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Player of the Match
197dThe Report by Will Macpherson

Abbott, Botha cameos put Sixers in semis

Sean Abbott's unbeaten 33 and Johan Botha's 25 rescued Sydney Sixers from 6 for 97 and helped the team seal a chase of 157 with an over to spare

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Commentator: Varun Shetty

19 | 17 Runs 1 Wkt | SS: 160/7 | RR: 8.42

  • Ben Dwarshuis4 (1b)
  • Sean Abbott33 (17b)
  • Scott Boland4-0-37-3
  • Ben Hilfenhaus3-0-25-1

They deserve to qualify with that sort of a comeback. They fell from 2 for 64 to 6 for 97 through some poor shot selection. But that was some counterattack from Sean Abbott. And there's no one better to have at the other end when you're counterattacking - Johan Botha used his experience and kept it simple. They put on 59 from 28 balls for the seventh wicket to take their team home with an over to spare. Superb.

The Stars haven't been consistent enough to see good starts through and that's what has happened again. They do still sneak through though, at the expense of local rivals Renegades.

Here's the semis line-up:

Tuesday: Scorchers v Stars at the WACA
Wednesday: Heat v Sixers at the Gabba

That's it from today's action. Thanks for joining us - see you at the semis!

Boland to Dwarshuis, FOUR runs, short and wide, the field is in, and he slashes this uppishly past slip and the Sixers are through to the semi-final, along with the Stars
Boland to Botha, OUT, oh! Bit of an anti-climax, this. Low full toss on off stump, he punches it back, gets the bottom of the bat and Boland sticks out one hand at this. He gets it, lets it bob up to erase the momentum and takes it - one-handed again - on the second attempt

J Botha c & b Boland 25 (13b 3x4 0x6) SR: 192.30

Boland to Abbott, 1 run, back of a length outside off, mistimed cut to the right of point
Boland to Botha, 1 run, full on off stump, walks across and gets under it, but can't get the middle as he drives this uppishly past the non-striker
Boland to Botha, (no ball) FOUR runs, short and outside off, jumps up and places this faux upper-cut with the outside edge past the keeper. It's been called a no-ball as well - second bouncer. Free hit.
Boland to Botha, 1 wide, good length slower ball, down the leg side

Syd Sixers 2nd innings Partnerships

1st28MJ LumbDP Hughes
2nd5C MunroDP Hughes
3rd31MC HenriquesDP Hughes
4th6NJ MaddinsonDP Hughes
5th23BJ HaddinNJ Maddinson
6th4J BothaNJ Maddinson
7th59J BothaSA Abbott
8th4SA AbbottBJ Dwarshuis