Cricket Records for Birmingham Phoenix (Men) in T20 matches

Highest totals
Match Date
185/520.0x511.101v SpiritBirmingham24 Aug 2023Twenty20
184/520.0x511.041v FireBirmingham9 Aug 2021Twenty20
176/420.0x510.561v BraveBirmingham10 Aug 2022Twenty20
174/418.4x511.102v InvinciblesBirmingham4 Aug 2021Twenty20
166/620.0x59.961v RocketsNottingham13 Aug 2021Twenty20
166/620.0x59.961v InvinciblesThe Oval23 Aug 2022Twenty20
160/820.0x59.601v InvinciblesBirmingham13 Aug 2023Twenty20
151/320.0x59.061v BraveSouthampton30 Jul 2021Twenty20
149/317.1x510.392v RocketsBirmingham15 Aug 2022Twenty20
148/719.2x59.152v SpiritBirmingham23 Jul 2021Twenty20
147/214.4x511.912v N S-ChargersLeeds17 Aug 2021Twenty20
145/414.4x511.752v RocketsBirmingham1 Aug 2021Twenty20
143/720.0x58.581v RocketsNottingham6 Aug 2022Twenty20
140/920.0x58.402v SpiritLord's30 Aug 2022Twenty20
137/920.0x58.222v N S-ChargersBirmingham19 Aug 2022Twenty20
136/520.0x58.162v BraveLord's21 Aug 2021Twenty20
130/720.0x57.801v FireCardiff13 Aug 2022Twenty20
119/820.0x57.141v BraveSouthampton16 Aug 2023Twenty20
116/920.0x56.962v RocketsNottingham19 Aug 2023Twenty20
112/720.0x56.721v FireBirmingham10 Aug 2023Twenty20
11119.3x56.792v OriginalsManchester7 Aug 2023Twenty20
8716.4x56.211v OriginalsManchester25 Jul 2021Twenty20
84/512.2x58.121v N S-ChargersLeeds3 Aug 2023Twenty20
7514.4x56.082v OriginalsBirmingham28 Aug 2022Twenty20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Birmingham Phoenix (Men) v London Spirit (Men) at Birmingham, The Hundred Men's Competition 32nd match, Aug 24, 2023 [Twenty20]

Birmingham Phoenix (Men) v Trent Rockets (Men) at Nottingham, The Hundred Men's Competition 25th match, Aug 19, 2023 [Twenty20]

Birmingham Phoenix (Men) v Southern Brave (Men) at Southampton, The Hundred Men's Competition 22nd match, Aug 16, 2023 [Twenty20]