While the World Cup continues in the Caribbean, Zimbabwe's cricketers returned home on Sunday after their first-round exit. The squad arrived home on Sunday morning from London where they had caught a connecting flight from Jamaica.
While a lot was not expected from Zimbabwe, many anticipated that they were at least going to roll over Ireland, but in the end they had to settle for a tie.
Pressure is mounting on Kevin Curran, the coach, to prove himself and he was already under fire in some quarters before the tournament. He has lost 30 of the 40 matches played since he replaced Phil Simmons in August 2005.
The Zimbabwe players will not turn out for their provinces in the remaining Faithwear series matches and have been given a few days rest, but will be re-called into action for the inaugural Twenty20 inter-provincial tournament to be held in Mutare starting on Friday and ending on Sunday.
The national players will be shared equally among the five provincial teams Centrals, Northens, Easterns, Southerns and Westerns.