Match results For Caribbean Premier League, 2013

Match results
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Match Date
TallawahsAmazonTallawahs7 wicketsPort of SpainAug 24, 2013Twenty20
TallawahsTridentsTallawahs7 wicketsPort of SpainAug 23, 2013Twenty20
AmazonRed SteelAmazon7 wicketsPort of SpainAug 22, 2013Twenty20
TallawahsRed SteelTallawahs3 wicketsKingstonAug 18, 2013Twenty20
HawksbillsAmazonAmazon5 wicketsNorth SoundAug 17, 2013Twenty20
TallawahsTridentsTallawahs6 wicketsKingstonAug 17, 2013Twenty20
ZouksRed SteelRed Steel6 wicketsKingstonAug 17, 2013Twenty20
HawksbillsZouksZouks17 runsNorth SoundAug 15, 2013Twenty20
TallawahsAmazonAmazon5 runsKingstonAug 15, 2013Twenty20
HawksbillsTridentsHawksbills5 wicketsNorth SoundAug 13, 2013Twenty20
Red SteelHawksbillsRed Steel1 runPort of SpainAug 11, 2013Twenty20
TridentsAmazonAmazon27 runsPort of SpainAug 11, 2013Twenty20
ZouksTallawahsTallawahs6 wicketsGros IsletAug 10, 2013Twenty20
Red SteelAmazonRed Steel3 runsPort of SpainAug 9, 2013Twenty20
ZouksTridentsTridents83 runsGros IsletAug 8, 2013Twenty20
Red SteelTallawahsTallawahs5 runsPort of SpainAug 7, 2013Twenty20
ZouksHawksbillsHawksbills33 runsGros IsletAug 6, 2013Twenty20
AmazonZouksZouks5 wicketsProvidenceAug 4, 2013Twenty20
HawksbillsTallawahsTallawahs7 wicketsProvidenceAug 4, 2013Twenty20
TridentsRed SteelTridents4 wicketsBridgetownAug 3, 2013Twenty20
AmazonTallawahsAmazon8 wicketsProvidenceAug 2, 2013Twenty20
TridentsHawksbillsTridents12 runsBridgetownAug 1, 2013Twenty20
AmazonRed SteelAmazon19 runsProvidenceJul 31, 2013Twenty20
TridentsZouksTridents17 runsBridgetownJul 30, 2013Twenty20
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Records includes the following current or recent matches:

Guyana Amazon Warriors vs Jamaica Tallawahs at Port of Spain, Caribbean Premier League Final, Aug 24, 2013 [Twenty20]

Barbados Royals vs Jamaica Tallawahs at Port of Spain, Caribbean Premier League 2nd Semi-Final, Aug 23, 2013 [Twenty20]

Trinbago Knight Riders vs Guyana Amazon Warriors at Port of Spain, Caribbean Premier League 1st Semi-Final, Aug 22, 2013 [Twenty20]