On the field, the battle for the Ashes may be over, but off the field, the Twitter battle between England and Australia is- well, to be honest, there is no battle. Not unless a point is scored for every inanity, in which case THE BATTLE IS WELL AND TRULY RAGING.

The result
Every Aussie enjoyed the day of victory, but none more than Joe Scuderi.

Although Matthew Hayden was pretty happy too.

Happy as a what now?

Even Andrew Flintoff's taking the result well.

But it's different for today's players. Steven Finn isn't just struggling for results on the pitch.

But perhaps the saddest loss of all from an England perspective is Ben Stokes losing all individuality and instead transforming into a sports-guff spouting clone.

Come on, Ben - at least try and take the positives.

The human

There was a five-ball over as well. Does that make him even more human? Are there degrees of humanity?

The paranoia

That's going to be tricky advice to follow if the enemy's brandishing any kind of weapon.

The taste in music
Durham's Mark Wood is unashamed.

And he knows what he's talking about. He's quite the musician.

The breaking news
Perhaps Wood could perform for the benefit of Chris Gayle.

The road safety record
Or maybe he should drive for him instead.

The injury
Andre Adams has, however, sustained some sort of injury.

It's probably best not to ponder exactly what's happened to him.

Life with Kemar Roach
Tino Best is of the opinion that he's blessed by god, but Kemar Roach appears to be taking a different line in the nature v nurture debate.

Of course it could just be that Kemar's a robot.

He certainly talks like one.

What's your philosophy?
A beautiful sentiment from Chris Gayle.

A beautiful, misanthropic sentiment from Chris Gayle.

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Jetlag Watch
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