Twenty-20 International

New Zealand v West Indies, 2005-06

Don Cameron

At Auckland, February 16, 2006 (day/night). New Zealand won 3-0 on a bowl-out after the match was tied. Toss: New Zealand. Twenty20 international debuts: J. E. C. Franklin, P. G. Fulton, L. Vincent; West Indies (all).

Early in 2005 some 23,000 Aucklanders were introduced to blitzkrieg cricket as the Australians overpowered New Zealand in the world's first Twenty20 international. There was another huge turn-out this time, but the cricket was more like trench warfare, and both sides ended up with 126, after New Zealand's ninth-wicket pair clouted 16 from the last over. As the disappointed crowd started to file out they were halted by the news that the tie would be broken by a bowlout - five players from each side bowling two balls each. Suddenly the evening took a madcap turn. The first six bowlers (Astle, Patel and Cairns for New Zealand; Smith, Gayle and Taylor for West Indies) could not achieve what all the spectators thought was the simple task of hitting the unprotected stumps. Then Bond hit the stumps twice: Bradshaw missed twice and, amid general hysteria, Styris slotted home the winner. The New Zealanders, again wearing their retro '80s beige outfits, were persuaded against a lap of honour.

Man of the Match: D. R. Smith. Attendance: 22,775.

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