Lancashire Regt.), killed October 3, aged 20. Captain of XI at Keswick School.

DE LA MOTTE, CAPT. HUBERT THOMAS (Punjabis). Military Cross. Died of double pneumonia following influenza, October 30. Rossall XI about 1906.

DENNISS, CAPT. THOS. VIVIAN BARTLEY (Royal Berks Regt.) Had been wounded twice. Born October 29, 1891: died of wounds August 28. Captain of XI at Elstree. Not in XI while at Harrow.

DEWDNEY, CAPT. AND ADJT. CLIFFORD MOSLYN FRENCH (Gloucester Regt.), killed April 4. Bromsgrove grammar School XI.

DEWING, LIEUT.-COL. ROBERT EDWARD (Royal Engineers attd. Royal Berks Regt.). D.S.O. Had been wounded twice and mentioned in dispatches. Born 1888; killed April 4. Haileybury XI; R.M.A. XI (Woolwich); Royal Engineers XI. Useful bowler and hard hitter.

DIFFORD, CAPT. ARCHIE (South African Dept. Units), killed September. A very useful cricketer, who played for Western Province and, later, for the Transvaal. In 1906-7 he scored 103 for the former v. Griqualand West; in 1908-9, he made 94 for Rest of South Africa v. Wanderers C.C., and in the same season 91 for Transvaal v. Border.

DONALDSON, 2ND. LIEUT. S. (Highland Light Infantry), killed October. Edinburgh Royal High School XI.

DOUGLAS, LANCE-CORPL. OSBORNE HENRY (Australian Imperial Force), killed April 24. A very good left-handed defensive bat. Played for Tasmania. He and J. H. Savigny made 202 for the first wicket against England ( Warner's team) in January, 1904.

DRIVER, LIEUT. F. S. (R.F.C.), killed March 26. Suffolk.

DU BOULAY, BREVET LIEUT.-COL. ARTHUR HOUSSEMAYNE (Royal Engineers). D.S.O., Mentioned in dispatches six times. A.Q.M.G. Born June 18, 1880, died in hospital abroad after influenza, October 25. Cheltenham College; R.M.A. (Woolwich); Kent XI; Gloucestershire XI; Army XI; R.E. XI.

Du Boulay to a large extent learnt his cricket at Cheltenham being in the eleven in 1895, 1896, 1897. In his last year he was captain and finished up with an excellent record, scoring 309 runs with an average of 30 and heading the bowling with 33 wickets at a cost of something over 17 runs each. He played five matches for Kent in 1899 and got on remarkably well, making 250 runs in eight innings. In minor cricket Du Boulay was a great run getter. In one week, playing for the Royal Engineers, he made scores of 204, 153 and 175 and in 1907 for the School of Military Engineering against the Royal Navy and Royal Marines at Chatham he played an innings of 402 not out.

DUNCAN, LIEUT. D. C. (London Regt.), killed middle of September. Aberdeen Grammar School XI; secretary of the XI, 1909.

DUNDAS, CAPT. HENRY LANCASTER NEVILL (Scots Guards). Military Cross and Bar to M.C. Had been wounded. Killed September 27, aged 21. Played occasionally in the Eton XI in 1915.

DUNKERLEY, CAPT. HAROLD (R.A.M.C.), killed on March 23, aged 28. Wounded in 1916. Downing College, Cambs., where he gained college colours for cricket, Rugby football, and lawn tennis.

EAGLETON, LIEUT. JOHN RONALDSON (R.F.A.), died of wounds September, aged 22. Eastbourne College XI.

EALES, LIEUT. CHAS WILFRED (DEVON REGT.), killed September 27, 18, aged 25. Weymouth College XI.

EDGAR, CAPT. JOHN MAXWELL (South Staffs. Regt.), killed March 22, aged 30. High School, Stirling, XI; Stirling County XI. Played Rugby football for Edinburgh Univ. and Somerset. Had been wounded.

EDWARDS, CAPT. WILLIAM, (A.S.C. attd. Shropshire Light Infantry), died of wounds April. Captain of the XI at Bishop Stortford School (about 1907).

EILOART, 2ND LIEUT. CYRIL HOWARD (Irish Guards, attd. Guards' Machine-gun Regt.), killed September 27. Uppingham. Played for the Hampstead C.C., and was a member of the Incogniti team which visited America.

ELLIS, CAPT. RAE ADAM (Yeomanry, attd. Royal Welsh Fusiliers), died of wounds September 22. Wellingtaon XI.

ELLIS, COMMANDER BERNARD HENRY, D.S.M., D.S.O., R.N.V.R.,(R.N.D.), died in hospital abroad, on April 2, of wounds received in action on March 25. Born 1885. University College School XI, 1902.

ELLIS, CORPORAL CARLETON BRIAN (165th Infantry, U.S.A.), born in New York City, January 9, 1897; killed July 31. He was associated with the Beaconhurst C.C.

EVERITT, CAPT. W. W. (Norfolk Regt.), killed October 8. Hertford Grammar School XI, and Downing College (Camb.) XI.

FAIRBAIRNS, CAPT. ARNOLD (Duke of Wellington's Regt.), killed in action October 14, aged 37. University College School XI, 1901; Lincoln Coll., Oxford.

FARRAR, MAJOR HENRY WYNDHAM FRANCIS BLACKBURNE (R.F.A.) Military cross with two Bars. Killed in action October 30, aged 24. Three times mentioned in dispatches. In 1917 received the Belgian Croix de Guerre; and held the 1914 Star. Wounded on six occasions, four times seriously. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1912; Dorset County XI. While still at school he was asked to play in the Midland Counties Rugby XV v. The N.Z. All Blacks.

FERRIE, CAPT. ROBT. LEIGHTON MOORE (R.F.C.) Military Cross. Born October 7, 1898; killed January 3. Highfield School (Hamilton, Ont.), captain of XI in 1915. Son of R.B. Ferrie of the Canadian team in England in 1887.

FFRENCH, 2ND LIEUT. G. E. (R.A.F.), killed in May, Trent College XI.

FLETCHER, 2ND LIEUT. JACK HASLIP (Scots Guards), killed October 20, aged 20. Was the Haileybury wicket-keeper in 1915 and 1916, and in the following season captained the Sandhurst XI.

FLOYD, PROBATIONARY FLIGHT OFFICER WILLIAM ERIC (R.N.) Killed January 21, aged 18. Captain of XI at Birkenhead School.

FRANKLIN, LIEUT. LESLIE WILLOUGHBY (R.F.A.), born at Kobe, in Japan; died of wounds October 16, aged 20. Dulwich College.

FROST, LIEUT. ARTHUR BYFIELD (Queen's Royal West Surrey Regt.) Military Cross. Had been wounded. Killed March 23, aged 22. Whitgift Grammar School XI, 1913, 1914, and 1915.

FRY, CAPT. CHAS. A. (Suffolk Regt.), killed April 2. Was a member of the Staten Island C.C.

GERMAN, MAJOR HUGH BERNARD (R.A.M.C.) Military Cross and Bar to M.C. Mentioned in Dispatches. Killed September 18. Portsmouth Grammar School XI.

GIBBONS, CAPT. THOMAS P. (Hertfordshire Regt.) Military Cross. Killed March 22. Radley College. Head of the batting, 1912.

GILL, CAPT. KENNETH CARLYLE (R.A.F.) Had been wounded. Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches. Died of wounds October 23, aged 25. St. John's School, Leatherhead, XI.

GODSAL, MAJOR W. H. (Durham Light Infantry), killed in March, Regimental cricket. Military Cross.

GORDON, MAJOR ROLAND ELPHINSTONE (R.F.A.) Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches. Died of wounds August 30, aged 25. King's School, Canterbury XI.

GORDON, MAJOR R. G. (R.F.A.) D.S.O. Killed April or May. Edinburgh Academicals.

GORDON, 2ND LIEUT. E. A. (Highland Light Infantry), killed March 21, aged 19. Hillhead High School, Glasgow. An excellent cricketer and lawn tennis player, and fine football player.

GORE-BROWN, MAJOR ERIC ANTONY ROLLO (Dorset Regt, attd. King's African Rifles). Croix de Guerre. Had been wounded. Killed July 3, aged 28. Oundle XI, 1907, 1908.

GORNALL, LANCE-CORP. J. F. (Artists' Rifles), killed March. Liverpool Institute XI.

GORNELL, LIEUT. NOEL CHRISTOPHER (Royal Engineers), killed March 23, aged 20. Lancaster Royal Grammar School XI, 1915-17.

GRANT, CAPT W. ST. CLAIR (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders), Military Cross, Croix de Guerre Belge. Had been wounded. Killed September 26, aged 24. Clifton Coll. XI, 1911 and 1912; Gloucester (City) XI.

GRAY, MAJOR JULIAN F. (R.E.). Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Died of wounds July 11. R.M.A. XI, 1913; R.E. XI in India.

GRAY, CAPT. MAURICE (M.G.C.), was killed in action August 9, aged 28. Winchester XI, 1908; Trinity College, Cambridge.

GREENWOOD, MAJOR (ACTING LIEUT.-COL.) LEONARD MONTAGUE (Durham Light Infantry) Military Cross. Reserve man for the British Guiana XI v M.C.C. Recommended for a Bar to the M.C., and was Mentioned in Dispatches. Was not in the XI while at Dulwich.

GREGORY, MR. REGINALD PHILIP, Fellow and Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge, died 24 November, aged 39. Played for Cambridgeshire. During the War he was 2nd Lieut. in the Gloucestershire Regt., but, being badly gassed, was discharged in September.

GREGORY, MAJOR WILLIAM ROBERT (R.F.C.) Military Cross. Killed January 23, aged 36. An old Harrovian, who played for Phoenix Park and Co. Galway.

GRIEVE, LIEUT. WALTER (Highland Light Infantry). Previously reported missing, was officially reported killed about February 10. Was a well-known Scottish cricketer, and played for Scotland v. Australia.

GUILDING, 2ND LIEUT. SIDNEY CECIL LANSDOWNE, died of influenza, in Italy in November. Epsom College IX in 1916 and 1917. In the latter year he headed the bowling averages.

GULL, MAJOR FRANCIS LINDLEY (Rifle Brigade). Had been wounded. Killed August 25, aged 28. Army cricket in India.

GUNNER, CAPT. JOHN HUGH (Yeomanry, attd. Hants. Regt.), died of wounds August 9, aged 34. Marlborough Coll. XI, 1901 and 1902--captain in 1902; Trinity Coll. (Ox.) XI; Ox. Univ. Authentics; M.C.C., Hampshire.

HADLEY, CAPT. PEYTON SHELDON (Northants. Regt.) Military Cross. Wounded twice. Died of pneumonia at Eastbourne October 25. In the XI at Charterhouse.

HAIG-BROWN, LIEUT.-COL. ALAN (Middlesex Regt.) D.S.O. Killed March 25, aged 40. Played for Old Carthusians, and Pembroke Coll. (Camb.) An Association football Blue for Cambridge.

HAMMOND, LIEUT. RICHARD MARTIN, (R.F.A. attd. Trench Mortar Battery). Died of wounds in Germany May 20, aged 20. Tonbridge School XI.

HANDS, CAPT. REGINALD HARRY MYBURGH (South African Artillery), born 1888; died of wounds in April. Played for Diocesan Coll., Rondesbosch; Univ. Coll. (Ox.) and Western Province. Rugby Blue for Oxford.

HANSELL, LIEUT. KENNETT JOYCE NELSON (Leinster Regt., attd. Machine-gun Corps), killed March 21, aged 21. Charterhouse XI, 1915.

HARGREAVES, 2ND LIEUT. SYDNEY JASPER (Grenadier Guards), died of wounds May 19, aged 19. In House XI at Eton.

HARRISON, LIEUT. J. A. (Machine-gun Corps), killed end of April. Cheshire County and captain of the Macclesfield C.C.

HARSTON, CAPT. FRANK NORTHEY, Military Cross. (East Lancashire Regt.), Brigade-Major, killed in action April 22, in his 28th year. Eastbourne College XI, 1909; Corpus Christi Coll., Cambridge.

HARTLEY, LIEUT. ALFRED (R.G.A.), born 1879; killed in October. Lancashire XI. Alfred Hartley could not be classed among the greatest of Lancashire batsmen, but during his few seasons for the county he was invaluable to the XI, his strong defence making him a worthy successor to Albert Ward. He was given three trials for Lancashire in 1907 having shown fine form that summer for the second XI. He justified the committee's action in selecting him, scoring 126 runs in six innings. Having found a place in first-class cricket he improved from year to year, scoring 1,053 runs for Lancashire in 1908, and 1,129 runs with an average of 36 in 1909. Then in 1910 he left all his previous form far behind. Scoring 234 against Somerset at Manchester, 126 not out against Somerset at Bath, and 168 against Leicestershire at Leicester, he had a record for his county of 1,511 runs with an average of 38. On the strength of his fine cricket he was deservedly chosen for Gentleman against Players, both at Lord's and the Oval. The Gentlemen failed dismally at Lord's, going all to pieces on a difficult wicket, but Hartley himself played very well--24 and 35. In his second innings he received two dead shooters in succession from George Thompson. He stopped the first one but the second bowled him. In 1911 Hartley fell off a great deal in his batting, and in the following year he practically retired from first-class matches.--S.H.P.

HATFEILD, CAPT. CHARLES ERIC ( Eton, Oxford University and Kent), born March 11th, 1887, was killed on September 21. Though his plucky hitting won the University match for Oxford in 1908, Hatfeild did not as a man fulfil on the cricket field the hopes formed of him while he was at Eton. When in 1903 he played his first match against Harrow at Lord's he gave promise of developing into a first-rate slow bowler. Bowling left-handed he had a nice easy action and for a boy a remarkable command over his length. No doubt the slope of Lord's ground helped him to make the ball go with his arm, but be that as it may, he took twelve Harrow wickets at a cost of 91 runs, and had a big share in gaining for Eton a single innings victory--their first win since 1893. On that early form however, Hatfeild never improved. While he remained at Eton he steadily went off in bowling, and it was his batting rather than his bowling that gained him his Blue at Oxford in 1908. He played for Kent whenever he was wanted, but though always an enthusiastic cricketer he was not good enough to secure a regular place in the county team.--S.H.P.

HANKSLEY, LIEUT. GEORGE (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers), killed March 22, aged 27. Captain of XI at Gresham's School, Holt. Played hockey for Norfolk.

HEATHCOTE-AMERY, MAJOR LUDOVIC (Devon Yeomanry), died of wounds in August, aged 37. Captain of the Knightshayes C.C., of Devon.

HEMINGWAY, CAPT. KENNETH STANLEY (Worcestershire Regt.), killed March 21, aged 21. Hereford Cathedral School XI.

HEPTON, LIEUT. ARTHUR (Yorks. Reg.), reported wounded and missing on march 25, is known now to have died on April 13th, aged 21. Wounded in 1916. Pocklington XI (captain).

HEMUS, 2ND LIEUT. CYRIL HARCOURT (R.F.A.). Military Cross. Died of wounds March 27. Royal Grammar School, Worcester, where he was captain of the games, being a first-rate cricketer. Brasenose, Oxford.

HEPBURN, LIEUT. GEORGE (R.E.), killed March 22. Westminster School XI.

HICKLEY, LIEUT. RICHARD TROLLOPE NORTH (Herts. Regt.) Wounded. Died of wounds March 25, aged 20. Winchester XI.

HILL, CAPT. BRIAN EDWARD (Tank Corps), died of wounds October 2, aged 22. Lichfield Grammar School.

HILL, COL. JOSEPH, C. B., died at Wollaston Hall, Wellingborough. May 16, aged 68. At one time captain of the Northants XI.

HILL, PRIVATE M. A. (Royal Dublin Fusiliers), died of wounds in June. A well-known Irish cricketer.

HOBBS, LIEUT. VICTOR WILLIAM JOHN (The Buffs), killed August 9, aged 31. St. John's Coll. (Camb.)--Capt. of the XI.

HOCKYNS-ABRAHALL, 2ND LIEUT. BENNET EDMUND (R.G.A.), died of wounds April 25, aged 19. Repton XI; was a useful bowler in 1916.

HODDER, MAJOR THE REV. CHAS. WILLIAM. M.B.O. Died in London, October 21. A member of the Somerset County C.C. Committee.

HODGES, CAPT. HAROLD AUGUSTUS (Monmouth Regt., attd. South Lancs. Regt.) Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Wounded twice. Killed March 24. Sedbergh School XI. Notts County XI. Trinity Coll. (Ox.) XI. Captain of the Ox. Univ. XV.

HODGSON, CAPT. REGINALD DRURY (R.F.A.), killed March 21, aged 38. Radley XI University Coll. (ox.) XI and Incogniti. Represented Oxford in feather-weight boxing in 1900, and at ice-hockey.

HODGSON, LIEUT. RICHARD EVELEIGH (King's Liverpool Regt., attd. R.A.F.), killed September 14, aged 24. Sherborne XI.

HODSON, 2ND LIEUT. SYDNEY (King's Royal Rifle Corps), killed March 21. Merchant Taylors XI in 1907.

HOLBERTON, LIEUT.-COL. P. V. (Manchester Regt., attd. Lancashire Fusiliers), killed March 26, aged 38. Shrewsbury XI; Sandhurst 2nd XI. Received Serbian Order of the White Eagle, 4th Class.

HONEY, 2ND LIEUT, ALEC C. (Worcestershire Regt.), died of wounds February 10, aged 19. Malvern Coll.

HORNE, 2ND LIEUT. J. A. (Dragoon Guards), died of influenza whilst on active service in November. Captain of XI at Ashford Grammar School (Kent). Played for Mote C.C.; and in Regimental cricket.

HORRIDGE, CAPT. JOHN LESTER (R.A.F.), killed while flying in England, November 23, aged 22. Uppingham XI.

HORSFALL, 2ND LIEUT. BASIL ARTHUR (East Lancs. Regt.), V.C. Killed May. Borlase School Marlow, XI,: three years. Headed batting averages in 1905.

HOUGH, CAPT. GEOFFREY GOADSBY (King's Royal Rifle Corps). killed September 8, aged 21. The Brooklands C.C., of Cheshire.

HUMPHREYS, CAPT. NOEL FORBES (Tank Corps), born 1890; died of wounds March 27. Durham School XI. Visited South Africa with the English Rugby XV.

HUNTER, CAPT. RICHARD JOCELYN (London Regt.), died of wounds, August 25, aged 32. Winchester and Brasenose (College cricket eleven three years, Association XI two years).

IRVING, 2ND LIEUT. ALFRED (15th Sikhs), born in Domerara, in 1899; killed October 26. Captain of the Epsom College XI in 1916.

IRWIN, LIEUT. THOS. WHITMORE CROMMELIN (Sherwood Foresters). Twice wounded. Died of wounds October 31, aged 22. Radley XI.

JACK, MAJOR JAS. CHAS. (Army Field Artillery). Had been wounded. Military Cross and Bar to M.C., D.S.O. Died of wounds May 31, aged 41. Merchant Taylors XI; Freshmen at Oxford, 1896; Lincoln College, Ox. XI.

JACKSON, MAJOR ERNEST (Royal Engineers). Military Cross. Died of wounds April 13, aged 26. Captain of XI at Doncaster Grammar School.

JARDINE, FLIGHT-LIEUT. ROBERT GORDON (R.F.C.), born in Toronto, July 20, 1888; killed (? date). Was a member of the Ridley College (Ont.) XI.

JENKIN, CAPT. LOUIS FLEEMING (R.A.F.) Military Cross and Bar to M.C. Killed September 11, aged 22. Dulwich Coll. XI, 1914. Had been wounded.

JERWOOD, MAJOR JOHN HUGH (Durham Light Infantry, attd. Somerset Light Infantry). Military Cross. Twice wounded. Killed March 21, aged 28. Captain of XI at Oakham School; Jesus Coll., Camb., XI.

JENNINGS, CORPORAL DAVID WILLIAM (Kent Fortress Engineers), was born on June 4, 1889, died in hospital at Tunbridge Wells in August, after an illness due to shell-shock and gas. As a cricketer Jennings was a trifle unfortunate. Had he belonged to a weaker county than Kent he would no doubt have taken a more prominent position. All the time he was playing Kent was so rich in batsmen that he could not secure an assured place in the XI. Still, of the chances that came his way he made good use. He first played for Kent in 1909 and in 1911, when only tried in a few matches, he headed the averages. In 1912, playing six times, he came out second, scoring 100 against Hampshire at Southampton, and both in 1913 and 1914 he did very well without rising to quite the first-class. In 1914 he hit up an innings of 106 against Essex at Tunbridge Wells.

JOHNS, 2ND LIEUT. BRADLEY COOPER (R.G.A.), died at Broomfield, Chelmsford, of pneumonia, October 22, aged 38. St. John's School, Leatherhead, XI, in 1899.

JOHNSON, CAPT. ALEC. (Cambridgeshire Regt.), killed September 18, aged 22. Wellingborough Grammar School XI.

JOHNSON, CAPT. DONALD CLARK (Cameron Highlanders), died of wounds, September 13, aged 23. Malvern XI, 1913; Brasenose College, Oxford; Oxford Univ. Trial match.

JOHNSTON, MAJOR FRANK (King's Shropshire Light Infantry). Died of wounds May 31. Charterhouse XI; Freshmen and Seniors at Cambridge.

JONES, 2ND LIEUT. ARTHUR LESLIE-GWYNNE (R.G.A.), accidentally killed at the front, May 4, aged 20. Malvern College XI.

JONES, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN YUTS PALFREY (Welsh Regt.), killed August 30, aged 20. Blundell's School XI.

JONES, BRIG.-GEN LUMLEY OWEN WILLIAMES (Essex Regt.) D.S.O., Legion of Honour. Died of pneumonia on active service, September 14, aged 41. Winchester XI, 1894-95.

JONES, CAPT. HUGH (Gloucestershire Regt.) Military Cross. Died of pneumonia following influenza, November 10, aged 29. Gloucestershire XI.

JONES, MAJOR RICHARD WILLIAM FISHER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Bowmanville (Ont.), January 17, 1887; killed in January. He was in the Ridley College XI (Ont. in 1900.)

KEIR, 2ND LIEUT. P. C. (Lancashire Fusiliers), killed in August. Wicket- keeper of the Barnsley C.C.

KINDER, CORPL. HERBERT (A.S.C., Motor Transport), died at Salonika, of appendicitis, in July. Played for the Middleton C.C., in the Central Lancashire League.

KING, 2ND LIEUT. EDWARD WESTCOTT (R.F.A.), born 1880; died of wounds October 20. Sherborne XI.

KNOTT, 2ND LIEUT. CHAS. SINGLETON (Royal Fusiliers). Had been wounded. Born 1898; killed March 23. Persse Grammar School; capt. of the XI in 1916.

LABOUCHERE, MAJOR ARTHUR MAXWELL (Ox. and Bucks. Light Infantry). D.S.O. Died of wounds, a prisoner of war, April 20, aged 43. Wellington College XI.

LEE, LIEUT. J. F. (King's Own), killed September. Balliol Coll., Ox., XI.

LE FLEMING, LIEUT.-COL. LAWRENCE JULIUS (East Surrey Regt.), born at Tonbridge, June 3rd, 1879, was killed March 21st, after having been wounded twice during the war. He was twice Mentioned in Dispatches. Le Fleming was in the Tonbridge XI in 1896, when he headed the batting with an average of 28. He played for Kent in one match in 1897, and seven matches in 1898, but did not meet with much success for the county.

LEVICK, CAPT. PERCY (R.A.M.C.), accidentally killed in France, through his horse falling and throwing him under a motor lorry, March 21. Freshmen at Camb., 1893; Jesus Coll., Camb., XI. Useful bowler. Played hockey for Camb. Univ.

LEWIS, CAPT. JOHN DUNNING GAUNT (King's Shropshire L.I.), killed September 24, aged 26. Shrewsbury XI, 1911. Severely wounded in the lungs in Mesopotamia during one of the attempts to relieve Kut.

LINDSAY, LIEUT. ARCHIBALD T. T (R.E.), killed March 26, aged 20. Wellington College XI, 1914.

LINDSAY, MAJOR CLAUD F. T. (R.F.A.), killed on March 31, aged 26. Wellington XI, 1909 and 1910. Elder brother of A.T.T. above.

MACDONALD, CAPT. THE HON. RONALD IAN (Cameron Highanders), died of pneumonia abroad while on active service, on October 17, aged 34. Legion of Honour. Radley XI, 1902.

MACKENZIE, LIEUT. BOYCE MACKAY SCOBIE (R. W. Surrey Regt.), killed March 28, aged 29. Haileybury XI, 1908; Clare, Cambs.

MACKLIN, 2ND LIEUT. DANIEL H. (Bedfordshire Regt.), killed March 27, aged 20. King's School, Rochester, XI.

MACLEAN, CAPT. ALAN PRATT (Canadian Expeditionary Force, attd. R.F.C.), born in Toronto, December 18, 1895; killed March 18. Was a member of the Upper Canada College XI in 1912 and 1913.

MACNAR, BRIG.-GEN. COLIN L. (Royal Sussex Regt.: A.A. and Q.-M.) G. C.M.G. Died at Littlebury, Essex, October 13, aged 47, of illness contracted on active service. A good bat in regimental cricket.

MACVICTAR, LIEUT. JOHN EVERARD CHURCHILL (R.A.F.), killed July 22, aged 26. Aldenham School XI.

MALLAM, CAPT. CLIFFORD ANGUS (Royal Bershire Regt.) Military Cross and Bar. Died of wounds October 29, aged 28. Epsom College XI, 1909; Keble College, Oxford.

MANN, LIEUT. CHARLES JULIAN (Hussars). Had been wounded. Killed October 3, aged 25. Malvern XI, 1910-11. Captain of XI at Pembroke Coll., Camb. Brother of Mr. F. T. Mann.

MARRIOTT, 2ND LIEUT. GEOFFREY VAUGHAN (Sherwood Foresters), killed April 21, aged 19. University Coll. School XI for three years. Wounded twice.

MARSDEN, CAPT. J. A. (Royal Engineers), killed July. Royal High School, Edinburgh, XI: captain in 1910 and 1911.

MARSHALL, 2ND LIEUT. HUBERT G. H. (Tank Corps), killed in action September 2, aged 23. Durham School XI, 1914.

METCALFE, CAPT. J. CLIFFORD, Military Cross (R.A.M.C.), died on active service, end of March. At Batley G.C. and Leeds University, a well-known football player and bowler in cricket.

MILN, CAPT. GEORGE GORDON (Cheshire Regt.) Military Cross. Killed April 22, aged 27. King's School, Chester, XI.

MITCHELL, LIEUT.-COL. JAMES THOMSON RANKIN (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders). D.S.O. Died of wounds during the month of April, aged 30. B.A. University College, Oxford. Edinburgh Academy cricket and football teams.

MOGGRIDGE, LIEUT. CHARLES FRANCIS BLAGNEY (Indian Army), killed in action April 10, aged 44. Blundell's School XI and Rugby XV.

MONTGOMERY, 2ND LIEUT. ANDREW GRAHAM (Cameron Highlanders, attd. Seaforths), killed September 6, aged 19. St. Edmund's School, Canterbury, XI.

MOORE, LIEUT. MORGAN EDWARD JELLETT (Royal Irish Rifles). Military Cross. Died of wounds, a prisoner of war, March 26. Was in the Glenalmond XI in 1912 and 1913. Had been wounded twice.

MORGAN, LIEUT. A. J. (Black Watch) died of wounds June 29, aged 21. Dollar Academy XI.

MORRISON, LIEUT. JAMES BOUGH (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, attd. Trench Mortar Battery), died of wounds October 13, aged 26. Had been wounded. Carlton C.C., of Edinburgh.

MORTIS, 2ND LIEUT. ERIC JOHN (Royal Guernsey Light Infantry), killed April 11, aged 19. Queen Elizabeth coll., Guernsey, XI.

MOYES, LIEUT. A. BARCLAY (Cheshire Regt.), killed April. Stirling High School: captain of XI.

NEAME, MAJOR GEOFFREY (R.F.A.) Military Cross. Killed April 2. Cheltenham XI.

NEILSON, CAPT. DONALD F. (Lincoln Regt.) Military Cross. Killed on April 18. St. Bees' School XI, 1909-11; captain of Keble College C.C., 1914.

NEWBERY, PRIVATE EDGAR JOHN (Central Ontario Rifles), born at Arras, July 12, 1877; died after an operation on February 2. Played for the Columbia oval C.C. and the Anglo-American C.C.

NEWSOME, LIEUT. REGINALD HORACE ARTHUR (London Regt.). Military Cross. Died of wounds August 30, aged 29. Merchant Taylors XI, 1908; St. John's coll., Ox., XI.

NICOL, LIEUT. HENRY LADDS (Lord Strathcona's Horse), born at Medicine Hat (Alberta), March 28, 1892; killed April 1. Was a member of St. Andrew's college (Toronto) XI in 1911.

NOVERRE, MAJOR ARTHUR KERR (A.C.S.) Mentioned in Dispatches. Died at a military hospital abroad, April 18, aged 36. Regimental cricket.

OLDRIDGE, 2ND LIEUT. P. H. (R.F.C.), killed January 26, aged 19. Liverpool Collegiate School XI.

OLLIVIER, MAJOR GUY LANCELOT (R.G.A.). Died of wounds January 20, aged 32. Sherborne XI. Played occasionally for R.M.A.

OWEN, LIEUT. IVOR EVAN (Monmouth Regt.), died of wounds May 3, aged 22. Mill Hill School XI, 1913-15; Emmanuel, Cambs.

OWEN, LIEUT. G. C. (South Lancashire Regt.), killed April. Leigh C.C.

PAGE, CAPT. JOHN KENNETH (Royal Warwickshire Regt., attd. Lancashire Fusiliers). Military Cross. Had been wounded. Died of wounds August 30. An old Reptonian; Wolverhampton C.C.

PAGE, 2ND LIEUT. RAYMOND CHAS. (South Staffordshire Regt.), died of illness September 24, aged 41. Bradfield Coll.: capt. of XI; Staffordshire XI.

PAGET, CAPT. SAMUEL JAMES (Norfolk Regt.), eldest son of the Bishop of Stepney, reported missing believed killed, March 26, aged 22. Winchester XI, 1914; was fourth in batting with an average of 30; New College, Oxford.

PARK, LIEUT: F. A. K. (Machine-Gun Corps), killed October. Manchester Grammar School XI.

PARKER, GUNNER ERNEST F. (Australian Expeditionary Force), killed May 2, aged 33. Perth High School XI; St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide, XI. For some years the `star' batsman of Western Australia. Scored 76 and 116 v. South Australia at Fremantle in 1905-6; 26 and 69 v. New South Wales at Perth in 1906-7; and 1 and 117 v. Victoria at Perth in 1909-10. For Rest of Australia v. Australian XI, at Melbourne, in 1908-9, he made 65 and 8. In club cricket he made many hundreds, and in 1902-3 made 1,003 runs, fourteen complete innings for the East Perth C.C., including 246, 199, 172, and 105. He also scored 204 not out for St. Peter's Cell. Old Boys v. Prince Alfred College Old Boys in 1904-5; and 222 not out for Wanderers v. North Perth in 1906-7. He was a great lawn-tennis player, and gave up cricket on account of failing eye-sight.

PARR-DUDLEY, 2ND LIEUT. WALTER (Royal Fusiliers), killed April 5, aged 19. Cranbrook School XI.

PARTRIDGE, CAPT. H. R. (R.A.M.C.) Military Cross and Bar to M.C. Killed July 24, aged 27. Leys School XI.

PAUL, 2ND LIEUT. ERNEST KENNETH MONCRIFF (R.G.A.) Military Cross. Born at Gillingham, in Kent, July, 1897; died of wounds April 18. Marlborough Coll. XI, 1914-15-16: captain of XI in 1916, when he had an average of 41.

PEEL, 2ND LIEUT. AMBROSE ETHELSTON (Bedfordshire Regt.), killed April 27, aged 20. Bedford School XI.

PERSSE, MAJOR HENRY WILFORD (Royal Fusiliers). Wounded twice. Military Cross. Died of wounds June 28. Hampshire 1905-1909 (then going abroad). Was quite a useful bowler for the County.

PLATTS, LIEUT. R. H. (R.G.A.), died of injuries accidentally received, May 31, aged 31. Oundle School. XI, (about 1904-5).

POOLE, CAPT. ARTHUR GEORGE (Gloucester Regt.), died of pneumonia following influenza November 23. Had been wounded and Mentioned in Dispatches. Played in the Eleven at Bristol Grammar School.

PRATT, BRIGADIER-GEN. ERNEST ST. GEORGE (Inspector of Infantry), C.B., D.S.O. Died in London November 24. Played for Aldershot Command, Durham Light Infantry, and other Army sides.

PREESTON, 2ND LIEUT. PHILIP SOUTHWELL, killed on March 28, aged 34. Felsted XI, 1900. Wounded in September, 1917.

PRIDMORE, MAJOR REGINALD G. (R.F.A., Howitzer). Military Cross. Killed March 13, aged 31. Hertfordshire XI; Warwickshire XI.

RAMIER, CAPT. L. S. (Indian Medical Service), M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., died at the 3rd London Hospital, Wandsworth, end of August, aged 25, from tuberculosis contracted while in charge of the section of an Indian War Hospital abroad, devoted to tubercular cases. Madras Medical College, where he was for two years captain of the cricket team.

RANDALL, CAPT. GUY PHILIP (King's Own Scottish Borderers). Military Cross, killed September 18, aged 21. Merchant Taylors XI, 1913.

RAWSON, CAPT. ARTHUR (Yeomanry, attd. Black Watch). Mentioned in Dispatches. Killed October, aged 28. Royal High School, Edinburgh, XI.

REID, LIEUT G. M. (London Regt.), killed in May, Charterhouse XI.

ROBINSON, MAJOR NOEL STAFFORD (R.F.A.). Had been wounded. Died of wounds August 2, aged 35. Leys School and Bedford Grammar XI.

ROBINSON, LIEUT. RALPH (R.N.A.S.), killed in April. Wellingborough Grammar School XI.

ROBSON, LIEUT.-COL. FRANK WILLIAM (Yorks. Regt., attd. Durham Light Infantry). D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Had been wounded. Killed (? date); aged 30. Yorkshire Gentlemen's C.C. Played Hockey for Yorkshire.

ROBSON, LIEUT.-COL. FREDERICK WILLIAM (Yorks. Regt.) D.S.O. Killed beginning of April, aged 30. Educated at Pocklington G.S. and London University. Member of the Yorks. Gentlemen's C.C., and Yorks. County Hockey Team. Slightly wounded at the battle of St. Julien.

ROSS, LIEUT.-COL. HUGH ALEXANDER (Gordon Highlanders) D.S.O., Montenegrin Order of Danlio, 4th Class. Killed October 27. Loretto XI, 1898-1900.

RUCKER, LIEUT. ROBIN SINCLAIR (R.A.F.), died of wounds October 12, aged 19. Charterhouse XI, 1915 and 1916. Played an innings of 122 not out and headed the averages in 1915.

SALE, LIEUT. RICHARD LAUDER (Household Cavalry), died of wounds January 15, aged 30. Clifton Coll. XI.

SAMSON, LIEUT. OSWALD MASSEY (R.G.A.), died of wounds September 17, aged 37. Cheltenham XI; Oxford XI 1903, when he scored 8 and not out 32 against Cambridge at Lord's; Somerset XI.

SAMUEL, LIEUT. WILFRID GILBERT (Suffolk Regt., attd. Bedfordshire Regt.), killed September 21, aged 28. Ipswich Grammar School XI.

SCHWARZ, MAJOR R. O. (8th K.R.R.C.) Military Cross. Died of influenza, in France, November 18.

Major Schwarz, as every one knows, was famous as a slow bowler. Few men did so much to establish the reputation of South African cricket. He learnt the game in England and played for Middlesex before going to South Africa. In those early days, however, he did not make any great mark. His fame began when he returned to this country with the South African team of 1904. Studying very carefully the method of B. J. T. Bosanquet, he acquired, and afterwards carried to a high standard, the art of bowling off breaks with, to all appearance, a leg-break action. He did very well in 1904, but his success that year was only a foretaste of far greater things to come. In the brilliant tour of 1907 he and Vogler and G. A. Faulkner raised South African cricket to the highest pitch it has ever reached. He was less successful than his two comrades in the Test Matches against England, but for the whole tour he was easily first in bowling, taking 143 wickets at a cost of 11½ runs each. He proved rather disappointing in Australia, and in the Triangular Tournament in this country in 1912 he failed. Before going to South Africa Schwarz was an International half-back at Rugby football, playing against Scotland in 1899 and against Wales and Ireland two seasons later. He also played for Cambridge against Oxford in 1893. He was born on May 4, 1875, and was educated at St. Paul's School. Inasmuch as he always made the ball turn from the off and had no leg break Schwarz was not in the strict sense of the word a googly bowler, and was in this respect inferior to his colleagues Volger and Faulkner. Still, when at his best, he was a truly formidable opponent, his accuracy of length in the season of 1907, in combination with such a big break, being extraordinary.

The writer of the obituary notice in the Times said: Personally `Reggie' Schwarz was a man of exceptional charm, and his untimely death will bring real sorrow to his hosts of friends in many parts of the world. He had the great gift of absolute modesty and self-effacement. No one meeting him casually would ever have guessed the renown he had won in the world of sport. Quiet, almost retiring, in manner; without the least trace of side; and with a peculiarly attractive voice and way of speaking, Schwarz impelled and commanded the affection even of acquaintances. During his years in South Africa he was secretary to Sir Abe Bailey--a post which his social gifts enabled him to fill with remarkable success. Before coming to Europe for service in France, he had won distinction in the campaign in German South-west Africa. All who knew him knew that at the first possible opportunity he would be in the field in France, quietly and unostentatiously devoting all his gifts--gifts that were bound to ensure his success as an officer--to the service of his country. He had been wounded twice.--S.H.P.

SETTLE, LIEUT.-COL. REGINALD HENRY NAPIER (Hussars, attd. Machine-gun Corps). Military Cross, D.S.O. Had been wounded. Killed March 24, aged 26. Regimental cricket.

SHAW, ACTING LIEUT.-COL. ROBERT EDWARD FREDERIC, Military Cross (London Regt. Kensingtons), killed in action August 25th, aged 26, Severely wounded May, 1915; wounded a second time September, 1916; a third time, October, 1917. Forest School XI, 1908 to 1910; Keble College, Oxford.

SHAW, 2ND LIEUT. WILFRED ROBERT (Bedfordshire Regt.), born November 17, 1897; killed March 23. Captain of the XI at Borlase School, Marlow.

SHEET, LIEUT. JOHN RICHARD (Royal West Surrey Regt.). Had been wounded. Born 1897; killed April 27. Captain of the XI at St. George's Coll., Guildford.

SHRAPNEL, CAPT. VICTOR GEORGE FLEETWOOD (East Surrey Regt.), killed March 23, aged 20. Captain for the three years of the XI at Wilson's Grammar School, Camberwell.

SIMPKINS, CAPT. H. H. (Yorkshire Regt.), killed about end of March. In the XI at King Edward's School, bath. Headed the batting in 1913.

SLOANE-STANLEY, CAPT. HUMPHREY HENRY (Grenadier Guards). Military Cross. Killed April 13, aged 24. Haileybury.

SMITH, LIEUT. R.E. (R.A.F.), killed April. Edinburgh Academy XI, 1899 and 1900.

SOMERS-COX, CAPT. REGINALD (Somerset Light Infantry). Military Cross. Killed April 24, aged 23. In the XI of the Agricultural College, at Aspatria.

SPINK, LIEUT. ERIC MONK (North Staffs. Regt.), killed September 14. Was in the St. Bees' XI in 1913.

STANGE, CAPT. GEO. NUGENT (Lancashire Fusiliers). Military Cross. Killed October 27, aged 21. King's College School XI.

STAUNTON, REV. HARVEY (Chaplain to the Forces), of Staunton Hall, Notts, died on service in Mesopotamia, January 14, aged 45, Selwyn Coll., Camb., XI; Notts County XI, 1903-4-5. To Notts people he was perhaps best known as a member of the county cricket team, for whom he played fairly regularly from 1903 to 1905, inclusive. A batsman of the punishing type, his highest innings was against Middlesex at Trent Bridge in 1904, when he scored 78, and one of the notable features of his brief career in county cricket occurred at Gravesend in a match with Kent. More than one of the Notts batsmen had had a blow on the body from the fast bowling of Fielder, and Mr. Staunton was violently struck on the knee by an extra speedy ball. His revenge was to despatch the four succeeding deliveries to the boundary!

STEPHENSON, MAJOR DEREK CHARLES (R.H.A.) Military Cross, D.S.O. Had been wounded. Mentioned in dispatches twice. Killed March 23, aged 30. An old Etonian; played for I.Z., M.C.C., and Suffolk Borderers.

STONE, CAPT. NOEL HERBERT (Worcester Regt) Military Cross. Wounded twice. Killed April 27, aged 22. Malvern XI, 1914.

STONEY, 2ND LIEUT. THOMAS RAMSAY (King's Own Scottish Borderers), killed April 10, aged 25. Wellington Coll.; Freshmen and Seniors at Camb., Pembroke Coll., Camb., XI.

STRANGER, 2ND LIEUT. GEORGE JAS.(Royal Guernsey Light Infantry), killed April 11, aged 24. Borlase School, Marlow, two years.

STRANGER, CAPT. H. E. K. (Royal Guernsey Light Infantry). Military Cross. Died of wounds May 11: In the XI for five years at Borlase School, Marlow, and captain of the XI for three.

SUMMERHAYES, CAPT. J. A. (Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers), killed August 27, aged 19. St. Lawrence Coll., Ramsgate, XI.

SYKES, LIEUT. FRANK WILLIAM (R.F.A.), killed March 14, aged 25 Captain of XI at Giggleswick Grammar School.

TATHAM, CAPT. GEOFFREY BULMER (Rifle Brigade attd. staff). Military Cross. Killed March 30, aged 34. Trinity Coll, XI, at Cambs.

TAYLOR, 2ND LIEUT. GEOFFREY ENGLAND (R.F.A.), died of wounds September 26, aged 20. Captain of XI at Chigwell School.

TAYLOR, BRIG.-GEN. STUART CAMPBELL, D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches twice. Had been wounded. Born 1872; died of wounds October 11. Played for the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry XI.

TEMPEST-HICKS, CAPT. CHARLES EDWARD (Lancers). Military Cross. Mentioned in dispatches. Wounded twice. Croix de Guerre. Died of wounds August 10. An old Harrovian, played for Sandhurst v. Woolwich in 1908; M.C.C.; I.Z.; Free Foresters: Regimental cricket.

TENNENT, MAJOR BERNARD CHARLES (R.A.M.C.) Military Cross and Bar to M.C. Killed August 22. Edinburgh University XI. Mentioned in Dispatches.

TENNYSON, CAPT. HON. ALFRED AUBREY (Rifle Brigade), born 1891; killed March. Trinity Coll., Camb., XI. A brother of the Hon. L. H. Tennyson.

THOMAS, CAPT. ARTHUR LAURIE (London Regt.), died of wounds August 30, aged 23. Three years in the XI at St. Dunstan's College, Catford.

THOMAS, LIEUT. DAVID CECIL SANBY (Welsh regt., attd. R.F.C.), killed February 17. King's School, Worcester, XI.

THOMAS, LIEUT. TREVOR SANBY (Welsh Regt., attd. Manchester Regt.), born April 17, 1897; killed April 7. King's School, Worcester XI.

THOMPSON, LIEUT.-COL. W. D. MANN (Household Cavalry), died October 22, at Scalford Hall, Melton Mowbray. Household Brigade XI.

THORNE, LIEUT. ARTHUR BURRELL (R.F.A., attd. R.A.F.) Had been wounded. Born 1895; killed May 8, a result of a collision in the air while engaged in instructing a class in flying. Haileybury XI, 1912 and 1913.

TINLEY, CAPT. NICHOLAS LECHMERE (American red Cross), born at Orange (N.J.), January 29, 1894; died in hospital in France, September 17. He played for Harvard University from 1903 to 1906.

TOSETTI, MAJOR DOUGLAS (Royal Berkshire Regt.) Had been wounded. Killed March 21. Essex XI.

TRAYES, 2ND LIEUT. FREDERIC KENNETT JACKSON (Cheshire Regt.), born April 1898; killed March 23. Aldenham School XI, 1915 and 1916.

TRENCH, SERGT ARCHER ROBERT ROBINSON (Canadian Field Artillery), accidentally drowned in Cannada on June 1, aged 32. He was a member of the Staten Island C.C.

TROTTER, LIEUT. CLAUDE HANDLEY (Alberta Regt., attd. R.A.F.), accidentally killed whilst flying October 13, aged 23. Galway Grammar School XI.

TRUEMAN, LIEUT.-COL. ARTHUR PHILIP HAMILTON (The Buffs, commanding a battalion of the Northumberland Fusiliers), died of pneumonia following influenza, November 26, aged 38. Played much Army cricket, including Regimental and for the Staff College.

TRUMAN, 2ND LIEUT. T. A. (A.S.C.), died of pneumonia and peritonitis September 13. Played a few times for Gloucestershire.

TWIGG, CAPT. F. W. (Northants. Regt.), born November, 1884; killed September 24, aged 33. Repton XI, 1901 and 1902; Staffordshire XI.

TYLDESLEY, LIEUT. W. K. (Loyal North Lancs. Regt.), born 1887; killed April 25. Lancashire: first match, 1908. Highest score 152 v. Derbyshire at Derby.

URE, CAPT. IAN, Military Cross (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders), was killed in action beginning of February. Loretto XI, 1902-03.

VINT, CAPT. WILLIAM PERCIVAL (Machine-Gun Corps.), killed August 5, aged 33. Bedford Grammar School XI, about 1901-02.

VON POELLNITZ, MAJOR HERMAN WALTER (R.A.F., attd. Lincolnshire Regt.), died May 11, as result of motor accident, aged 27. Old Reptonian; and captain of XI at Sandhurst. Had been wounded.

WALDEGRAVE, 2ND LIEUT. EDMUND JOHN (R.F.A.)., killed in action, August 10, aged 19. Marlborough XI, 1915-17 (captain).

WALFORD, CAPT. HAMILTON STEWART (Worcestershire Regt.), killed May 27, aged 33. Tonbridge School XI: headed batting averages.

WALKER, CAPT. J. S. D. (Australian Imperial Force). Military Cross. Had been wounded. Sydney grammar School XI, Sydney University XI. Good all-round cricketer.

WALKER, CAPT. ROGER BEVERLEY (Yeomanry attd. West Yorkshire Regt.), died of wounds, November 13, aged 32. Was in the Eleven while at Wellington. Military Cross.

WALPOLE, LIEUT. HORATIO SPENCER (Coldstream Guards). Had been wounded. Killed April 9, aged 36. Kent 2nd XI. His name was formerly Vale Walpole, and he was heir-presumptive to two baronies.

WARD, CAPT. MAURICE A. (Lancashire Fusiliers). Military Cross. Died of wounds April 10. St. Paul's XI, 1912, 1913.

WARD, CAPT. WALTER D. (Hants. Regt.), accidentally killed September 4, aged 36. Blundell's School XI, 1900-01; Sidney Sussex Coll., Camb., XI.

WARMAN, LIEUT. EDGAR LESLIE (R.M.A.) killed August 8, aged 38. Bradfield Coll. XI, about 1896-98.

WATKINS, LIEUT. M. H. (R.F.A.), killed September 18. Monmouth Grammar School XI.

WATSON, LIEUT. COL. O. C. SPENCER (Yeomanry, attd. K.O.Y.L.I.), D.S.O. Had been wounded. Killed March 28. St. Paul's School: captain of XI in 1895.

WATT, LIEUT. PERCY B. (M.G.C.), killed April. Watson's College XI.

WATT, LIEUT. P. D. (Gordon Highlanders, attd. M.G.C.), killed on April 14, aged 24. In the Watson's College XI for several seasons, and afterwards played for the Watsonians.

WATTS, 2ND LIEUT. ROBIN KENELM (Royal West Kent Regt.), killed August 23, aged 19. Regimental cricket.

WEBB, CAPT. JACK PURNELL (Gloucestershire Regt.), died of wounds, August 22, aged 25. Bristol Grammer School XI; Jesus Col., Ox., XI.

WELLS, LIEUT. CHARLES DOUGLAS (R.A.F.). Military Cross. Mentioned in Dispatches. Gresham School, Holt, XI.

WELLS-COLE, MAJOR NEVILLE WILLIAM (R.H.A.), born 1891; killed January 6. Winchester XI: Woolwich XI; Lincolnshire XI (1st match for county when aged 17). Played at Lord's for R.A. and R E., M.C.C. An excellent left-hand bowler. Son of the late G. F.Wells-Cole.

WEST, LIEUT. ALAN HERBERT MAINWARING (Indian Infantry), died of wounds accidentally received, January 7, aged 20. Oundle: captain of XI. Headed both averages in 1915.

WESTLAKE, LIEUT. ALBERT NEAVE (North Staffs. Regt., attd. R.F.C.), killed January 4, aged 24. For three years in the Shrewsbury XI, 1910-12.

WHITE, GORDON C., the well-known South African cricketer, died of wounds in October. Born on February 5, 1882, he was in his thirty-seventh year. Gordon White did much to establish the fame of South African cricket, but in England he never quite came up to the reputation he enjoyed at home as a batsman. He came here in 1904 and 1907, and visited us for the third time with the team that took part in the Triangular Tournament in 1912. In the tour of 1904 he scored in all matches 937 runs with an average of 30, his highest innings being 115 against Notts at Trent Bridge. For the great team of 1907, though he scored 162 not out against Gloucestershire at Bristol, he was disappointing as a batsman, the soft wickets being quite unsuited to his fine off-side hitting, but he bowled leg breaks with marked success, taking 72 wickets at a cost of just under 13 runs each. In 1912 he did not do himself justice as a batsman, and as a bowler he failed. He took part in five of the half-dozen Test Matches, his best score being 59 not out in the drawn game against Australia at Nottingham. When getting runs, Gordon White always looked to be a first-rate batsman, his style of play being very free and attractive.

WHITEHEAD, LIEUT. GEORGE WILLIAM EDENDALE (R.F.A., attached R.A.F.), born 1895, killed on October 17. Among the many public school cricketers lost during the war perhaps none, except John Howell of Repton, had better prospects of winning distinction at the game than George Whitehead. In the Clifton College XI for four years--he was captain in 1913 and 1914--he had a brilliant record at school. Starting in 1911 he was third in batting with an average of 33, and in the following year he did still better, playing a remarkable innings of 259 not out against Liverpool and averaging 41. Moreover he took fourteen wickets with a fairly good average. Against Cheltenham he played a first innings of 63. In his two years as captain he was conspicuously successful, heading the batting in both seasons with averages of 46 in 1913 and 40 in 1914. He also bowled well, especially in 1914, when he took thirty-six wickets for a trifle over 13 runs apiece. He played three times at Lords for Public Schools against the M.C.C., and in 1914 he was given a couple of trials for Kent.

An old Cliftonian writes:--

Goerge Whitehead was a perfect flower of the public schools. He was not limited to athletics only, great though he was in this respect. Intellectually he was far above the average, and was as happy with a good book as when he was scoring centuries. His ideals were singularly high and though gentle and broad-minded, he always stood uncompromisingly for all that was clean. So modest was he, that strangers sometimes failed to realize his worth. He insisted on being transferred to the Royal Air Force from the R.F.A., fully appreciating the risks, because he knew of his country's then urgent need of air-men and so he died, greatly patriotic. Clifton has lost more than 500 of her sons in the war. She is proud of every one of them, but of none more than of this very perfect gentleman.

WHITEHEAD, CAPT. PERCY NEIL (R.E.). Military Cross. Killed on March 21, aged 30. Badly wounded at Fricourt, 1916. Charterhouse and Clare, where he gained college colours for cricket and association football. Half-blue for boxing at Oxford.

WHYTE, LIEUT. R. (Royal Scots), killed about April 27. Dollar Academy XI.

WIDDOP. LIEUT. ARTHUR NORMAN (The Buffs), killed September, aged 29. Captain of XI at Lancaster Grammar School.

WILEY, LIEUT. EVELYN OTWAY SCARLETT (Durham Light Infantry), died of pneumonia following influenza, November 8, aged 25. Bedford Modern School XI.

WILLIAMS, CAPT. A. IFOR M. (Royal Welsh Fusiliers), died of wounds October 9, aged 22. Highgate School XI.

WILLIAMS, LIEUT. ROBERT LUKYN (Indian Army), born 1892; killed October 27. Bedford Grammar School XI, 1910.

WILSON, 2ND LIEUT HUMPHREY HAMILTON (R.F.C.), killed February 19. Weymouth Coll. XI (about 1914-15).

WILSON, T. BONOTE (Royal Fusiliers), died of wounds August 24. T. B. Wilson, a younger brother of the Harrow and Cambridge cricketer, F. B. Wilson, was in the Harrow XI in 1910 and 1911, being on the losing side both years. He did very well at Lord's, scoring 53 and 0 in the memorable match in 1910 when Harrow in their second innings went down before Fowler's bowling for a total of 45, and playing two excellent innings of 42 and 45 in 1911. Like his brother he went up to Cambridge after leaving Harrow, but though he scored 59 in the Freshmen's match of 1912, he never succeeded in getting his Blue. He was essentially a steady batsman.

WINNINGTON, LIEUT.-COL. J. F. S. (Worces. Regt. attd. Northants. Regt.). D.S.O. Mentioned in Dispatches four times. Died of wounds September 22, aged 42. Regimental cricket; Gentlemen of Worcestershire.

WOLSTENCROFT, 2ND LIEUT. W. H. B. (Royal Scots Fusiliers), killed on April 12, aged 19. Hurstpierpoint XI, 1915-16.

WOOD, LIEUT. ERNEST RICHARD GARDNER (North Staffordshire Regt.), killed July 20, aged 21. Radley XI.

WOOD, LIEUT. PATRICK BRYAN SANDFORD (R.A.F.), killed May 24, aged 19. Rossall XI.

WORSTER, CAPT FRANK COPELAND (Worcestershire Regt.) Had been wounded. Died of wounds May 30, aged 29. Whitgift grammar School XI.

WRIGHT, CAPTAIN AND BRIGADE MAJOR EGERTON LOWNES (Oxfordshire and Bucks. Light Infantry; General Staff Officer, Third Grade), born November 15th, 1885, killed May 11. E. L. Wright had quite a brilliant career as a cricketer, being four years in the Winchester and four years in the Oxford XI. In his first season for Winchester in 1901, being then a boy of sixteen, he played an innings of 113 against Eton, and came out second in the college batting with an average of 34. In 1902 he was by no means so successful, but in 1903 he averaged 24 and in 1904 he finished up splendidly with an average of 50, and with an innings of 53 not out had a big share in beating Eton by eight wickets. He was captain in his two last years. At Oxford he began well, heading the batting in 1905 with an average of 31 and scoring 95 and 26 against Cambridge at Lord's. The following year he was not quite so good, but he again came off at Lord's, playing a brilliant second innings of 79. In 1907 and again in 1908 he was captain of the XI. The side had a very bad season in 1907, only winning one match out of nine, but Wright himself with an average of 30 was second to G. N. Foster in batting. Against Cambridge he scored 4 and 48. He finished up badly as a batsman at Oxford in 1908, being lower in the batting list than in any of his previous seasons. Still he had the satisfaction of seeing Oxford beat Cambridge by two wickets, and had something to do with the victory, scoring 37 in the last innings. He was tried for the Lancashire XI, and apart from cricket won his Blue at Oxford for Association Football.

WRIGHT, LIEUT HENRY ROBERT LINDSAY (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in Toronto, May 30, 1896, died of wounds, August 28. He was captain of the Eleven at St. Andrew's College (Toronto), in 1914.

WRIGHT, 2ND LIEUT. V. A. (Royal Warwickshire Regt.), killed May. Birmingham and District cricket.

WYATT-SMITH, 2ND LIEUT. JOHN DRUMMOND (General List and R.F.C.), killed March 17, aged 19. Sherborne XI. In 1917 he took 39 wickets at a cost of less than 6½ runs each, and had a batting average of 24.

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