Highest totals For Caribbean Premier League, 2018

Highest totals
Match Date
226/620.011.301v TridentsGros Islet17 Aug 2018Twenty20
225/619.311.532v TrinbagoPort of Spain10 Aug 2018Twenty20
223/620.011.151v TallawahsPort of Spain10 Aug 2018Twenty20
218/519.510.992v StarsGros Islet16 Aug 2018Twenty20
212/220.010.601v TrinbagoGros Islet16 Aug 2018Twenty20
209/720.010.451v TallawahsLauderhill18 Aug 2018Twenty20
206/620.010.301v PatriotsBasseterre2 Sep 2018Twenty20
204/520.010.201v StarsGros Islet25 Aug 2018Twenty20
203/720.010.151v TrinbagoPort of Spain11 Aug 2018Twenty20
199/420.09.951v PatriotsBasseterre1 Sep 2018Twenty20
195/620.09.751v StarsPort of Spain8 Aug 2018Twenty20
193/819.59.732v TallawahsProvidence12 Sep 2018Twenty20
191/520.09.551v PatriotsProvidence12 Sep 2018Twenty20
188/620.09.402v StarsGros Islet17 Aug 2018Twenty20
185/420.09.251v AmazonProvidence12 Aug 2018Twenty20
184/620.09.202v TallawahsLauderhill19 Aug 2018Twenty20
183/820.09.152v TallawahsGros Islet25 Aug 2018Twenty20
182/520.09.101v TrinbagoLauderhill19 Aug 2018Twenty20
180/520.09.001v TridentsPort of Spain7 Sep 2018Twenty20
178/420.08.901v PatriotsKingston15 Aug 2018Twenty20
177/218.19.742v AmazonProvidence8 Sep 2018Twenty20
176/419.48.942v StarsKingston14 Aug 2018Twenty20
17520.08.751v TallawahsKingston14 Aug 2018Twenty20
173/620.08.651v TallawahsProvidence8 Sep 2018Twenty20
171/520.08.552v TrinbagoPort of Spain7 Sep 2018Twenty20
170/720.08.501v AmazonPort of Spain5 Sep 2018Twenty20
169/819.48.592v TridentsBasseterre4 Sep 2018Twenty20
169/619.58.522v PatriotsBasseterre28 Aug 2018Twenty20
168/216.410.082v TridentsBridgetown31 Aug 2018Twenty20
168/720.08.401v AmazonBasseterre28 Aug 2018Twenty20
168/520.08.401v PatriotsBasseterre4 Sep 2018Twenty20
165/720.08.251v AmazonBridgetown31 Aug 2018Twenty20
165/620.08.251v PatriotsTarouba14 Sep 2018Twenty20
161/820.08.052v PatriotsPort of Spain11 Aug 2018Twenty20
158/414.111.152v TrinbagoProvidence9 Sep 2018Twenty20
156/620.07.801v TallawahsLauderhill22 Aug 2018Twenty20
155/820.07.752v TridentsProvidence12 Aug 2018Twenty20
154/720.07.701v AmazonProvidence9 Sep 2018Twenty20
154/320.07.702v TridentsLauderhill22 Aug 2018Twenty20
153/517.28.822v TridentsBridgetown29 Aug 2018Twenty20
153/820.07.652v TrinbagoBasseterre1 Sep 2018Twenty20
151/920.07.551v TallawahsBridgetown29 Aug 2018Twenty20
150/217.38.572v AmazonTarouba16 Sep 2018Twenty20
148/416.38.962v PatriotsProvidence9 Aug 2018Twenty20
148/418.57.852v TridentsBridgetown25 Aug 2018Twenty20
147/620.07.351v PatriotsBridgetown25 Aug 2018Twenty20
147/920.07.351v TrinbagoTarouba16 Sep 2018Twenty20
146/520.07.301v AmazonProvidence9 Aug 2018Twenty20
145/820.07.252v TrinbagoTarouba14 Sep 2018Twenty20
141/418.17.762v AmazonGros Islet24 Aug 2018Twenty20
141/420.07.051v StarsProvidence11 Aug 2018Twenty20
140/920.07.001v StarsGros Islet24 Aug 2018Twenty20
13816.28.442v AmazonLauderhill18 Aug 2018Twenty20
138/720.06.902v AmazonProvidence11 Aug 2018Twenty20
136/417.37.772v TridentsBridgetown2 Sep 2018Twenty20
135/720.06.751v StarsBridgetown2 Sep 2018Twenty20
131/920.06.552v TallawahsKingston15 Aug 2018Twenty20
130/616.37.872v TridentsBridgetown26 Aug 2018Twenty20
128/820.06.401v TrinbagoBridgetown26 Aug 2018Twenty20
126/819.56.352v TrinbagoProvidence11 Sep 2018Twenty20
122/720.06.101v AmazonProvidence11 Sep 2018Twenty20
118/310.111.602v TallawahsBasseterre2 Sep 2018Twenty20
10317.45.832v TrinbagoPort of Spain5 Sep 2018Twenty20
9517.35.422v TrinbagoPort of Spain8 Aug 2018Twenty20
70/37.49.132v StarsGros Islet21 Aug 2018Twenty20
6912.35.521v PatriotsGros Islet21 Aug 2018Twenty20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Trinbago Knight Riders at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League Final, Sep 16, 2018 [Twenty20]

Trinbago Knight Riders vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots at Tarouba, Caribbean Premier League Qualifier 2, Sep 14, 2018 [Twenty20]

Jamaica Tallawahs vs St Kitts and Nevis Patriots at Providence, Caribbean Premier League Eliminator, Sep 12, 2018 [Twenty20]