Batting Highest Strike Rate Innings

Highest strike rates in an innings for Mashonaland in List A

Highest strike rates in an innings
Match Date
26*1602162.50Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare17 Jan 2003List A
483080160.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare15 Jan 2003List A
93*5994157.62Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
42*3031140.00Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
272060135.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe14 Dec 2003List A
58*4435131.81Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
50*4141121.95Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
413590117.14Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare09 Nov 2004List A
117*100111117.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe02 Feb 2003List A
133121100109.91Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare17 Jan 2003List A
148*145112102.06Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe02 Feb 2003List A
73755397.33Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare10 Feb 2004List A
121*12711395.27Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare09 Nov 2004List A
35373094.59Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
64683494.11Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
85*955189.47Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare15 Jan 2003List A
39*444188.63Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo12 Dec 2003List A
49*567187.50Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
62716187.32Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
71828086.58Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
25295086.20Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
39463284.78Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
708310084.33Mashonalandv ManicalandHarare08 Feb 2004List A
52627183.87Mashonalandv NamibiaHarare15 Nov 2004List A
67*828081.70Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo31 Jan 2003List A
851109077.27Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo10 Dec 2003List A
951242176.61Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare17 Jan 2003List A
30411173.17Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare30 Jan 2006List A
9913810171.73Mashonalandv MatabelelandBulawayo31 Jan 2003List A
32462069.56Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
31455068.88Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
48713367.60Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo12 Dec 2003List A
45680166.17Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
43653066.15Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare09 Nov 2004List A
35545064.81Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare22 Nov 2004List A
52816064.19Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare15 Jan 2003List A
28445063.63Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare15 Jan 2003List A
58*967160.41Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe14 Dec 2003List A
48804060.00Mashonalandv MidlandsKwekwe14 Dec 2003List A
50874057.47Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare19 Jan 2003List A
31544057.40Mashonalandv NamibiaHarare15 Nov 2004List A
30543055.55Mashonalandv ManicalandBulawayo29 Jan 2003List A
38*695055.07Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
27512052.94Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
27513052.94Mashonalandv MasvingoHarare03 Feb 2006List A
25512049.01Mashonalandv MidlandsHarare05 Dec 2003List A
25553045.45Mashonalandv MatabelelandHarare07 Dec 2003List A
77---0.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
40---0.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
37*---0.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
28---0.00Mashonalandv ManicalandMutare03 Dec 2003List A
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Minimum of 25 runs
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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Midlands vs Mashonaland at Harare, Faithwear Clothing Inter-Provincial One-Day Competition , Feb 2, 2006 [List A]

Mashonaland vs Manicaland at Harare, Faithwear Clothing Inter-Provincial One-Day Competition , Jan 31, 2006 [List A]