54th Match, Sydney, Jan 26 2020, Big Bash League
(15/15 ov)
(11.4/12 ov, target 96)
Syd Thunder won by 7 wickets (D/L)
Player Of The Match
Sydney Thunder
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Thunder win by 7 wickets under DLS with 2 balls to spare. Chris Morris is the hero for the Thunder and their finals hopes stay alive. They jump up to 4th on the table and the Scorchers drop to 5th. Now it's over to the Hurricanes and the Heat to see what they can do. Alex Hales is Player of the Match for his 47 off 27 balls in the chase. Hales: "It was a lot closer than we would have liked. It was important to get off to a good start and fortunately we just scraped over the line."

It all hangs on the Hobart Hurricanes and Brisbane Heat. What a finish we have coming up over the next 24 hours. The Hurricanes face the Strikers tonight and then the Heat face the Renegades tomorrow. Those results will dictate who plays finals. Thanks for your company from the Sydney Showgrounds.

Duke: "Morris!!"

Alex: "Matt Kelly?!? SERIOUSLY?! Why sign Morkel if you're going to use Matt Kelly in this situation. "

WAQAR: "Thunder deserved this DLS luck after bad luck in Strikers game. Game getting called off after 4.2 overs of Thunder innings."

Kelly to Morris, FOUR runs
driven over cover and the Thunder win! Another half volley outside off, Morris was waiting and he lofted a cover drive over the man in the circle and away to the rope!
Kelly to Morris, SIX runs
thumped over long on! 127kph in the slot! Nowhere near the yorker length Kelly wanted, he hung back set himself and crunched it flat into the stands with a glorious swing of the bat

Remios: "What an over from Richardson, I can't believe it "

Kelly to Ferguson, 1 run
128kph, attempted yorker, he charged and gets an inside edge onto pad for a single! The yorker would have been a half volley if he hung back
Kelly to Ferguson, 2 runs
he charges, into the wicket slower ball, he pulls on the move wide of deep long on and they pick up two

Matt Kelly is bowling the last. The Thunder need 12. Seasons are on the line. Third man and fine leg up. Yorkers and slower balls coming you would think.

end of over 112 runs • 1 wicket
ST: 84/3CRR: 7.63 • RRR: 12.00 • Need 12 runs from 6b
Callum Ferguson6 (8)
Chris Morris1 (3)
Jhye Richardson3-0-13-1
Fawad Ahmed3-0-15-1
Richardson to Ferguson, 1 run
140kph, length wide of off, he drives on the up in the air but it lands short of cover and he knocks it down. They only get one

Duke: "Thunder doing a good job of complicating a straight forward win"

Richardson to Morris, 1 run
full outside off, hammers a drive straight of mid off and Morkel makes an amazing diving save on the circle! Saved three for sure
Richardson to Morris, no run
nearly bowled, nearly a run out! Panic everywhere! Full and straight nearly sneaking through, gets an inside edge onto pad, it rolls behind to the keeper, he takes off and is sent back, Inglis shies and misses but Morris was well out!

Laks: "Is there still life in this game (yet)??"

Richardson to Morris, no run
full angled into middle, 137kph, he defends to midwicket

Chris Morris

Richardson to Ross, OUT
Bowled him! 148kph, length ball and tailing back into the top of off, Ross stayed leg side trying to cut but it was way too quick and too close and it crashes into the top of off!
AI Ross b Richardson 6 (6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Daniel: "Are you sure it was stumped? The 3rd umpire described it as "a referral for run out" on the TV coverage." The TV graphics had it stumped. But again I agree Daniel. I think it should have been run out

Richardson to Ross, no run
good length, on off, he defends from the crease

Jhye Richardson

end of over 104 runs
ST: 82/2CRR: 8.2 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 14 runs from 12b
Alex Ross6 (4)
Callum Ferguson5 (7)
Fawad Ahmed3-0-15-1
Ashton Agar2-0-19-0

Max: "Surely Khawaja's wicket is a run out? He definitely took off in an attempt for a run, and the stmuped law says it's stumped if you are out of your crease "otherwise than in attempting a run"." Agree Max. It may get changed.

Fawad Ahmed to Ross, 1 run
full outside off, he drives to long on
Fawad Ahmed to Ross, no run
he skipped down the track and defended on the move
Fawad Ahmed to Ferguson, 1 run
shorter length, he's back and pulling to deep midwicket
Fawad Ahmed to Ross, 1 run
reverse sweep to deep point for a single
Fawad Ahmed to Ferguson, 1 run
shorter wrong un, he's back and working this to square leg
Fawad Ahmed to Ferguson, no run
shorter length, he tries to pull and misses as it stays low and just misses off stump
end of over 98 runs • 1 wicket
ST: 78/2CRR: 8.66 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 18 runs from 18b
Alex Ross4 (1)
Callum Ferguson3 (4)
Ashton Agar2-0-19-0
Fawad Ahmed2-0-11-1
Agar to Ross, FOUR runs
hammers a slog sweep into the gap between long on and deep midwicket first ball!
Agar to Khawaja, OUT
he might be run out here! Or Stumped! He's out either way. He went back and tried to late cut, it came off the glove and dropped down to Inglis' foot, Khawaja took off thinking it was a run, but Inglis foot stopped the ball, he stepped on it to stop it, Inglis picked it up and whipped the bails off before Khawaja got back! His bat was on the line. It's given run out because Khawaja attempted to run. Great work by Inglis.
UT Khawaja run out (†Inglis) 22 (22b 1x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Zaeb Ansari: "there must be so many secret prayers going on, hobart praying thunder win but not convincingly, heat hoping thunder win handsomely, and perth praying even if they lose they do by thinnest of margins."

Agar to Ferguson, 1 run
short ball, 97kph he's back and pulling to deep midwicket
Agar to Ferguson, no run
drifting down leg, he sweeps straight to short fine. Got away with that
Agar to Ferguson, 1 wide
drifting way down leg and he lets it go for a wide