Player of the Match
Player of the Match

20 | 6 Runs | WI: 79/7 (27 runs required, RR: 3.95)

  • Ravi Rampaul3 (9b)
  • Denesh Ramdin23 (36b)
  • Shingi Masakadza1-0-6-0
  • Elton Chigumbura1-0-7-0

Yes, the pitch offered spin, yes it was a two-paced track, with the ball occasionally stopping on the batsmen, but it has be said that the batsmen showed poor skills. West Indies were terrible against spin today and crumbled under steady pressure exerted by the gang of Zimbabwe spinners. What a superb win this for the visitors. Awesomeo!

The whole game followed a strange script: Zimbabwe struggled and stuttered initially but they managed to limp past 100. Then the infamous calypso collapso began. Game over.

Hold on for quotes from post-match ceremony.

Ramdin "Very disappointing. We needed to show more application, the batsmen had to stay there but no one did. They bowled well in the right areas and got the results. We were quite happy way we bowled but the batting ... Hopefully Chris Gayle will come back and we can bounce back from this."

Utseya : "It wasn't a great start but we managed to put a total and the guys struck it out there. It wasn't a easy to bat on .. we thought 140 was a good total there but it obviously wasn't! The wicket was spinner friendly and so we decided to make use of all our spinners. The guys have been playing some good cricket back home. Even though we have won this first game but its important for us to keep improving and not get ahead."

Man of the Match is Cremer: "I am happy I got a spinning wicket for a change. We knew that this would be low and slow but we didn't think it would spin this much. We saw the track yesterday and felt that it would turn. Every one is pretty confident; we need to iron out few things. we have worked hard in domestic cricket and it should be a good series."

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SW Masakadza to Rampaul, no run, Zimbabwe have won it! Who would have thought this result was possible when they were struggling so badly at the start of the game and with all those ducks in their scorecard? They managed to crawl past 100 and what a comeback in the second half. What a deliciously bizarre game this has been. btw .. this final delivery, a very full one, was pushed out by Rampaul. West Indies were brutally exposed by the spinners here. Quite an amazing turnaround.
SW Masakadza to Ramdin, 1 run, leans forward to swat it away to deep midwicket. Final delivery coming up.

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st21S ChanderpaulAB Barath
2nd3S ChanderpaulADS Fletcher
3rd8S ChanderpaulKA Pollard
4th0S ChanderpaulDM Bravo
5th7S ChanderpaulD Ramdin
6th18DR SmithD Ramdin
7th8DJG SammyD Ramdin
8th14R RampaulD Ramdin