20 | 5 Runs | KKR: 153/6 (15 runs required, RR: 7.65)

  • Chris Woakes8 (6b)
  • Colin de Grandhomme11 (7b)
  • Sandeep Sharma4-0-31-0
  • Mohit Sharma3-0-24-2

11.45pm Phew. Kings XI stay alive in the tournament, giving our preview writers something to write about for their next game. Not too much riding on tomorrow's game, between Gujarat Lions and Delhi Daredevils, but so many excellent players on display, so make sure you join us for that. Until then, good night!

Mohit Sharma is the Player of the Match. "Our previous match didn't go so well, we deviated from our plan. We decided we stick to Plan A, and if it doesn't work, go to Plan B. The plan was to mix up our pace, and they tend to stay deep in the crease, so if we cut down the pace, we could be effective, but the margin for error is very small. Sometimes, you need to bowl your slower ball a bit shorter, and maybe a bit wider. We thought 160 was the par score, and when Lynn and Narine were batting it was a little difficult, but as we'd decided, we stuck to our plans."

Glenn Maxwell: "I asked for an improved performance on the field and certainly got that tonight. Axar Patel led by example on the field. I suppose the spinners came into the game, Rahul Tewatia bowled really well. As soon as that first ball spun, we realised we could get in a lot of overs from the spinners. We were able to get a couple of wickets in the middle, and kept them quiet till the end. We probably left ourselves maybe 10-15 short, but the way we scrapped on the field and the way we bowled, outstanding. They [bowlers] were probably at their calmest, they knew what they wanted to do and executed it well. Still hanging in there by the skin of our teeth, but we're giving our fans something to cheer for."

Gautam Gambhir: "I thought we started off really well. I thought me and Robin getting out was the turning point. Credit to Kings XI, they hung in there and never gave us easy runs. I thought the dot balls made a lot of difference. Obviously you want to be smart, you could say I could have opened and Robin could have come in at 3. But we thought Sunil has been hitting the ball well. Maybe we could think of that combination in the coming games. At one stage, we needed 7.5 or 8 an over, taking it to 10 or 11 was the turning point."

Kings XI have ended a streak of eight successive losses against Knight Riders. Their first win against them since 2014.

Jasir: "Yet another legspinner turning the game this season, legspinners have been a revelation." Aniket: "Hard to digest, in chase of 167 Lynn and Narine scored total 102 runs in 62 balls and yet KKR managed to be on losing side"

Suhas: "Two interesting games yesterday and today. SRH and KXIP have shown a lot of intent and if there's something that has won the matches for both the teams, it's their bowling. Exceptional from KXIP today, that too after having gone for 61 in the PP."

11.29pm There haven't been too many better bowling performances in the IPL to defend a total. After nine overs, Knight Riders were 76 for 1. In the next 11 overs, Kings XI only gave away 77 while taking five wickets, against some of the best hitters in the business. They showed there's a way to keep Chris Lynn relatively quiet, and made excellent use of the long boundaries with spin and slower balls.

A bit of grip, and long boundaries, and the bowlers came into the game while the batsmen were still able to put away the bad balls. This makes for so much better T20 than short boundaries and ultra-flat pitches.

Sandeep Sharma to Woakes, no run, finishes with a slower ball, and this is a sensational win for Kings XI. Back of a length, Woakes slogs across the line and misses, and the ball loops over the top of middle stump and rolls to Saha
Sandeep Sharma to Woakes, no run, another yorker. This one is wide of off stump. That's because Woakes was moving across, looking for the scoop over short fine. Sandeep won't give him that. Sneaks it under his bat
Sandeep Sharma to de Grandhomme, 1 run, they need a six desperately, CdG runs down the pitch, and Sandeep adjusts his length to bowl it close enough to him to deny any elevation. Digs it out to long-on and they only get one
Sandeep Sharma to de Grandhomme, 2 runs, oh, another yorker. On middle and leg this time. Gets his front leg out of the way and flicks to long-on. And what's up here, they're appealing for a run-out. They chanced two and just about got it. Direct hit from Maxwell at the keeper's end may have got CdG, but it went to Saha first.

18 off four now.

Sandeep Sharma to Woakes, 1 run, oh, well bowled. Off-stump yorker. Backs away to try and squeeze it through backward pojnt, can only get an inside edge, past his stumps, to the left of the keeper
Sandeep Sharma to de Grandhomme, 1 run, looks for the wide-ish yorker, CdG only manages a sliced drive to the left of sweeper cover

Knight Riders need 20 off the last over. Kings XI's bowlers have been sensational. They still have to deal with some sizeable hitting power, though. Sandeep to finish.

19 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | KKR: 148/6 (20 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 7.78, RRR: 20.00)

  • Colin de Grandhomme7 (4b)
  • Chris Woakes7 (3b)
  • Mohit Sharma3-0-24-2
  • Matt Henry3-0-31-1
Sharma to de Grandhomme, 1 run, another full-toss, this one is low and outside off and swerves in just a touch, late. Just pokes at it, gets a bottom-edge that bounces towards the keeper for another stolen single
Sharma to Woakes, 1 run, quick full-toss, shin high, angling into middle and leg. Woakes is surprised by that, he's late bringing his bat down - wants to make room and punch through cover, only manages an inside-edge that rolls to Saha
Sharma to Woakes, SIX runs, back of a length, closer to off stump this time, and that's stunning power from Woakes, quick hands through the slog-pull, and he clears the leaping Axar running to his left from deep midwicket
Sharma to Woakes, no run, another slower one. This is the wide-ish length ball, the back-of-the-hand one that jags away. Woakes slogs across the line and misses
Sharma to de Grandhomme, 1 run, very full, close to off stump, opens his bat face and jabs to backward point

This has been one of the bowling displays of this tournament so far. From both the spinners and the seamers. Woakes is the new man.

Sharma to Pathan, OUT, and he strikes first ball. Slower ball, back of a length, Yusuf takes a stride out, slogs, and can't get enough power behind this, hits it down long-on's throat. The big boundaries here make the slower one such a potent weapon

YK Pathan c Maxwell b Sharma 2 (4m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66


18 | 8 Runs 2 Wkts | KKR: 139/5 (29 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.72, RRR: 14.50)

  • Colin de Grandhomme5 (2b)
  • Yusuf Pathan2 (2b)
  • Matt Henry3-0-31-1
  • Mohit Sharma2-0-15-1
Henry to de Grandhomme, FOUR runs, full, quite a bit of width, and that's put away well by CdG. Cover point was inside the circle, extra cover was back, and he slices it up and over point to pick up four
Henry to Pathan, 1 run, slower short ball, angling into off stump, pulled away to fine leg
Henry to de Grandhomme, 1 run, back of a length outside off, angling in from wide of the crease. Clubbed down to long-on
Henry to Pathan, 1 run, yorker on off stump, swiped away to Axar at deep midwicket
Henry to Lynn, 1 run, OUT, run-out ends Lynn's innings, and this could be pivotal! Full, angling into off stump. Looks to clear his front leg and smash it to long-on, mistimes and drags it square. Rolls towards deep midwicket, they chance a second to keep Lynn on strike. Slightly tired legs, a super accurate throw from Axar, on the bounce and into the keeper's gloves, and Saha does the rest with the batsman still out by a foot or so

CA Lynn run out (Patel/†Saha) 84 (81m 52b 8x4 3x6) SR: 161.53

Colin de Grandhomme. He won't be on strike just yet, though.

Henry to Pandey, OUT, that's a super slower ball, a dipping full one, out of the back of the hand, on leg stump, and he's taken out Pandey. Looks for the big whip over midwicket, doesn't time it at all, and Axar takes a simple catch at deep midwicket

MK Pandey c Patel b Henry 18 (31m 23b 1x4 0x6) SR: 78.26

37 from 18. Here's Henry.

17 | 7 Runs | KKR: 131/3 (37 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.70, RRR: 12.33)

  • Chris Lynn83 (51b)
  • Manish Pandey18 (22b)
  • Mohit Sharma2-0-15-1
  • Sandeep Sharma3-0-26-0
Sharma to Lynn, FOUR runs, looks for the off-stump yorker, misses his length by a few inches, and Lynn hammers it for four. Ends up close to being a half-volley, and he clears his front leg and smashes it back over the bowler's head, easily beating long-off to his right. Such a good over, spoiled by one that went a few inches wrong. The margins of T20.
Sharma to Pandey, 1 run, slower offcutter now, he's going through his full range here. Back of a length, closer to off stump, swiped down to long-on, all along the ground
Sharma to Pandey, no run, another slower one. Back of the hand this time, a touch wider. The leg-cut action on it took it away from Pandey, and again he slogs and misses
Sharma to Pandey, no run, oh, excellent slower ball outside off. A lot slower than Pandey may have expected. Knuckleball, stays low, beats Pandey's across-the-line slog and rolls down to the keeper

KKR's end-overs specialists


Balls bowled by KKR's spinners in the last five overs this season. Rising Pune Supergiant are next with 78 balls

Potent weapon


Wickets taken by Chris Woakes, the third highest this season after Bhuvneshwar Kumar (23) and Imran Tahir (18)