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Player of the Match

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741dChandresh Narayanan

Aaqib satisfied with World Cup preparation

UAE's head coach says the side's batsmen have improved against pace and bounce after training and playing matches on pitches designed to simulate Australian conditions

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st60Javed AhmadiNawroz Mangal
2nd31Javed AhmadiAfsar Zazai
3rd11Asghar AfghanAfsar Zazai
4th10Mohammad NabiAsghar Afghan
5th36Mohammad NabiSamiullah Shinwari
6th21Samiullah ShinwariShafiqullah
7th50ShafiqullahMirwais Ashraf
8th39Mirwais AshrafDawlat Zadran
9th18Shapoor ZadranMirwais Ashraf