Records in Big Bash League, 2014 to 15

Highest totals
Match Date
209/419.0112v HeatHobart2 Jan 2015T20
208/620.010.41v HurricanesHobart2 Jan 2015T20
208/120.010.41v HeatSydney21 Dec 2014T20
198/620.09.91v HurricanesBrisbane15 Jan 2015T20
192/320.09.61v RenegadesPerth26 Dec 2014T20
190/520.09.51v StarsMelbourne20 Dec 2014T20
182/719.39.332v ScorchersMelbourne21 Jan 2015T20
182/620.09.11v SixersSydney14 Jan 2015T20
181/420.09.051v StrikersAdelaide24 Jan 2015T20
180/820.092v HeatBrisbane15 Jan 2015T20
180/720.091v ThunderSydney27 Dec 2014T20
179/220.08.951v StarsMelbourne21 Jan 2015T20
179/320.08.951v ScorchersPerth1 Jan 2015T20
169/620.08.451v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)3 Jan 2015T20
166/520.08.31v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)19 Jan 2015T20
164/820.08.21v StarsBrisbane28 Dec 2014T20
164/520.08.22v SixersSydney27 Dec 2014T20
163/720.08.152v HeatBrisbane28 Dec 2014T20
163/720.08.151v HurricanesHobart7 Jan 2015T20
15919.48.082v StrikersSydney14 Jan 2015T20
159/520.07.952v ThunderPerth1 Jan 2015T20
158/318.18.692v HurricanesHobart23 Dec 2014T20
158/518.58.382v HeatBrisbane4 Jan 2015T20
157/920.07.852v ScorchersPerth26 Dec 2014T20
155/218.58.232v RenegadesSydney19 Dec 2014T20
155/620.07.752v ThunderSydney22 Jan 2015T20
154/819.08.11v SixersHobart23 Dec 2014T20
154/720.07.72v RenegadesMelbourne10 Jan 2015T20
154/720.07.71v SixersSydney19 Dec 2014T20
154/420.07.71v SixersSydney22 Jan 2015T20
153/620.07.651v StarsMelbourne10 Jan 2015T20
15217.58.522v ThunderSydney21 Dec 2014T20
152/620.07.61v StrikersBrisbane4 Jan 2015T20
150/420.07.52v SixersMelbourne5 Jan 2015T20
150/620.07.51v StarsMelbourne5 Jan 2015T20
149/212.311.922v StarsAdelaide18 Dec 2014T20
148/417.48.372v HeatBrisbane11 Jan 2015T20
148/720.07.41v StrikersAdelaide18 Dec 2014T20
148/620.07.42v SixersCanberra28 Jan 2015T20
147/919.47.472v ScorchersPerth22 Dec 2014T20
147/620.07.351v SixersBrisbane11 Jan 2015T20
147/520.07.351v ScorchersCanberra28 Jan 2015T20
146/720.07.31v StrikersPerth22 Dec 2014T20
144/720.07.22v StrikersMelbourne (Docklands)19 Jan 2015T20
144/720.07.21v StarsPerth25 Jan 2015T20
141/214.39.722v HurricanesAdelaide31 Dec 2014T20
141/820.07.051v HurricanesHobart11 Jan 2015T20
138/920.06.92v HurricanesMelbourne20 Dec 2014T20
137/215.58.652v HeatPerth8 Jan 2015T20
136/820.06.81v StrikersAdelaide31 Dec 2014T20
135/720.06.751v SixersSydney29 Dec 2014T20
134/720.06.71v ScorchersPerth8 Jan 2015T20
133/620.06.651v StrikersAdelaide6 Jan 2015T20
12619.26.512v RenegadesHobart7 Jan 2015T20
12619.56.352v ScorchersPerth25 Jan 2015T20
123/720.06.152v ScorchersHobart11 Jan 2015T20
119/510.011.91v ThunderAdelaide12 Jan 2015T20
118/213.58.532v ThunderMelbourne (Docklands)30 Dec 2014T20
11519.35.892v ScorchersAdelaide6 Jan 2015T20
114/620.05.71v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)30 Dec 2014T20
107/214.37.372v ThunderSydney17 Jan 2015T20
106/820.05.31v StarsSydney17 Jan 2015T20
9917.35.652v ScorchersSydney29 Dec 2014T20
9414.36.482v SixersAdelaide24 Jan 2015T20
84/513.46.142v ThunderSydney9 Jan 2015T20
81/514.05.782v HeatMelbourne (Docklands)13 Jan 2015T20
8017.34.571v RenegadesMelbourne (Docklands)13 Jan 2015T20
77/717.04.521v HurricanesSydney9 Jan 2015T20
5712.44.52v StarsMelbourne (Docklands)3 Jan 2015T20
18/01.0182v StrikersAdelaide12 Jan 2015T20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Perth Scorchers v Sydney Sixers at Canberra, Big Bash League final, Jan 28, 2015 [Twenty20]

Perth Scorchers v Melbourne Stars at Perth, Big Bash League 2nd semi final, Jan 25, 2015 [Twenty20]

Adelaide Strikers v Sydney Sixers at Adelaide, Big Bash League 1st semi final, Jan 24, 2015 [Twenty20]