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Flag-waving, bike-riding Afghanis enjoy their team's maiden World Cup win

Sri Lankan cricket

Arjuna's real-life Hobbits

A Sri Lankan fan inspired by the heroes of 1996 ponders the impact of an Associate-free World Cup on cricket fans in Kabul, Dublin, Rotterdam and Kathmandu

Tillakaratne Dilshan might hope the ground opens up under him after dropping a catch

Sri Lankan cricket

Sri Lanka in a World Cup funk

For a Sri Lanka fan, the team's losing streak in the New Zealand ODIs is perhaps the equivalent of getting paralysed by poison. Your body is immobile giving the impression that you've died, but inside, you are still very much alive. Screaming.

Angelo Mathews and Marvan Atapattu have a chat

Sri Lankan cricket

Don't get greedy Sri Lanka

A lesson for Sri Lankan Cricket from Breaking Bad - if it ain't broke, don't obsess over fixing it

Uva's Sachithra Senanayake celebrates a wicket with Seekkuge Prasanna

Sri Lanka Premier League

SLPL - a piece of a jigsaw puzzle

The SLPL has had mixed reviews - there are the fanboys of Sri Lanka cricket and then there are the ones who didn't get it at all

Kumar Sangakkara delivers the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture

Letters to Sanga

If there's one thing that Sri Lanka Cricket is good at, it's communicating with its star players

Australia v Sri Lanka, CB Series, Sydney

If it's Sydney, it must be a Sri Lankan win

Big hits, steely glares, great music and lively entertainment makes even a one-sided game rather fun