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Former England wicketkeeper Jack Russell is as nifty behind the easel as he was behind the stumps, and his gallery in Chipping Sodbury showcases his best work

The artist known as Jack Russell

The eccentric England wicketkeeper spent rainy days and time on the bench sketching and painting. Two books chronicle his art

Jack Hobbs and the golden age

The Master's autobiography provides glimpses of a long-ago time that is strikingly similar (and not) to ours

Barker's bowlers

A doctor, an air-force man, and 10 great players bring a childhood back to life

Portraits of heroes

Ronald Mason used to worship cricketers as a boy, and wrote excellent prose on them as a man

Poet of the willow

Archie Jackson, who was born 100 years ago, was the Keats of cricket in more ways than one

Rowdy the chronicler

In praise of a cricketer who made the transition from player to first-rate cricket writer with ease

Frank Tyson interviews Bill Lawry

The third T

Frank Tyson has been among our best analysts of players' temperament and what made them tick