Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Hope you've enjoyed our coverage right through the five days. Patches of controversy, some excellent cricket otherwise. Pity the weather didn't hold off for us to veer towards a natural conclusion, but that notwithstanding, this has been an intense Test. Would love to have your company for the historic Day-Night Test in Barbados from June 24. Until then, this is Shashank Kishore and Akshay Gopalakrishnan signing off. Don't forget to check out Andrew Fidel Fernando's match bulletin that should be updated very soon. Promises to be quite busy. Expect a verdict from the ICC on Dinesh Chandimal shortly too. Cheers!

Time for the presentation

Jason Holder: Happy, we played reasonable cricket, probably not at our best. We weren't as consistent and disciplined as we should've been. They played well. All in all, a decent effort, I thought we were more clinical in Trinidad. Getting wickets off no-balls is a concern, something we need to pay attention to. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

Man of the Match Shannon Gabriel: It's a great feeling (100 wickets). If someone told me 'Shannon, you'll play Tests and take 100 wickets, I would've told him you're crazy!" I'd like to thank family and friends for supporting me. I was prepared well for this series, getting myself fit. As long as you get wickets, pains and aches go away. I was supported well by Kemar, he was unlucky. Miguel Cummins kept coming at the batsmen. Holder was also very good. We can take plenty of positives from this Test.

Dinesh Chandimal: I'm really happy with the way we played through the five days. Weather permitting, there was a chance, but pleased overall. Credit to the West Indies bowling attack, they've got some good bowlers. It's hard to score big runs under these conditions. We have to improve a little more. We went in with Akila Dananjaya this game, it was a tactical call. Rangana is a legend. I thought Akila bowled well. Credit also to Gabriel, his hard work has paid off.

That's the end of that. Game called off. Match drawn. West Indies will go into their historic Day-Night Test at Bridgetown with a 1-0 lead. No prizes for guessing who the Player of the Match is: Shannon Gabiel. , whose 13 for 121 is the third-best by a West Indies fast bowler in their storied history.

5.35pm The main square remains wrapped under covers. There's drizzle too. A resumption looking increasingly unlikely. Expect a decision anytime now.

Divy: "Full circle for Lankans in this test. First they didn't want to take the pitch, now they leave it grudgingly. Not a good sight for any team. "

Aditya: "Still don't understand all the comments asking the Windies to go for it. A hard fought draw like this one is not something the ICC should be trying to prevent. The issue of draws was the boring ones on flat pitches where scores were around 600+ each innings."

5.10pm Aleem Dar has a long chat with Chandimal. Sri Lankans don't want to walk off. They are now walking off eventually. Don't see how the light can improve from here. If at all, it can only get darker.

5.07pm It's getting murky. Decision coming very soon. Umpires aren't too satisfied with the light. Chandimal shakes his head. The batsmen have walked off the field, even as the Sri Lankans stay put near the crease. Chandimal walks up to the umpires to ask for the reading, he doesn't seem too pleased. But there isn't much he can do.

Lakmal to Holder, no run, snakes back in from outside off, beats Holder's inside edge to hit him on the box. Holder has fallen flat on the ground, he seems ot be in some pain. Delay in play! The physio is out, the non-striker walks up to him. Chandimal doesn't like this.

Short leg, leg gully, short midwicket, two slips, gully in place.

It's getting dark. Could become a factor sooner than expected. Aleem looks at the reading, Ian Gould walks up to join him. They've rested the light meter on the stumps, in place of the bails. Not sure why. Then he removes the instrument and slots the bails back in. Chandimal looks on. West Indies ain't complaining.

Lakmal to Brathwaite, 1 run, works this uppishly off his hip to fine leg

Aleem Dar calls for the light meter.

Lakmal to Brathwaite, no run, defends with soft hands from the crease

60 | (maiden) | WI: 146/5

  • Jason Holder15 (19b)
  • Kraigg Brathwaite58 (170b)
  • Lahiru Kumara10-3-28-0
  • Suranga Lakmal17-3-47-2
Kumara to Holder, no run, works this full delivery on middle to mid-on

American Cricket: "No matter what, I think Gabriel deserves MoM at the end of this match. He's bowled his heart out and deserves it"

Kumara to Holder, no run, back of length outside off, left alone
Kumara to Holder, no run, beaten on the drive! Beauty from Kumara, drew a false stroke. No feet from Holder
Kumara to Holder, no run, steams in and delivers a short of length delivery on middle, defended back as Holder shows the full face of the bat
Kumara to Holder, no run, short of length and angling in from wide of the crease, left alone again
Kumara to Holder, no run, back of length outside off, he shoulders arms

Kumara is back

59 | 9 Runs | WI: 146/5

  • Kraigg Brathwaite58 (170b)
  • Jason Holder15 (13b)
  • Suranga Lakmal17-3-47-2
  • Akila Dananjaya19-7-33-1
Lakmal to Brathwaite, 2 runs, driven firmly on the up, a misfield at short cover parries the ball towards mid-off.

Jerome: "As a Windies fan, would want the boys to give it a go. We are T20 specialists, let's put it to good use! No guts, no glory."

Lakmal to Brathwaite, 4 byes, plenty of movement back in but even the keeper had no chance. Four byes. Reversed in a long, long way.
Lakmal to Brathwaite, 2 runs, slips in a full delivery on middle and off, whipped into the gap at square leg
Lakmal to Brathwaite, no run, short of length on off stump, defended from the crease.

West Indies 4th innings Partnerships

1st6DS SmithKC Brathwaite
2nd2KOA PowellKC Brathwaite
3rd17KC BrathwaiteSD Hope
3rd30KC BrathwaiteRL Chase
4th9KC BrathwaiteSO Dowrich
5th53KC BrathwaiteSD Hope
6th30KC BrathwaiteJO Holder