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Records in Caribbean Premier League

Most dismissals in an innings
Match Date
44-2Tallawahsv TridentsKingston20 Jul 2016T20
4221Patriotsv StarsGros Islet21 Aug 2018T20
3122Tridentsv ZouksBridgetown30 Jul 2013T20
33-2Red Steelv AmazonPort of Spain09 Aug 2013T20
3211Tallawahsv ZouksGros Islet10 Aug 2013T20
3-32Amazonv TridentsPort of Spain11 Aug 2013T20
3122Tridentsv ZouksBasseterre01 Jul 2015T20
33-1Amazonv PatriotsBasseterre08 Jul 2015T20
33-1Zouksv TridentsGros Islet23 Jul 2016T20
3212Trinbagov TallawahsKingston26 Aug 2017T20
3121Zouksv AmazonProvidence05 Sep 2019T20
33-2Tallawahsv PatriotsBasseterre10 Sep 2019T20
33-1Tridentsv TallawahsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
3212Tallawahsv TridentsBridgetown23 Sep 2019T20
3212Tridentsv AmazonTarouba12 Oct 2019T20
33-1Patriotsv ZouksTarouba22 Aug 2020T20
33-2Zouksv AmazonTarouba23 Aug 2020T20
33-2Amazonv TrinbagoBasseterre26 Aug 2021T20
33-2Tallawahsv KingsBasseterre27 Aug 2021T20
33-2Kingsv AmazonBasseterre02 Sep 2021T20
3211Kingsv PatriotsBasseterre05 Sep 2021T20
33-2Trinbagov TallawahsBasseterre07 Sep 2021T20
33-2Royalsv TrinbagoGros Islet07 Sep 2022T20
33-2Tallawahsv KingsGros Islet07 Sep 2022T20
3121Amazonv KingsGros Islet10 Sep 2022T20
33-2Tallawahsv TrinbagoTarouba17 Sep 2022T20
3212Amazonv TrinbagoProvidence24 Sep 2022T20
22-1Zouksv TridentsBridgetown30 Jul 2013T20
2-22Tridentsv HawksbillsBridgetown01 Aug 2013T20
2111Amazonv TallawahsProvidence02 Aug 2013T20
22-2Red Steelv TridentsBridgetown03 Aug 2013T20
22-2Zouksv TallawahsGros Islet10 Aug 2013T20
2112Tridentsv HawksbillsNorth Sound13 Aug 2013T20
22-2Red Steelv TallawahsKingston18 Aug 2013T20
2-21Tallawahsv ZouksSt George's12 Jul 2014T20
2112Red Steelv AmazonProvidence17 Jul 2014T20
22-1Red Steelv HawksbillsNorth Sound20 Jul 2014T20
2112Hawksbillsv TallawahsKingston31 Jul 2014T20
22-2Zouksv TridentsGros Islet31 Jul 2014T20
22-1Tallawahsv AmazonKingston02 Aug 2014T20
22-1Hawksbillsv Red SteelBasseterre09 Aug 2014T20
2112Tridentsv TallawahsBridgetown23 Jun 2015T20
2112Patriotsv TridentsBridgetown27 Jun 2015T20
2112Patriotsv TallawahsBasseterre04 Jul 2015T20
2-22Amazonv Red SteelBasseterre04 Jul 2015T20
22-2Patriotsv AmazonBasseterre08 Jul 2015T20
22-1Red Steelv TallawahsKingston09 Jul 2015T20
22-1Amazonv TridentsProvidence18 Jul 2015T20
2-22Red Steelv TallawahsPort of Spain19 Jul 2015T20
22-1Amazonv Red SteelProvidence21 Jul 2015T20
22-2Patriotsv AmazonBasseterre30 Jun 2016T20
22-1Tridentsv TrinbagoPort of Spain01 Jul 2016T20
22-1Amazonv TrinbagoPort of Spain02 Jul 2016T20
22-1Tallawahsv TrinbagoPort of Spain04 Jul 2016T20
22-1Amazonv PatriotsProvidence09 Jul 2016T20
2-22Tridentsv PatriotsBridgetown13 Jul 2016T20
22-2Amazonv TallawahsKingston15 Jul 2016T20
2112Tallawahsv PatriotsKingston16 Jul 2016T20
22-1Patriotsv TallawahsKingston16 Jul 2016T20
2112Tallawahsv TrinbagoKingston18 Jul 2016T20
22-2Zouksv TrinbagoBasseterre04 Aug 2016T20
2111Tallawahsv AmazonBasseterre07 Aug 2016T20
2112Patriotsv AmazonLauderhill06 Aug 2017T20
22-2Tridentsv StarsGros Islet10 Aug 2017T20
2112Patriotsv StarsGros Islet12 Aug 2017T20
2111Amazonv StarsGros Islet13 Aug 2017T20
2-22Starsv AmazonProvidence22 Aug 2017T20
2111Starsv TridentsBridgetown31 Aug 2017T20
22-1Trinbagov TridentsBridgetown02 Sep 2017T20
22-2Tridentsv TrinbagoBridgetown02 Sep 2017T20
22-1Patriotsv TridentsBridgetown03 Sep 2017T20
22-1Trinbagov PatriotsTarouba05 Sep 2017T20
2112Amazonv TrinbagoTarouba07 Sep 2017T20
2112Amazonv StarsProvidence11 Aug 2018T20
2111Starsv AmazonProvidence11 Aug 2018T20
22-2Tallawahsv PatriotsKingston15 Aug 2018T20
22-2Starsv TrinbagoGros Islet16 Aug 2018T20
22-2Tridentsv TallawahsLauderhill22 Aug 2018T20
22-2Tridentsv PatriotsBridgetown25 Aug 2018T20
2-21Trinbagov TridentsBridgetown26 Aug 2018T20
22-2Tridentsv TallawahsBridgetown29 Aug 2018T20
22-2Trinbagov PatriotsBasseterre01 Sep 2018T20
22-2Tallawahsv PatriotsProvidence12 Sep 2018T20
2112Trinbagov PatriotsTarouba14 Sep 2018T20
22-2Tridentsv PatriotsBasseterre11 Sep 2019T20
22-1Patriotsv ZouksBasseterre15 Sep 2019T20
22-2Amazonv TallawahsKingston18 Sep 2019T20
22-1Tallawahsv AmazonKingston18 Sep 2019T20
2-21Patriotsv ZouksGros Islet24 Sep 2019T20
22-1Zouksv TallawahsGros Islet27 Sep 2019T20
22-1Tridentsv PatriotsBridgetown28 Sep 2019T20
22-2Amazonv TrinbagoPort of Spain30 Sep 2019T20
22-2Tridentsv TrinbagoTarouba10 Oct 2019T20
2111Amazonv PatriotsTarouba19 Aug 2020T20
22-2Zouksv PatriotsTarouba22 Aug 2020T20
22-1Tallawahsv AmazonTarouba22 Aug 2020T20
22-2Tridentsv TallawahsPort of Spain26 Aug 2020T20
2112Tridentsv TrinbagoPort of Spain29 Aug 2020T20
2111Trinbagov TridentsPort of Spain29 Aug 2020T20
2112Tallawahsv PatriotsPort of Spain29 Aug 2020T20
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Figures exclude catches not made as a wicketkeeper
Records includes the following current or recent matches:

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