Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That is it from this game. Another one coming up in less than an hour.

Manan Vohra is Man of the Match. Vohra: "Very nervous before the start, butterflies in the stomach. The wicket went better during the course of the innings."

Gilchrist: "Excellent start, everything went right from the opening over, and the intensity stayed up till the last ball. Great catch by Gurkeerat. Every teams hopes to start like that. We know how important run rates are towards the end of the tournament. The boys adjusted to the conditions very well. Kings XI had never won their opening match, that is one hurdle we have got rid of now."

Mathews: "Can't really get any worse. Batting let us down again. We need to sort out our intent and attitude towards the first six overs, that sets up the entire line-up, can only get better from here. Pitch was up and down, and slow as well."

What a thrashing, losing a T20 with almost eight overs to go. Pune have their third captain in as many seasons, but it's not looking any better for them with successive losses to start off. Winning start for Kings XI, though, we are informed on air that this is the first time they've won their first game in a season. Thrilling IPL debut for Manan Vohra, Gilchrist showing he's still got some of the old touch, and Mandeep chipping in as he often does. They didn't have much to get after that attack of theirs ran through Pune for 99. Something's got to be really twisted down in the Pune camp, they are a really solid side on paper

Ross Lawson: "A fittingly farcical ending to a farcical game for Pune. Shocking effort, and poor display. Going to finish bottom without a doubt."

Marsh to Hussey, 1 no ball, they hold onto a catch, they do, Hussey backs away and slogs it to the right of midwicket, where Suman leaps and holds on to a stunner, but wait, they check the replays and it is too tight, way too tight, and ultimately umpire Taufel calls it a no-ball
Marsh to Hussey, no run, swivels and gives this everything he has, but the ball only rolls towards slip

Kings XI 2nd innings Partnerships

1st21AC GilchristMandeep Singh
2nd58Mandeep SinghM Vohra
3rd21DJ HusseyM Vohra