Obituaries in 1956

GARRARD, MR. WILSON ROZIERE, who died at Auckland on June 2, 1956, aged 56, played as wicket-keeper for New Zealand in 1924-25. Unfortunate to be contemporary with R. W. Rountree, who kept wicket for New Zealand, he made only eleven appearances for Auckland. A member of the legal profession, he was compelled by business claims to end his representative cricket career at the age of 26.

LAMBERT, MR. ROBERT H., who died on March 24, 1956, aged 81, was the best all-rounder produced by Ireland, for whom he played 52 times between 1893 and 1930, scoring 1,995 runs, including four centuries, average 27.70, taking 179 wickets for 18.35 runs each and holding 41 catches. He captained his country on thirteen occasions. He enjoyed his greatest success towards the close of last century when in each of three successive seasons he scored over 2,000 runs and took more than 200 wickets. He hit his 100th three-figure innings at the age of 59. At the invitation of Dr. W. G. Grace he made several appearances for London County. After his playing days ended, Lambert served for many years as an Irish selector and was twice President of the Irish Cricket Union. He was also an International badminton player and held the Irish Championship in 1911.

MILLS, MR. ISAAC who, died at Auckland on August 16, 1956, aged 87, was a member of the first New Zealand representative team to tour Australia in 1898-99. Born in Kent, he was taken to New Zealand in his sixth year. He and three of his brothers played for Auckland and he and his brother, George, for New Zealand.

NESER, MR. JUSTICE V. H. Regarding the obituary which appeared in the 1957 Almanack, Mr. A. S. Frames, Secretary of the South African Cricket Association, writes: The late Mr. Neser captained South Africa in all five Test matches in 1924-25 against Mr. S. B. Joel's touring side. Colours were not granted, but this was probably the most outstanding feature of Mr. Neser's cricket career in South Africa.

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