14:28, Thu Jan 21, 2021 (UTC +0500)
National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex


Located near the coast of the southern city of Karachi, the National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex cricket ground boasts one of the lushest outfields seen in the country. Small boundaries compared to major international venues, the ground offers great sights with the Mohatta Palace and the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi on either ends.

The ground hosted its inaugural first-class match in 1998 and although that was the only match played in that year (followed by three in 2000), regular matches have been organised here since the 2005-06 season.


Fri Jan 22 (50 ovs)
Pakistan Cup
Northern (Pakistan) v Sindh
Sun Jan 24 (50 ovs)
Pakistan Cup
Balochistan v Northern (Pakistan)
Tue Jan 26 (50 ovs)
Pakistan Cup
Central Punjab (Pakistan) v Sindh
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