That is it from me, Suneer Chowdhary, and I leave you with some food for thought for the Pune fans from Madan: "Scoring just one boundary in the last 7 overs made all the difference in the end."

I will be back for tomorrow's solitary match between Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Till then, have a good time ahead!

Presentation in a few minutes.

Dhoni: The dew was an issue, the spinners weren't getting too much turn, glad the fielding was good, took some good catches. We have been playing here last five years so we don't worry about the heat too much.

Ganguly: Shoulder's alright, landed on my chest actually. MS batted well towards the end, we needed a big over to get on par but did not get. We will have a look at what went wrong after the game.

Kulasekara is the man of the match, good to win the game, the batsmen and bowlers did a good job. I try my best to swing the new ball and that is what helped me get the early wickets.

Chennai batted well at the top through their openers, du Plessis and Badrinath and then they did well to end the innings on a high thanks to their captain MS Dhoni. Then the bowlers bowled well, with all bar Jadeja getting at least a wicket. Kulasekara's 2/10 in two overs and Bravo's 2/28 in four were standout performances with the ball.

Although I have to agree with Dwayne Bravo who says that they cannot single out anyone for the win, such was the team-effort around the victory.

Chennai have six points from six games, which is the same as three other teams. Only two teams, Delhi and Rajasthan have eight points.

Bravo to Kumar, 1 run, slower ball, gets an edge to third-man and Chennai have avenged their defeat at the hands of Pune in the previous game.
Bravo to Mathews, OUT, full-toss, leg-side and that should have been flicked away to the leg-side for a four. The fine-leg was inside the ring, but Mathews seemed surprised by that delivery and misses getting any bat on it, the leg-stump lies flat on the ground.

AD Mathews b Bravo 27 (33m 22b 1x4 0x6) SR: 122.72

21 off the last over and Bravo has the ball.

Bollinger to Smith, OUT, gone, caught! Pitched right up to the bat and Smith goes for the big one, gets a lot of height and du Plessis balances himself well at long-on and catches it rather well!

SPD Smith c du Plessis b Bollinger 23 (44m 21b 0x4 0x6) SR: 109.52

Ashwin to Mathews, FOUR runs, Mathews takes advantage of the Free Hit and sends the ball through mid-wicket region for a four.
Ashwin to Samuels, OUT, gone, caught! flighted, slower one and Samuels looked in an aggressive frame of mind, went for a smashing drive, but it goes straight to the fielder at short cover.

MN Samuels c Kulasekara b Ashwin 26 (32m 24b 2x4 1x6) SR: 108.33

Bravo to Samuels, SIX runs, short, top-edge and for most portion of the journey that ball undertook, it looked like it was going into the fielder's hands. Instead it carries over the fine-leg fence for a six!
Jakati to Samuels, FOUR runs, Samuels has taken another couple of steps down the pitch and the ball has been sent over the bowler's head for a four. No chance for either long-on or long-off...13 off the over
Jakati to Samuels, FOUR runs, shorter from Jakati, wider too and Samuels was waiting in his crease, cuts it away for a four through point
Jakati to Ganguly, OUT, out, caught! Ganguly wanted to go down the track and Jakati seemed to have read that, bowled it a little short, Ganguly still went for it but only lobbed straight up and Kulasekara at mid-off took a good catch.

SC Ganguly c Kulasekara b Jakati 24 (19m 26b 4x4 0x6) SR: 92.30

Bravo to Pandey, OUT, out, caught and a good one too! Pitched right up to the bat, Pandey wanted to go over the extra-cover, the ball ballooned up but Badri needed to run a fair distance to get to the ball and he did that, caught it and held on to it even as he was falling away. Excellent catch.

MK Pandey c Badrinath b Bravo 13 (11m 6b 0x4 1x6) SR: 216.66

Bollinger to Ganguly, FOUR runs, another four! What a shot! Ganguly's getting back into some batting form, this time he has flicked it to the square-leg region for another four
Bollinger to Ganguly, FOUR runs, pitched up and Ganguly goes on to his back-foot and flicks it through the fine-leg region for a four!
Bollinger to Ganguly, FOUR runs, expected that short one and even before it is bowler, he has got himself into position, gets inside the ball and uses the pace of the ball to pull it over the short fine-leg for a four.
Ashwin to Pandey, SIX runs, pitched right up again, Ashwin is bowling a tad quicker, it was right in the slot for the batsman who went for the lofted drive over mid-on. Goes all the way!
Kulasekara to Ryder, OUT, short, pull, caught and dance! It was not pitched up by Nuwan, Ryder went for the pull, Bravo dived in front of him and then began a jig that would have brought a smile to everyone watching!

JD Ryder c Bravo b Kulasekara 9 (12m 10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 90.00

Kulasekara to Ryder, FOUR runs, and then he follows it up with a very good shot, driven with a full face of the bat, through the left of mid-on and it rushes quickly to the fence. The run-rate is a decent one to begin with.
Ashwin to Ganguly, FOUR runs, sweep again and this time Ganguly gets ample of bat to it and the ball runs to its destination by the name of the boundary
Kulasekara to Uthappa, OUT, gone, caught! Dhoni came up, Robin remained in the crease, still tried to go over the top, did not get it in the middle of the bat and it lobbed up behind the bowler, Ashwin rushed in from mid-off to take a very good catch.

RV Uthappa c Ashwin b Kulasekara 8 (7m 5b 2x4 0x6) SR: 160.00

MSD is up to the stumps now

Kulasekara to Uthappa, FOUR runs, pitched up on the off-stump and driven over mid-off for a four. It was done beautifully done, so much so that Uthappa held that pose for some time.

Abhijit: "CSK may be 15 runs short. With opening stands for more than 100, they were not able to cross 165 on a batting track. Will be comfortably chased down by PWI"

Anyone else with any other predictions?

Nuwan has the ball now.

Bollinger to Ryder, FOUR runs, whoa, first ball, first four! Ryder is in good form but this is excellent batting. Shortish and Ryder pulls it over the mid-wicket region for a four! It was more a jab
Bollinger to Uthappa, FOUR runs, and this is pitched further up, Uthappa tried to drive, got an edge, missed the slip, missed the third-man and goes for a four.

Warriors 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13RV UthappaJD Ryder
2nd13SC GangulyJD Ryder
3rd27SC GangulyMK Pandey
4th11SC GangulyMN Samuels
5th33MN SamuelsSPD Smith
6th44AD MathewsSPD Smith
7th3AD MathewsB Kumar
8th7M KartikB Kumar