Eighth Match

West Indies v Bangladesh

At Southampton, September 15. West Indies won by 138 runs. West Indies 2 pts. Toss: Bangladesh.

Bangladesh were dumped out of the competition with an ease that disappointed their few hundred noisy fans, who entertained vague hopes of an upset. West Indies had just suffered humiliation in the Test series against England, but five new arrivals brought some vim: Hinds took part in an opening stand of 192; the tall Dillon took a career-best five for 29; and Darren Sammy began his international career (his "debut", also on this ground during the NatWest Series in July, had been a total washout) with two stunning catches, and three in total. However, Bangladesh had started the day tidily with the ball, even if they failed to break through: Gayle, who eventually feathered behind on 99, and Hinds were stubborn, lasting 40 overs thanks to three fumbled catches, but never commanding. By contrast, Lara was lordly. Only once had Bangladesh made as many as the 270 they needed now, and Dillon kept it that way, helping reduce a compliant top order to 26 for five.

Man of the Match: C. H. Gayle. Attendance: 1,500.

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