Cricket Records for South Africa in Test matches

Most dismissals
Max Dis Inns
1997-2012146279553530236 (6ct 0st)1.982
2014-20215498232221116 (6ct 0st)2.367
1992-1998427715215025 (5ct 0st)1.974
1951-19655092141124174 (4ct 0st)1.532
2004-20181144510610156 (6ct 0st)2.355
1963-19701928565426 (6ct 0st)2
1927-193526455139124 (2ct 2st)1.133
2021-20241624494635 (5ct 0st)2.041
1906-191113243620163 (3ct 0st)1.5
1912-192423373219133 (3ct 0st)0.864
1938-19501118171523 (3ct 0st)0.944
2015-2016610131304 (4ct 0st)1.3
2019-202345121024 (3ct 1st)2.4
1892-1902813121022 (2ct 0st)0.923
1939-19392410733 (3ct 0st)2.5
1947-1951778624 (3ct 1st)1.142
1910-1912598712 (2ct 0st)0.888
2004-2004356603 (3ct 0st)1.2
2024-2024245323 (2ct 1st)1.25
1970-1970245503 (3ct 0st)1.25
1947-1947365412 (1ct 1st)0.833
1951-19582823302 (2ct 0st)1.5
1929-1936233302 (2ct 0st)1
1899-1910343211 (1ct 0st)0.75
1935-1936463302 (2ct 0st)0.5
1889-1896332202 (2ct 0st)0.666
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Innings refers to when the player was the designated keeper.
All figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper.
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

New Zealand v South Africa at Hamilton, ICC World Test Championship 2nd Test, Feb 13-16, 2024 [Test # 2529]

New Zealand v South Africa at Mount Maunganui, ICC World Test Championship 1st Test, Feb 4-7, 2024 [Test # 2528]

South Africa v India at Cape Town, ICC World Test Championship 2nd Test, Jan 3-4, 2024 [Test # 2522]