2nd Test, Melbourne, Jan 1-5 1904, England [Marylebone Cricket Club] tour of Australia
315 & 103
(29.4 ov, target 297)
122 & 111
England won by 185 runs
England 1st Innings
PF Warner (c)c Duff b Trumble68-17080-
TW Hayward c Gregory b Hopkins58-15520-
JT Tyldesley c Trumble b Howell97-22580-
RE Foster retired ill49-11530-
LC Braund c Howell b Trumble20-5520-
AE Knight  b Howell2-200-
GH Hirst c Noble b Howell7-1800-
W Rhodes lbw b Trumble2-1100-
AFA Lilley c Howell b Trumble4-2400-
AE Relf not out3-2500-
A Fielder  b Howell1-200-
Extras(lb 3, w 1)4
TOTAL(152.5 Ov, RR: 2.06)315
Fall of wickets: 1-122 (Tom Hayward), 2-132 (Sir Pelham Warner), 2-221* (Tip Foster, retired not out ), 3-277 (Len Braund), 4-279 (Albert Knight), 5-297 (George Hirst), 6-306 (Wilfred Rhodes), 7-306 (Johnny Tyldesley), 8-314 (Dick Lilley), 9-315 (Arthur Fielder)
H Trumble501010742.1400
MA Noble63400.6600
JV Saunders1636003.7500
WP Howell34.5144341.2300
WW Armstrong2564301.7200
AJY Hopkins2025012.5000
VT Trumper10404.0000
Australia 1st Innings
RA Duff st †Lilley b Rhodes10-1010-
VT Trumper c Tyldesley b Rhodes74-11251-
C Hill c Rhodes b Hirst5-1010-
MA Noble (c)c sub (H Strudwick) b Rhodes0-600-
SE Gregory c Hirst b Rhodes1-1200-
AJY Hopkins c sub (H Strudwick) b Relf18-1710-
H Trumble c sub (H Strudwick) b Rhodes2-600-
WW Armstrong c Braund b Rhodes1-600-
JJ Kelly run out8-1700-
WP Howell c Fielder b Rhodes0-700-
JV Saunders not out2-700-
Extras(lb 1)1
TOTAL(30.2 Ov, RR: 4.02)122
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Reggie Duff), 2-23 (Clem Hill), 3-23 (Monty Noble), 4-33 (Syd Gregory), 5-67 (Bert Hopkins), 6-73 (Hugh Trumble), 7-79 (Warwick Armstrong), 8-105 (James Kelly), 9-116 (Bill Howell), 10-122 (Victor Trumper)
W Rhodes15.235673.6500
GH Hirst813314.1200
AE Relf201216.0000
LC Braund502004.0000
England 2nd Innings
PF Warner (c)c Trumper b Saunders3-400-
TW Hayward c Trumper b Trumble0-1000-
JT Tyldesley c Trumble b Howell62-7862-
LC Braund  b Saunders3-1600-
GH Hirst c Gregory b Howell4-1710-
W Rhodes lbw b Trumble9-2110-
AE Knight lbw b Trumble0-200-
AFA Lilley st †Kelly b Trumble0-500-
AE Relf not out10-1210-
A Fielder c Hill b Trumble4-600-
RE Foster absent hurt-
Extras(b 7, lb 1)8
TOTAL(28.5 Ov, RR: 3.57)103
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Sir Pelham Warner), 2-7 (Tom Hayward), 3-27 (Len Braund), 4-40 (George Hirst), 5-74 (Wilfred Rhodes), 6-74 (Albert Knight), 7-74 (Dick Lilley), 8-90 (Johnny Tyldesley), 9-103 (Arthur Fielder)
H Trumble10.523453.1300
JV Saunders803324.1200
WP Howell832523.1200
AJY Hopkins21301.5000
Australia 2nd Innings (target: 297 runs)
RA Duff c Braund b Rhodes8-900-
VT Trumper c Relf b Rhodes35-5241-
C Hill c Relf b Rhodes20-2520-
MA Noble (c)not out31-7551-
SE Gregory c Rhodes b Hirst0-200-
AJY Hopkins c & b Rhodes7-1210-
H Trumble c Braund b Rhodes0-600-
WW Armstrong c Hayward b Rhodes0-100-
JJ Kelly c †Lilley b Rhodes7-1000-
WP Howell c Hirst b Rhodes3-500-
JV Saunders c Fielder b Hirst0-1000-
TOTAL(29.4 Ov, RR: 3.74)111
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Reggie Duff), 2-59 (Clem Hill), 3-73 (Victor Trumper), 4-77 (Syd Gregory), 5-86 (Bert Hopkins), 6-90 (Hugh Trumble), 7-90 (Warwick Armstrong), 8-102 (James Kelly), 9-105 (Bill Howell), 10-111 (Jack Saunders)
W Rhodes1506884.5300
GH Hirst13.443822.7800
AE Relf10505.0000
Melbourne Cricket Ground
TossEngland , elected to bat first
SeriesEngland [Marylebone Cricket Club] tour of Australia
Series resultEngland led the 5-match series 2-0
Match numberTest no. 79
Match days1,2,4,5 January 1904 (timeless match)
Test debut
Albert Knight
Arthur Fielder
Bob Crockett
Philip Argall
Fri, 01 Jan - day 1 - England 221/2 (JT Tyldesley 46*, RE Foster 49*)
Sat, 02 Jan - day 2 - England 306/6 (JT Tyldesley 97*)
Sun, 03 Jan - rest day
Mon, 04 Jan - day 3 - England 74/5 (JT Tyldesley 48*)
Tue, 05 Jan - day 4 - Australia 111 (29.4 ov) - end of match
  • RE Foster retired hurt at 221/2 (severe chill caught after the 1st day)