Player of the Match
Player of the Match

50 | 8 Runs 2 Wkts | AUS: 376/9 | RR: 7.52

  • Xavier Doherty0 (1b)
  • Mitchell Johnson3 (3b)
  • Angelo Mathews7-0-59-1
  • Thisara Perera9-0-87-2

6.18 pm: Maxwell finally gets to that elusive ODI hundred which may have just taken this game beyond Sri Lanka. We will be back soon for the chase, but don't forget to tune into Match Point, which should be starting very soon. And while you watch that, take in this latest piece from Sa'adi Thawfeeq on Sangakkara, who has made an important declaration regarding his Test career, which you will have to read about here. See you in a bit!

Glenn Maxwell: It is nice to finally get the monkey off the back. Scored a few 90s recently, so it is nice to finally pull through. It is a big relief to get it out of the way, and hopefully it is the first of many. The top order set us up beautifully to have a little bit of fun at the end. Just need to maintain a good line and length and backup our bowling with some good fielding.

6.13 pm: So in the end, Australia rack up an imposing 376 for 9, led from the front by the 134-run third-wicket partnership between Michael Clarke and Steven Smith which settled the innings, before Maxwell and Watson went ballistic in the end to power them to this significant total.

Mathews to Doherty, 1 bye, length delivery shaping away as he fails to make any connection with this, but they still end up running the bye as Sangakkara has a shy at the stumps
Mathews to Johnson, 1 run, heaves this fuller delivery towards deep midwicket, but is held to just the one after this arrived a bit too quickly to the fielder

Xavier Doherty is the final batsman for Australia

Mathews to Johnson, 1 run, OUT, hammers away this length delivery through long on, with Johnson wanting two from the get-go. The fielder in the deep pounces on this before sending in flat throw to Mathews, who is able to knock over the stumps before Starc had grounded his bat. The second run was never really on there, but you got to do what you got to do

MA Starc run out (Perera/Mathews) 0 (1m 0b 0x4 0x6)

The Two Mitches are now out in the middle

Mathews to Haddin, OUT, slower length delivery now which Haddin looks to send orbiting over Sydney, but ends up slicing away over to cover, who is able to get under it safely. Has to go as Australia look to rack up as many as possible off these final deliveries

BJ Haddin c Perera b Mathews 25 (16m 9b 4x4 1x6) SR: 277.77

chase derailed


Sri Lanka's score in overs No. 41 to 45. Australia had scored 68/0 in the same period.

well on track, still


Sri Lanka's score at the end of the 40th over; Australia were 253/4

The first one!


Number of consecutive centuries in this World Cup by Sangakkara; he is the first one do so in the World Cup.

on a hat-trick


Centuries by Kumar Sangakkara in his last-two innings - against Bangladesh and England. He remained unbeaten in both the innings.

on a hat-trick


No. of century partnerships by Sri Lanka's openers in their last-two games.

Australia's fastest ton


Balls taken by James Faulkner who held the previous record for the fastest century by an Australia batsman. Maxwell took 51 in this match.

A Rarity


No. of times before Australia's innings all the four batsmen from No. 3 to No. 6 had got fifty-plus scores in an innings in ODIs. Pakistan have had two such instances.