Obituaries during the war, 1917

These particulars did not come to hand in time to be included in WISDEN for 1918.

ANSON, 2ND LIEUT. NIGEL F. E., M.C. (King's Royal Rifle Corps), born March 1, 1897; killed July 10, 1917. Eton XI. Fast bowler and forcing bat. Wounded twice.

BLACK, FLIGHT, SUB.-LIEUT. NORMAN (R.N.), died of wounds October 12, 1917. Christ's Hospital. Captain of XI about 1915.

BROWN, CAPT. RICHARD AUSTIN (Canadian Expeditionary Force). Military Cross. Born at Toronto October 21, 1896; died of wounds November 14, 1917. In XI at St. Andrew's College, Toronto, in 1914.

CANE, 2ND LIEUT. MAURICE (Royal Field Artillery), born in 1882; killed in 1917. Was a member of the Victoria C.C. of British Columbia.

CASEY, MAJOR WILLIAM ARCHER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Fingal (Ont.), April 14, 1887; killed in 1917. A member of the Victoria C.C. of British Columbia.

CASSWELL, LIEUT. ERIC DENISON SEYMOUR (Rifle Brigade, attd. R.F.C.) Wounded twice. Killed November 7, 1917, aged 23. Tonbridge School XI.

CATTLEY, MAJOR CYRIL FRANCIS (The Buffs). Military Cross. Killed November 30, 1917, aged 29. Oxford Seniors 1910.

CAVE, GUNNER LEONARD P. ( New Zealand Expeditionary Force), died of wounds, 1917. Wanganni College XI. Played for Wanganni and in West Coast cricket. The best of six cricketing brothers. Fast bowler, brilliant field, and steady bat.

CHARSLEY, MAJOR REGINALD BURTON (King's Liverpool Regt.) Wounded twice. Mentioned in Dispatches four times. Killed November 30, 1917. Dover College XI; Regimental cricket and Lahore Gymkhana XI.

COLLINS, LIEUT. FRED BISSET, born February 25, 1881; killed October, 1917. Scotch Coll. ( Melbourne) XI. East Melbourne C.C. XI from 1898-9 onwards, his bowling summary for the Club being 15,039 balls, 5,896 runs, 422 wickets, average 13. Played for Victoria 1899-00to 1908-9. In inter-State games took 122 wickets for 3,267 runs, and against English sides 20 wickets for 420. Gave up cricket early owing to a strain. Excellent slip, useful bat, and bowled medium pace, with big off-break and a deceptive flight. Could bowl a really fast ball. Height 6ft. 1in.

COTTER, ALBERT B., killed at Beersheba, October 20, 1917. New South Wales and Australia.

Albert Cotter was the successor to Ernest Jones as Australia's fast bowler, coming to England with the teams of 1905 and 1909. His first trip was not an unqualified success. It is true that in all matches he took 124 wickets for less than 20 runs apiece, but up to a certain point of the tour he had so little command over his length that his bowling was a quaint mixture of long hops and full pitches. Still, irregular as he was, his extreme pace often made him dangerous. He gained greatly in command over the ball when he shortened his run and in the last Test Match, at the Oval, he bowled splendidly on a perfect wicket, his pace being terrific. In 1909 his bowling came out very badly for the whole tour, but he had a big share in winning the Test match at Leeds, taking five wickets in England's second innings at a cost of only 38 runs. For several seasons Cotter was the fast bowler of the New South Wales XI. He will never be ranked among the great Australian bowlers, but on his day he was deadly.--S.H.P.

Some of his best performances were:

4 wickets for 5 runs, N.S W. v. Queensland, at Brisbane, 1903-4. 7 for 15 and 12 for 34, Australia v. Worcestershire, at Worcester. 1905.

Took four wickets in four balls for Glebe v. Sydney, at Wentworth Park, April 29, 1911.

COWIE, 2ND LIEUT. GEORGE (R.F.C.), killed October 22, 1917, aged 18. Rugby XI.

DOBBIE, CAPT. JOHN SHEDDON (Gordon Highlanders), born July 25, 1894; killed October 5, 1917. Weymouth College XI (Nova Scotia), 1909 and 1910. Captain of XI at Highfield School (Hamilton, Ont.), in 1913.

FFOLKES, 2ND LIEUT. WILLIAM RUPERT COMPTON (K.R.R.C.), killed in action December 30, 1917; born 1898. Radley XI, 1916.

FINLAYSON, LIEUT RODERICK HAMILTON (Canadian Expeditionary Force), (born at Lochiel, South Australia); died of wounds April 20, 1917. A member of the Incogniti C.C., of Victoria (B.C.)

GANDAR-DOWER, 2ND LIEUT. LEONARD FRANCIS (H.A.C.), killed May 3, 1917, aged 27. Brighton College XI.

GATES, LIEUT. ALAN FERRIEN (R.F.C.), born at London (Ont.), June 11, 1896; killed August 21, 1917. Was a member of the Ridley College (Ont.) XI in 1914.

GEHRS, CAPT. LAWRENCE (Seaforth Highlanders), killed October, 1917. Charterhouse 1909-10-11. Trinity College XI, at Cambridge. Played Association football for Cambridge.

GORRELL, MAJOR THE RT. HON. LORD(HENRY GORELL-BARNES), ( Royal Artillery). Born January 21, 1882: killed January 16, 1917. D.S.O., and had been Mentioned in Dispatches. Was a member of the Harvard University XI.

HALL, LIEUT. ALLAN BERNARD (East Yorks. Regt.), killed May 3, 1917, aged 23. Uppingham XI, 1911 and 1912.

HILLS, 2ND LIEUT. ARTHUR HYDE (Hampshire Regt.), killed on April 19, 1917, aged 34. Aldenham XI and Football XI. Gonville and Caius College.

LAING, 2ND LIEUT. DARQ (R.F.C.), posted as missing October 24, 1917, and now reported killed in action on that date. Aged 20. Loretto XI, 1915. An all-round athlete. Played football and hockey; and was the finest golfer seen at Loretto since the days of J. E. Laidley.

LANHAM, PRIVATE ALBERT EDWARD (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born in London, killed October 30, 1917. Played for the East Kildonan C.C. of Winnipeg.

MARJORIBANKS, 2ND LIEUT. MARMADUKE EDWARD (Northumberland Fusiliers), killed November 21, 1917, aged 20. Glenalmond XI, 1914-15-16. Pretty bat and good wicket-keeper.

MILNE, CAPT. JAMES GORDON (Highland Light Infantry), killed August 8, 1917. West of Scotland C.C.

MISKIN, MAJOR MAURICE JAMES (Tank Corps). Military Cross. Killed October 17. King's School, Rochester, XI; Freshmen at Oxford, 1911.

MONTAGNOW, LIEUT. BERNHARD (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Cheltenham October 28, 1889; died of wounds November 14, 1917. Highfield School, Hamilton, XI, 1913 to 1915. Useful all-round.

MOULE, CAPT. FRED G. (Australain Imperial Force), died of wounds in October, 1917. Melbourne Church of England Grammar School XI; played for St. Kilda C.C., and headed the club's bowling in season 1914-15. Bowled left-hand. Nephew of W. H. Moule of the second Australian team in England.

MUIR, LIEUT. A. R. (Australian Imperial Force). Military Cross. Killed October 13, 1917. Newington College, Sydney, XI; Sydney University XI. A fine bat.

NOSWORTHY, LIEUT. ALFRED JAMES (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Ingersoll (Ont.), May 3, 1887, killed March 29, 1917. In 1903 was a member of the XI at Ridley College (Ont.)

PASSINGHAM, CAPT. EDWARD GEORGE, Military Cross (Northumberland Fusiliers), reported missing May 3, 1917, now presumed to have been killed in action, aged 22. Eastbourne College XI, 1913; Jesus Coll., Cambs.

ROBINSON, 2ND LIEUT. RALPH HUBERT (Rifle Brigade: late Royal Fusiliers). Military Medal. Killed August 23, 1917. Essex.

SAVILLE, CAPT. CLIFFORD ALLEN (East Yorks. Regt.), killed in a raid November 8, 1917, aged 25. Played for Middlesex 1914. Born February 5, 1892. He played in three matches for Middlesex in the season of 1914, but met with little success, scoring only 57 runs in five innings.

SAVORY, 2ND LIEUT. ERNEST HARLEY (Royal West Surrey Regt.), killed August 10, 1917, aged 20. Lancing Coll. XI for two years.

SMITH, 2ND LIEUT. WILLIAM REGINALD STINSTON (R.F.C.), died of wounds October, 1917, aged 19. Shrewsbury School XI.

SPENCE, MAJOR FRANCIS ROBERT (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Belleville (Ont.) Feb 17, 1881; killed August 18, 1917. Was in the Ridley College XI (Ont.) in 1895.

TAYLOR, 2ND LIEUT. B. A. (Machine Gun Corps), reported missing in November 1917, is now stated to have been killed in action at that date. Was well known in Derbyshire cricketing circles as an amateur. Brother of Capt. W. T. Taylor, secretary of the Derbyshire C.C.

THOMSON, CAPT. ALAN GRAHAM (Royal Scots), killed September 26, 1917. Edinburgh Academy XI, two years. Just failed to get his blue for golf at Oxford.

THOMSON, LIEUT. HENRY RICHARD (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Hamilton (Ont.), May 30, 1894; died of wounds October 25, 1917. Captain of Highfield School ( Hamilton) XI in 1914.

THURGAR, CAPT. RALPH WILLIAM (Norfolk Regt.), Military Cross. Killed April 19, 1917 (when reported wounded and missing), aged 27. Norwich Grammar School XI; Norfolk XI. His first game for the county was in 1907, but he did not appear regularly until 1910. When scoring 155 v. Cambridgeshire, at Cambridge, he and R. F. Popham made 197 for the first wicket. Always a good bat, he developed into a very sound wicket-keeper. Kept goal for Norfolk at football.

TRIMMER, CAPT ALFRED SYER (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Burks Fall (Ont.), Oct. 2, 1883; killed May 4, 1917. In 1901 was a member of the Ridley College XI, of Ontario.

VICKERS, CAPT. CHARLES GOLDTHORPE (York and Lancaster Regt.), killed in action November 22, 1917. Repton XI, 1907. Had a high reputation as a fast bowler.

WAIT, LIEUT, HERBERT A. V. (Royal Berkshire Regt.), reported missing on December 2, 1917, now reported killed at Passchendaele on that date, aged 19. Oakham School XI, 1914-15.

WAUDE, LIEUT SIDNEY (Alberta Regt), killed May 31, 1917. Was a member of the Hillhurst C.C., of Calgary (Alberta).

WILLIAMSON, PRIVATE ALBERT (Canadian Expeditionary Force), born at Bath, November 24, 1878; killed December, 1917. He was a member of the Havaimo C.C. of British Columbia.

WILSON, PTE. ARTHUR JAMESs (Royal Fusiliers), killed July 1, 1917, aged 30. Glenalmond XI, 1904.

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