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Meet and greet


The girls with a contest winner

It feels great to be back in Delhi!

There is something unique about Delhi and the Feroze Shah Kotla stadium. Back in the states, most athletics teams have a mascot, and it’s usually an animal. We have noticed every time we come to the Delhi stadium that we always see the same dog lying outside our dressing room sleeping the day away. Therefore we have named him the team mascot. He is such a cute dog. I think the people working at the stadium actually help take care of him.

After our double header Monday night we were all pretty exhausted but wanted to make sure we used our off day to our advantage. We went to the markets in Delhi on a shopping spree again. Some of the girls need to buy an extra suitcase just to lug all the souvenirs and gifts back home! We went to the Dilli Haat and they had the most amazing selections. We bought shoes, scarves, gifts and pretty much everything you can think of.

We have had the best guide in Delhi, named Mansi, who took us around the city whenever we have had a day off. At the market we all chipped in to buy her a beautiful wooden frame and put a picture of us all in it from the Taj Mahal trip. I think she liked it.

Last night we had a promotion at the Spice Mall in Noida. We got ourselves pumped up for the event by jamming out to tunes on our iPods and doing big singalong songs on the bus together. The event was awesome and we had a lot of fun interacting with people in the crowd. We did a few performances to some of the high-energy songs we perform to at the games, and a few photo sessions with locals in the bar. We also did a few interviews there and invited people at the bar to come on stage and tell us what they think the meaning of flirting is and if they flirt themselves. Many of the men selected to talk had a little bit of stage fright but soon they were chatting away.

We did an NDTV promotion in the courtyard of our hotel. We did a few dances for the interview and answered some questions about where we are from and how we prepare for the games. Then another interview for CNN IBN – the fun just doesn’t stop! Now we’re heading to Hyderabad for the first time for the last two games. Here we go!

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Party hearty


Hello Bangalore

Just got back to Delhi after an awesome four days in Bangalore, where we performed at three games and managed time to see some of the city. We loved Bangalore and were really impressed with the brand-new airport.

Our first game in the Bangalore stadium was such a rush and an amazing feeling. The crowd roared as we ran out on the field and it felt great to get such a warm reception. The stadium was pretty packed for all the games, especially Bangalore v Delhi.

That game had such an incredible vibe and everyone was pumped. We all were treated to some brash hitting by Veeru and Gautam as Delhi helped themselves to some runs. However, the real thrill and crowd support was for the Bangalore team’s very own Ross Taylor. He didn’t let us rest with all his relentless hits and singlehandedly took the match away from the Daredevils, and yes, I think he is very cute too.

So far we have been very lucky in terms of no accidents on the podiums, until one recent incident involving my room-mate Amy. Amy is an amazing dancer but she was a little unlucky as she ran down the stairs off the podium. She tripped over on the stairs, did a forward roll, slammed her head into a cement wall and landed on a cooler full of water.

The Indian cricket crowd were incredibly sympathetic and were concerned whether or not Amy was okay. Other than a massive black-and-blue bruise on her leg the only thing that is slightly crushed is her ego. Luckily Amy has a great sense of humour and completely laughed off the incident, but nonetheless an incident we will never forget.

We were lucky enough to do a bit of shopping on Commercial Street. We felt like we had hit the jackpot when we came across an amazing store that sold us saris at a great price. I think everyone came away from there with at least two or three. Now we just have to figure out how to wear them correctly!

We also went to our first official White Mischief Party, at a club called Zero G. It had an amazing view of the city and we were told it is the oldest bar in Bangalore. We did two performances and took pictures with tons of fans in the bar. It was a really cool place and we danced with the crowd to local Indian music. A lot of us are really getting into the local music and want to download tons of tunes when we get back home. It was a great night, and since we had to leave for the airport at 4am, we just never really went to bed!

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If it's Bangalore, it must be bangles


Pretty in polka

On Friday we hopped on a Kingfisher flight and headed to Bangalore. Our flight was delayed so we ended up hanging out at the airport for a few hours. We all grabbed some food, and while some of the girls dined on the traditional Indian cuisine, others opted for some fast food. Yes we are in an amazing country with beautiful curry, chicken etc, but some of us were weak and headed toward the KFC line. Hey, sometimes you slip up right?!

The flight was nice and we ended up sleeping most of the time. Upon arrival we noticed how clean the airport was, and we were told it is one of the newest airports in India. Very nice.

We loved our hotel and were greeted by our hosts and briefed about what we could expect over the next few days. We will be attending some White Mischief events and photo shoots and are really excited about meeting the people of Bangalore.

This morning we shopped for saris I believe all of us bought at least two each, if not three. We also went to a very expensive place for bangles. The women of India must have tiny little hands, because many of us struggled to find ones that fit! The bangles and saris are so beautiful and we’re excited about giving them as presents to our family and friends back home.

It seemed as if everyone in the shops and on the streets was helping us find the perfect saris and bangles. One man in particular was very helpful and we went into the back room to search through tons and tons of boxes to find the best ones. Can you imagine a tiny little store with an entire team of White Mischief Girls inside rummaging through the boxes? It got pretty hot and intense in that shop!

We had to cut the shopping spree off early and head back to the hotel as we had to get ready for the games later at night.

Wish us luck. More to come!

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A day at the Taj


If it's Tuesday it must be Agra

We were so excited to visit the Taj Mahal a couple of days ago. It was the first time for all of us, so we knew it was going to be quite the event. After cheering at a double header the day before and not going to bed until around 3am, we were up and ready to get on the bus heading to Agra at 5am. We all brought pillows, so we could sleep on the bus and cuddled up for the four-and-a-half hour drive. Pretty soon it was light out again. We reached Agra around 10:30 am, pumped to see one of the most famous wonders of the world.

Our guide leader, Mansi, whom we all love and adore, accompanied us on tour and we had a local tour guide from Agra named AD. He took us all around the Taj Mahal, explaining the history of it and why the king built it. He explained that a lot of newly-wed Indian couples come here after they are married, as it is considered very romantic. We all kept thinking of who we would come there with next time… hopefully someone romantic!

One of the girls on our team was born in India and lived here for nine years before coming to the States. She is a gorgeous and petite little girl and I think our tour guide AD developed a crush on her. Every time we would move to the next monument or AD would start to explain the next portion of the tour, he would ask where she was and make sure she was standing right by his side. It was quite comical for the rest of us.

As we toured around the Taj Mahal we took tons of pictures with each other, and pictures doing fun jumps and leaps as well. We noticed that every time we stopped for a picture, all the locals were taking pictures of us as well. Many of the locals even asked to get pictures with us in front of the Taj Mahal - truly a unique and fun experience, as, of course, we were not in our uniforms or any attire that labelled us White Mischief Girls. We were all pretty hot and sweaty by the end of the tour. It was amazing how the Indian people manage to survive in the intense heat, fully clothed, while we were dying of heat in short-sleeved shirts.

Our tour guide brought us to a shop to show us some amazing marble handicrafts. We also looked at some beautiful jewellery and saris.

By the end of the day we were exhausted and glad to be back on the bus with air-conditioning. The bus ride home took seven-and-a-half hours. Traffic in Delhi is pretty intense. I don’t think I would be able to handle driving here. I would crash for sure!

On Tuesday we were busy preparing for our double header and then the actual games themselves. The fans have been amazing and so receptive to cheerleading. We have been doing flips and jump tricks for the crowd and everyone goes crazy with cheers. The best fans are the ones that really get into the game and love their sport, so of course Indian cricket fans are amazing to cheer for.

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Lassi, Shah Rukh and a packed stadium


Next stop: the Taj Mahal

Ever since we landed in India, everyone’s been asking us how much we know about cricket. To be honest, only a few of us were here last time around and most have little or no knowledge about the game, but each one of us was excited for our first game at the stadium, which was a double header.

We were told about the passion and excitement of Indian cricket fans, but seeing is believing. The crowds were huge and kept pouring in for an hour. Amy, Michelle, Marla and I were clubbed together and were all very nervous before the start. Well, I wouldn’t really say nervous, but with huge butterflies in our stomachs whirling around, seeing the enormous crowd.

As the match progressed, and as we hit the podium, the crowds swayed with us. It was an amazing feeling to have thousands and thousands of fans out there gyrating with you at every boundary or wicket. We had so much fun interacting with the crowd and performing tricks. We were looking forward to the local game but unfortunately the home team didn’t turn up well and lost. We missed Viru and Gautam hitting boundaries with those big bats of theirs.

Overall, our first day was great and we were so excited from our first experience of performing for Indian cricket fans.

The following day was low-key and we spent most of it in our rooms. We all had a relaxed girls-only session in Marla’s room and caught some TV. We watched a Bollywood film, with Shah Rukh Khan in it, and were rolling all over the room, laughing. Really enjoyed my first tryst with Indian cinema!

Today I had one of the most amazing drinks of my life. Lassi. It was just sooo yum! It is a yoghurt-based drink, chilled to perfection, and I just couldn’t have enough of it. I will now have a glass of lassi every day till we are here in India.

We also had dal chawal. I am a self-confessed ardent fan of Indian curry. There is none that tastes better anywhere else.

We are planning our trip to Taj Mahal and can’t wait to visit one of the seven wonders of the world. More to come…

More pictures and videos of the Mischief Gals here

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