Bangladesh v Australia , World T20, Group 2, Mirpur April 1, 2014

Australia breeze to consolation win


Australia 158 for 3 (Finch 71, Warner 48) beat Bangladesh 153 for 5 (Shakib 66, Mushfiqur 47) by seven wickets
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Crowe - Australia efficient against poor bowling

If the destructive power brought to bear by Aaron Finch and David Warner allowed Australia to evade the ignominy of their worst-ever global tournament display, then it also underlined why the sometime favourites will fly home with an especially bitter memory of the 2014 World Twenty20.

Finch and Warner alone possess enough pyrotechnics to dominate a match - as Bangladesh discovered in a chase that consigned the hosts to the ignominy of failing to win a single fixture in the main draw. So for the Australians to be leaving the tournament at such an early stage will be the cause of some introspection by the captain George Bailey, the coach Darren Lehmann and the selectors. To avoid going home without winning any of four games was the most modest of rewards.

It remains to be seen whether Bailey will continue as the specialist T20 captain, having guided Australia through two tournament campaigns for diminishing returns. He ended Australia's tournament with a hollow-feeling six as Finch and Warner swung lustily but intelligently, but looked nonplussed at times in the field as Bangladesh wriggled to a higher total than a more ruthless and balanced Australian combination might have conceded.

Equally glum were Brad Hodge and Brad Hogg, the two most venerable members of Australia's squad, left out for the final match and unlikely to figure in future assignments. Both Hodge and Hogg might have been utilised differently in the team, something that Shane Warne certainly felt preferable, suggesting on commentary that the former could have been used at No. 3 throughout.

Shakib Al Hasan and Mushfiqur Rahim had prospered through the middle overs against a fairly monotone collection of medium pace and above, while Glenn Maxwell's spin was not in the class of that in the armoury of Hogg and James Muirhead, also left out of this match, or numerous others sitting at home, including the Test spinner Nathan Lyon.

The omission of both specialist spin bowlers chosen for the tournament seemed a kind of concession that Australia's slow bowling plans had been awry, with the use of five seamers a rare curiosity in a tournament where all the most accomplished teams have relied on quality exhibitions of flight, dip and turn. Mitchell Starc looked underdone, as he has appeared all tournament, while Doug Bollinger huffed and puffed to little effect.

The best of the pacemen was the third string Nathan Coulter-Nile, who gained some new ball swing for a pair of early wickets, before maintaining his economy for the remainder of a spell that strangely went uncompleted. Instead, Shakib and Mushfiqur accumulated soundly against bowling that did not offer much in the way of a threat, while speckled with five wides and two no balls.

Granted 153 to defend, Bangladesh bounced onto the field in expectation, but soon found themselves being smashed around Mirpur by Warner and Finch. This was the kind of display many had expected to see earlier in the tournament, when Pakistan, West Indies and India all escaped unharmed from their encounters with Australia's opening pair.

Warner skied an early half-chance that fell short and essayed one other reverse hoick but otherwise clattered the ball in sensible areas. Both he and Finch sat on the back foot to the spinners and capitalised on any shortness of length, before climbing out to swing sixes when the bowlers tried to compensate.

By the time Sohag Gazi coaxed a thick edge behind from Finch the match was well on the way to being over. Kumar Dharmasena did not see the deflection and shook his head, leading to a sequence of verbal conflict between Warner and Mushfiqur. Warner's departure the following over drew a send-off from Al-Amin Hossain, but like Australia's eventual victory, it was sound and fury signifying nothing.

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  • Shah on April 4, 2014, 19:01 GMT

    @Dhutugemunu: don't try to lift your team SL unnecessary just because BD lost all ODI & T20 matches against SL this year as this guy A.Awal was jus saying BD whitewashed NZ but out of nowhere where you & your SL coming here that's funny! & let me tell you one thing that SL was extremely LUCKY to win those matches against BD this year or else SL would lose at least 3 in a row but luck won't help you always mind it! what do you mean by BD loses to associates consistently just losing two matches in a short time against Afg & HK that means consistent to you?? those two loss against Afg & HK was a real upset...don't compare BD with the associates forcefully BD is enough superior than all of them...!

  • Amila on April 3, 2014, 22:01 GMT

    @ A.Awal; 1. BD is the team which was get whitewashed the most (22 tournaments where 3+ ODIs were played). They got whitewashed by SL recently at home. Is that the success?

    2. Yes. Loosing against HK and Afg is a part of Cricket. But BD looses consistently to associate nations. In ODIs - 11, T20Is - 5. Both are the records by a large margin for Test Nations.

    3. What is the BD success? Getting hammered by Associate nations consistently and winning a game against a Top Cricketing nations once in a blue moon? Good for you.

  • Gautam on April 3, 2014, 14:14 GMT

    @ScottStevo: Interesting this, criticism of Indian overseas performance coming from an Aussie. Had it been from a South African, we could have swallowed it, since they have played exceptionally well abroad. But Aussies, forgot the 4-0 in India and 3-0 hammering in England? Add to that a winless Champions Trophy (which by the way was played in England which happens to be out of India and was won by India) and this shambolic t20 campaign, Aussies are as bad, if not worse than subcontinent teams when it comes to overseas performances. South Africa and Australia are half the globe apart but very very similar in terms of conditions- the proof being that Australia win in South Africa as much as South Africa win in Australia. So it is like India winning in Sri Lanka- overseas, but not exactly different conditions. Glass houses and throwing stones? Better cricket knowledge can perhaps help better commenting

  • nathaniel on April 2, 2014, 19:41 GMT

    The way Robiul Islam bowled and took 6 wickets in Zim test , he would have been the best pace baller choice for Bd in this t20 wc, was he not recovered yet ???

  • Scott on April 2, 2014, 18:14 GMT

    @Gautum N Shenoy, it's just nice to see India winning anything when they're not in India. I can hardly remember the last time it occurred? Has it ever? I wish them luck, as they'll need it. The last time they played South Africa in limited overs cricket it was like watching lambs to the slaughter. I could hardly watch such was the mutilation. But, fortunately for them, the pitches are nice, dead and ridiculously slow (the only way their batsmen can take it) so their little boys mightn't be diving off the pitch like that last time. It was also a shame watching India only manage to stay #1 in test cricket for that little time. With all their money, resources and population, they should have 19 teams dominating cricket, which is why it's so embarrassing that they can't even put XI blokes together to be in the top 2 in tests. Shameful actually. In their last series, they got smashed by NZ, a nation with 4.5 million against 1.2billion. It's worse than shameful, it's humiliating.

  • Dummy4 on April 2, 2014, 14:41 GMT

    Well done Australia on winning a game no one expected them to and going away with a win, which levels them with Netherlands in this tournament. It has been a heart warming sight to see them win a game against their fancied opponents, and having won a rare victory in the subcontinent, they will go home with pride. Upsets such as these are good for the game of cricket. Bangladesh has some serious retrospection to do after losing a game against the minnows of t20 cricket.

  • Shah on April 2, 2014, 11:10 GMT

    @Albert_campell: its you also kept talking so much about BD's only 14 yrs like many others so 100 years will hurt as its true:) BD is much superior than the associates they are not even so close to BD... & obviously BD's Shakib must be in this list as Shakib is world class & a genuine all rounder who ranked even No.1 all rounder in the world & the names you mentioned no one is a genuine all rounder except D.Bravo but anyway fans like you will just hardly learn sportsmanship that's why are disgrace to cricket...

    @ChandimaEranda: are you a opposite gender?? as you wish BD to play in women's WC next time.. will you be also playing there in women's WC seems you would really like to see BD guys playing cricket this close..or what? may be you have real problem so i hope BD players would not have to run out of the stadium as you can be someone different & harmful among 11 female cricket players LOL!!

  • Izmi on April 2, 2014, 10:02 GMT

    Though Australia is the number one ranked team in ODI's according to the current world cricket rankings and number two in the world test cricket rankings the T20 game has eluded them for some reason or the other. Australia have won four out of the ten ODI World Cups including three in a row unmatched by any other cricket nation on the planet under different conditions around the world unlike some teams who dominate only in conditions favourable to them in the subcontnent. Ironically they failed to win the only ODI World Cup held in the country in 1993. Come the 2015 ODI cricket World Cup I reckon none of the teams in the subcontinent will stand a chance to make it to the finals on the bouncy wickets in Australia considering their poor record in Australian conditions. I hope their cream of fast bowlers will all be back from injury. I reckon it will be a fight between Australia New Zealand, South Africa and the West Indies while the rest of the teams will have an early exit.

  • Abdul on April 2, 2014, 8:17 GMT

    @ ChandimaEranda and @Albert_cambell; Hold your horse Guy, Please remember BD white wash NZ last year, Win ODI series againt WI, Win SRL in ODI.Lost against HK and AFG is a part of Cricket. Why you people cant accept BD success? What abount ENG lost against Nederland and WI lost against Ireland???

  • Shah on April 2, 2014, 7:52 GMT

    @MejiMura: fans like you who shows disrespect & finding faults to BD cricket only then BD fans also are forced to show the same but not illogically like IND'n fans & some ppl have no rights degrade other nation unnecessary until & unless they do the same & this rally started from fans like you by making fair cricket unworthy with no real sportsmanship...if you can't wish anything good to this improved BD cricket in any circumstances just stay away no one bothers to welcome fans like some of you here in especially BD cricket threads...losing against Afg & HK will never make BD less superior than all the associates & BD is enough better than current test team ZIM by performance!

    @Fast_Track_Bully: no improvement you saw in BD that's only in your dreams no where else...ask someone to pinch you hard so you get out of this dream & come for real!

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