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3rd ODI (D/N), Afghanistan tour of West Indies at Gros Islet, Jun 14 2017
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7.25 pm The match has been called off Cricket West Indies tweet that relentless rain has put an end to any hopes of play in the deciding match of the series and it will end tied 1-1. Thank you for your patience sticking with us. Hopefully you all have a better day/night ahead.

7.05 pm The cut-off time for a 20-over game is 8.17 pm Ridiculous leeway for a cricket match - one that was supposed to start almost five hours ago. But it brings people joy so we will keep slogging through.

6.35 pm "It's still raining and the wait continues," says Cricket West Indies on Twitter. Couldn't have put it better.

Saadat: "When the match is going to be abandoned, it's 3AM here in Afghanistan and I want to know when I will be able to sleep freely without the fear of missing live match."

We'll bring you the details as soon as we get them. In the meantime, here's an imaginary cookie.

"I planned to do many things this evening but the rain spoiled my plans, for me no cricket no work ! Argggg" We feel your pain Wardak. But alas we cannot bring you any good news. We're still waiting on the ground to be fit for cricket after some pretty steady rain

Bashir Gul: "Eventhough i have exam tomorrow , but won't sleep before the match is called off ! " Cricket, ruining grades since time immemorial.

5.50 pm If you're all peeling your hair out at the lack of updates, keep peeling. We have no further news for you. The game is still waiting for the elements to smile on it. For those desperate for anything related to cricket, why not check in with Peter Della Penna as he sets up a tasty little contest between Zimbabwe and Scotland in Edinburgh on Thursday

5.15 pm "According to, the rain is expected to end at 7:15pm (local time) and then there is no rain expected for the rest of the night. This will probably reduce some more overs too. It will be more like a short format game which will make it even more interesting to watch." Ihsan Shagiwal remains hopeful. Or he's just got nothing else going on. Either way, the weather is a pretty fickle thing and the latest news we had from the ground was that it was engulfed under grey.

4.42 Oh boo! The rain's begun again and the covers have come back on. It's a bit of a drizzle, and Jeff Dujon on commentary says this might be the state of affairs for a long while considering the heavily overcast conditions.

4.35 pm Afghanistan have won the toss and will be batting first "Two changes, Samiullah Shenwari and Amir Hamza are not playing. Fareed Ahmad and Nasir Jamal are playing instead" Stanikzai says, "Final match is very important. Hopefully we play positively"

"Wanted to bowl first, with overcast conditions, and with rain expected later. Helps the chasing team. one forced change, Gabriel is out, Cummins is in," Holder says

"We turned up, we didn't quite show the opposition enough respect in the first game. We started slowly, we lacked energy in the field, the energy on arrival. The second game, the boys showed what they have. They're still young kids, trying to learn. Afghanistan are actually more experienced in 50-over internationals than our boys," Stuart Law, West Indies coach says. "It's a massive challenge [getting back up with the top teams] We saw in the Pakistan series, we won the first game, we pushed then hard in the other two, and Pakistan have made it into the Champions Trophy final. It's encouraging for our players to see that. They played against the same players. [World Cup qualification] With Pakistan and Bangladesh in the semi-final of the Champions Trophy, that'll be difficult. But we can't be focussed on that. We have to be up for this contest, and then the next series against India. If we can win a couple of games, and then a couple against England, I'm sure we can climb the ladder. Whether or not we get direct entry into the World Cup, I'm not sure"

4.20 pm We have a "43-overs-a-side game", tweet Cricket West Indies, and the first ball will be up in 25 minutes' time. The toss is in just a few minutes, so please stick around.

"I wish it rains till the end of the day and we get a tie series, it will be a great joy to remember that Afghanistan tied a series with a full member. " Oh Hamza, they have already beaten a Full Member (Zimbabwe). Thrice.

"I hope that today we will see a good batting Form our Afghans players , I believe that Rashid khan is game changer just I'm waiting specially for Rashid bowling, I'm in Rassia now and the time is 11:26 pm let's start the match." We're waiting right alongside you Asadullah Dawar. Wanna hold hands?

4.15 pm Good news! "The covers have come off," says Cricket West Indies on Twitter. The groundsmen are out and about and there is hope again that we will see some cricket this day in St Lucia.

"The time is 12:45 am in Afghanistan i cant sleep and will set to television until the match abanndoned" Don't lose hope yet, Ab monir. A miracle might just be on the way.

Srinivasan: "Is it still raining and what is the cut off time for the match to start. Wanted to sleep but don't want to miss the series decider. What's your advice, any chance of play today?" Umm... The outfield, it seems, might have taken quite a bit of water from overnight showers. But the forecast suggests clear (read partly cloudy) weather until around 6 pm when more rain is predicted. Read from that what you will.

4.02pm We can only tell you at the moment that we've started losing overs. No signs of a toss yet.

3.19pm No news once more. Ground not ready for play.

Themainman: "Afghanistan has an amazing bowling unit, they need Rahmat shah and Javed Ahmadi to be more consistent! Hire a batting coach and in 2 years they can be a top class team!"

2.48pm No update on the toss or timings yet. The rain seems to have stopped but the outfield is completely soaked.

2.35pm We should have had a start five minutes ago, but there hasn't even been a toss yet. To put it bluntly - there hasn't even been an update from the venue. Looking grim.

Ihsan Shagiwal: "Any specific reason for not having DRS in this series? I think, in the first two ODIs there were some noticeable wrong decisions made by the Umpires against both teams which could have been avoided with DRS. Also, DRS makes the games more interesting and exciting. " ---- Can't have DRS without the requisite equipment Ihsan. And that equipment is expensive.

Balasubramanian: "More than anyone I was expecting my man Rashid to get some more wickets & move to Top 5 in ICC Ranking :D "

Jeffster: "Do we have a reserve day for this match?" --- No.

Themainman : "After what Pakistan did today, I was excited to watch a great fight back from Nabi and Rashid..guess will have to sleep here in India! Hope gulbadin bats at the top of this is a shortened game! "

Ahmed din: "How is the current weather... Any good news?" --- No good news at the moment, Ahmed. We must wait.

saifullah: "Hello , is there any chances to play this last ODI?" --- We hope so, Saifullah. Will keep you updated.

Stuart Law, West Indies head coach, has said it'll be a fresh pitch for today, that batsmen need to be "dominant" and score 100s, and that it is hard facing Rashid under lights because "you can't see the revolutions"

1.36pm There is some bad news though. Cricket West Indies tells us it's been raining "overnight and all day" with an accompanying visual of covers at St. Lucia.

1.35pm Welcome to the final game of Afghanistan's tour. It's set up nicely in the ODI series. The visitors did so well at the start of this one, coming in from that disastrous outing in the T20 series. They rattled West Indies in the first ODI, but the favour was returned in the second. That gives us a decider - what's better than a game that comes attached with pride? Here's my colleague Alagappan with the preview - Onus on West Indies batsmen

Match details
Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia
TossAfghanistan , elected to field first
SeriesAfghanistan tour of West Indies 2017
Series result3-match series drawn 1-1
Match numberODI no. 3890
Hours of play (local time)14:30 start, First Session 14:30-18:00, Interval 18:00-18:45, Second Session 18:45-22:15
Match days14 June 2017 - day/night match (50-over match)
Leslie Reifer
Chettithody Shamshuddin
TV Umpire
Nigel Duguid
Reserve Umpire
Joel Wilson
Match Referee
Jeff Crowe