Despite the lack of preparation, the Uganda’s chairman William Musoke is delighted with his team winning Division Two of the World Cricket League.

“We persevered and insisted on training despite the inadequacies in the association. It was total sacrifice for the players and officials to make the Darwin trip.”

Musoke explained that under the conditions, it was seasoned cricketers like Sam Walusimbi (coach) and himself who knew the plot and the results proved them right.

“Since the people running the team were seasoned cricketers, I was absolutely sure they knew what they were doing,” Musoke bragged.

Despite a lack of trial matches for acclimatisation in Darwin, Uganda finished the eight-nation tournament unbeaten.

The chairman revealed plans to have the national team get involved in many international tours ahead of big tournaments.

“With the High Performance Programme, the onus is now on us to decide where or who to host and what we need for the team,” he added.

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Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo