Player of the Match
Player of the Match

153 | (maiden) | ENG: 591/6

  • Ravi Bopara44 (75b)
  • Matt Prior18 (28b)
  • Suresh Raina19-2-58-2
  • Amit Mishra38-3-170-0

4.50pm James Anderson has the ball, Sehwag to face. Three slips in place. 'Play' says the umpire

4.45pm Five minutes to go for resumption. Here's what some of you have sent in.

Karan: "Poor, poor Ravi Bopara." I concur.

Kamal: "This is my Indian (Injury) eleven for next test: Gauti, Yuvi, Pujara, Badri(At least , lets include him here),Uthappa (W/K), Irfan pathan, Bajji, Praveen, Zaheer, Nehra, L Balaji."

It is Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid to open. And just as these two walk out , the TV shows a Champions League Twenty20 ad featuring Gautam Gambhir.

4.30pm Glorious blues skies in London, the umpires are out inspecting the outfield and the pitch.

Some (more) bad news for India fans.This BCCI release just landed in my inbox. "Gautam Gambhir had a mild concussion when he hit the ground while attempting to catch a ball yesterday. As he was continuing to feel uncomfortable this morning, he was sent for a precautionary scan. The medical examination is underway." Dravid to open once more? We'll confirm that soon.

And the news is England have declared. Play will restart at 4.50pm.

4.10pm It's bright and sunny at The Oval. Covers are coming off. The England bowlers and fielders are warming up. Not in their whites yet, though. Meanwhile another inspection scheduled at 4.30pm. While we wait for the other inspection, don't forget there is a lot of football action on tonight. Follow it all on our own ESPNSoccernet. You can also see all today's Premier League goals for free on the new ESPN Goals app. That sounds sweet.

4pm Meanwhile there hasn't been any news of a declaration from England. Adam Mountford of TMS tweets, "Rumour England have not declared as they are worried about the wet outfield. Difficult to bowl with wet ball." Miller on the other hand is fuming. He says, " Bat for 20 more mins, let Ravi get his 50, bat for 10 more because Prior will be getting close by then, then another 20 for Ravi's hundred.." 3.40pm More news. Umpires will inspect the ground at 4.10pm

3.30pm Andrew Miller's tweet is full of brightness: "A shaft of sunlight and the loudest cheer of the day ... or pro rata, anyway, given the ground is currently a tenth full." Bright sunshine at The Oval now, the mopping job starts. If it doesn't rain any more, we should have more play this evening. And Justin writes in, "Perfect blue sky and sunshine in Crystal Palace now, just a few miles south. You could sunbath on the sodden floor."

2.50pm Disappointing news. It's bucketing at The Oval now. Looks bleak, at least for this session. Tim Chippington Derrick, though, is trying to be optimistic: "OK, here in West Surrey it is still raining, but the edge of the cloud is in sight and I can see clear blue sky beyond it, so there is hope for it clearing up soon there at the Oval."

Clamson, meanwhile, is not. He says, "Been raining for hours in High Wycombe, 30 miles east - wind blowing towards the Oval. Don't expect much more play at all!"

2.10pm "im currently watching the Football from the Emirates stadium (on tv) in north london and it is absolutley bucketing down, dont be suprised if there isnt any play before tea." Yes Alex, I just switched channels to football, and it's pouring at Arsenal's home ground

1.55pm Still raining steadily at The Oval. Is it raining on cricket in general too. Airtel, a long-time cricket sponsor, has turned away from the game and has thrown in its lot with Formula One. Is that a worrying signs of cricket overkill? Read the story on ESPNF1

1.45pm The one thing that can be said for football (ok, maybe not the only thing) is that it is not at the mercy of the weather as cricket is. You can follow the Arsenal v Liverpool game live on our sister site, Soccernet. At least until the rain stops. It's also worth mentioning that those of you tuning in from the UK can catch action from every Barclays Premier League match on your mobile for free on the enhanced ESPN Goals app.

1.40pm Well, we should be re-starting now, but unfortunately the weather has closed in in South London and the covers remain firmly in place. You can have a closer look at the rainclouds settling in here.

1.10pm Oh dear. The covers are coming on at The Oval. Hopefully just a passing shower.

1.00pm And that is lunch at The Oval. Ultimately, England's session by a distance, and they're in full control. India briefly threatened to make inroads into England's middle order with the wickets of Anderson and Morgan in quick succession, but it's been all England since then. Bell eventually departed for a career-best 235, and Bopara and Prior have since carried on the good work with an unbeaten partnership of 43 in just over 10 overs. Read all about the session in Andrew McGlashan's report, which will be up presently.

As you may have noticed, the new football season has started. For football fans in the UK, you can catch action from every Barclays Premier League match on your mobile for free on the enhanced ESPN Goals app.

Raina to Bopara, no run, and another gentle defensive stroke to leg to end the session with a maiden
Raina to Bopara, no run, a touch of grip off the surface, but Bopara is safely behind it in defence
Raina to Bopara, no run, arrowed down very fast and flat by Raina, Bopara keeps it out with watchful defence
Raina to Bopara, no run, and now the weight is back again as he nudges defensively to leg
Raina to Bopara, no run, Bopara comes well forward in defence this time
Raina to Bopara, no run, Bopara stays deep in his crease, pushing the ball to Raina's left. The bowler charges across to cut it off

This should be the last over before lunch.

India 3rd innings Partnerships

1st49R DravidV Sehwag
2nd15VVS LaxmanV Sehwag
3rd54SR TendulkarVVS Laxman
4th144SR TendulkarA Mishra
5th0SR TendulkarSK Raina
6th4MS DhoniSK Raina
7th3MS DhoniG Gambhir
8th0G GambhirRP Singh
9th6G GambhirI Sharma
10th8S SreesanthI Sharma