961dThe Report by Karthik Krishnaswamy

Mumbai clinch third IPL title in last-ball finish

Mumbai Indians clinched their third IPL title in a pulsating last-ball finish, defending 129 to beat Rising Pune Supergiant by one run

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Best performances - Batsmen

SPD Smith
SPD Smith
51(50) 2x4 - 2x6
Control %75%
  • Productive Shot
  • flick
  • 18 runs
  • 1x4 - 0x6
11 0 12 0 5 8 6 9
KH Pandya
47(38) 3x4 - 2x6
Control %60%
  • Productive Shot
  • flick
  • 14 runs
  • 1x4 - 0x6
2 2 3 5 8 15 5 7

Best performances - Bowlers

MG Johnson
MG Johnson
JD Unadkat

Match Details


Mumbai Indians , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match

Player Of The Series

Series result

Mumbai Indians won the 2017 Indian Premier League


Hours of play (local time)

20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.30, Interval 21.30-21.50, Second Session 21.50- 23.20

Match days

21 May 2017 - night match (20-over match)

TV Umpires

Reserve Umpire

Match Referee

Commentator: Varun Shetty

20 | 9 Runs 3 Wkts | RPS: 128/6 (2 runs required, RR: 6.40)

  • Washington Sundar0 (1b)
  • Mitchell Johnson4-0-26-3
  • Jasprit Bumrah4-0-26-2

12.48 am And that's all from us. Well, at least on commentary. We will bring you a tonne of follow-ups from this tournament. Thank you for sticking with us through it. We hope you enjoyed it. On behalf of Alagappan and Arun - good night, folks! I'm going to leave you all with some of your thoughts.

M.Rauhan: "First time a player other than from WI, Aus and India won the man of the tournament award I.e Ben Stokes. Your pick paid off Pune but unfortunely we couldn't see him whole Tournament."

Aman Agarwal: "I've always thought of Rohit Sharma as a very capable captain to lead India. Even better than Virat Kohli if you think of it in a result oriented manner. Winning 3 titles in 5 years is a testimony to the fact."

Amod Ganachari: "Sat in the same seat when Dhoni got out until we Won! Superstition may not work for Pune but works for Mumbai. "

Vishal Pawar: "Feels good for Mitch Johnson, he did well in BBL and now bowling the last over in the IPL final he held his nerves. Always good to see him in Mumbai Indians side. It reminded me of the final vs CSK where Mumbai defended another low total. Congratulations."

Irfan Mir: "Being an RPS fan, this is heart-breaking. I don't know what to do with myself right now :("

12.43am Rohit Sharma lifts the IPL trophy. A four-time winner of the title now. No player has done it more times than him. Confetti and intense victory instrumental in the background as Mumbai do the ritual dance around their trophy. Hardik Pandya falls off the podium in excitement. Imagine the rest of that family tonight. Photo time now. A trophy, fanfare and a big banner to confirm that they, indeed, are the Champions.

Mustafa Moudi: "Orange Cap in 2015, 2nd highest Run-Scorer in 2016 and Again Orange Cap in 2016... Consistency level of Warner is just Crazy!"

kumar: "It seems Smith cried . His voice says it all.. being Pune fan i can understand.. "

Rohit Sharma: (from earlier) I'm calm now. It was a great game of cricket. I'm sure the spectators enjoyed it. To be able to defend a score like this was a brilliant effort, I couldn't ask for more. Whenever you're defending a total like that, the first thing you'e to do is believe. I told the boys if we could do it against KKR (105) there was no way we couldn't do it here. There was assistance from the pitch too so it was a matter of exploiting the conditions. When three overs were left, I had confidence in the bowlers. They've always done the job wherever they've played. It was about giving freedom to them because they're the masters and they've done it before. I just told them to do whatever they want and set the field accordingly.

A sullen Steven Smith can barely gets the words out: It's a hard one to swallow. I am proud of the way the boys played throughout the tournament. They (Mumbai) were probably below par with 129. It was a tough wicket to get runs, everyone could see that. Just couldn't get over the line. We had wickets in hand as well. It was only one or two good overs that we needed to get in front so credit to them. They did a terrific job to restrict us. It's been fantastic, I've learnt so much from the IPL over the last two years. I'd like to thank my franchise. Who knows where we'll be next year. Just disappointing to lose, it wasn't the fairy tale finish we wanted.

Krunal: When the wicket were falling, I wanted to play 20 overs because I was the only batsman. I knew if I stayed till the 19th-20th over I could attack. The pitch was gripping sometimes, and skidding at others. Just wanted to make sure I'm there till the end and give the bowlers a chance. In the end, it comes down to preparation. I prepared well before the tournament and the results came. I want to thank Nitin Patel who helped me out when I got injured 5-6 games ago. It's a dream come true to be Man of the Match in the final.

Krunal Pandya is the Man of the Match.

12.20am The presentation is underway. Stick around.

Snehil: "This final is a perfect example of why teams choose to bat first in finals. Pune has made absolute mess of what could have been an easy chase.Having said that Mumbai bowling was outstanding just like it has been throughout the season. And how crucial that knock of Krunal Pandya has proved in the end. Rohit's bowling changes were spot on too."

Ali: "I told you guys at ESPN that the previous lowest total in IPL final was also in a winning cause. You didn't publish that.. but turns out I was right :)"

Ankur: "All the quicks did great but Don't forget Karn Sharma - he was the most economical bowler today at 4.5 runs per over when little over 6.5 runs per over was needed."

12.10am Phew. What a turnaround for Mumbai. We spoke at the start of their defence about a surprising lack of aggression with a low total on the board. SURELY, we thought, you can't restrict the opposition with a small score like; surely, it was all about wickets. They ended up doing both in the end, didn't they? A strangle through the middle overs and three wickets in the last one to seal a dramatic win. Rising Pune weren't everybody's favourites before this game, but they were still the team that had a 3-0 record against Mumbai. And for large parts of the game, they looked like they would pull off the heist. Can't be nice to lose like that, but were they guilty of a lack of aggression themselves? Did they leave it too late? Unfair to make any call, really, they were were still in it after 19.1. A fifth IPL final loss for Fleming. And another man called Dhoni, who would have loved to be out there in the final over.

Mumbai coach Mahela Jayawardene said they had their senior bowlers in mind when they elected to bat first.

Johnson: Wanted to be clear with my plan, wasn't thinking too much. Just wanted to make sure they weren't hitting through the leg side and luckily I got Smithy to hit it into the off side, where he's not as strong.

Bumrah: WE were behind the 8-ball from the start and the way we fought was brilliant. From the first over we were behind and the way Mitch bowled the last over was perfect.

Tendulkar: Amazing, simply amazing. The first half wasn't good for us. But we thought right and the performance followed. Some amazing bowling and great fielding in the pressure situations.

Rayudu: I couldn't contribute with the bat, but that catch will remain with me. It was surpising to see this sort of a pitch in Hyderabad (which is his home ground).

Pollard: The team has come together many times and that's what happened tonight. Big up to this man here, Krunal, he batted nicely and kept us in the game.

Johnson to Christian, 2 runs, OUT, Mumbai have won the IPL! J Suchith fumbles at deep square leg but recovers quickly to get a throw in and run them out before they can take a third. Mitch bowled down the leg side again, bowled it short of yorker length again. Christian swatted across the line but it wasn't off the middle. It went between deep square and deep midwicket. Suchith ran to his left, fumbled the pick up, pushed it a few yards in front and forced himself to recover. Gave Pune a slight sniff at taking this to the Super Over, but the batsmen couldn't come back quickly enough. The throw was already in as Christian finished the second run. They stood no chance as they took off for the third. The throw was perfect, on the bounce, on top of the stumps.

Washington Sundar run out (sub [Suchith]/†Patel) 0 (5m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Johnson to Christian, 2 runs, dropped! Hardik Pandya puts down a tough one at deep midwicket. He follows Christian down the leg side, but the length is not great. It's overpitched, and in his arc. Christian is slightly off balance and gets bat on this flick, but can't get elevation. It's flat and it's fast and it dips on Hardik who gets down quickly but can't hold on. Christian comes back for the second
Johnson to Washington Sundar, 1 bye, yorker outside off stump. Goes straight through, so it misses the stumps. He was looking to slice this through third man but was beaten. Christian was off the blocks quickly and completed the run as Parthiv's underarm flick missed

Washington has come out. He's on strike. 7 off 3. Hat trick ball too.

Johnson to Smith, OUT, hits it straight to sweeper cover! Everyone in a blue jersey is rushing towards the fielder there, even the people on the bench! It's Rayudu. He was in some discomfort, but he's held on to it somehow. This was full outside off stump. Smith was deep in the crease and looked to lift this over extra cover. Opened the face too much and hit a very flat, swerving ball towards Rayudu who had his hands awkwardly positioned - perhaps he was confused which way his fingers should face - but closed hem just at the right time

SPD Smith c Rayudu b Johnson 51 (93m 50b 2x4 2x6) SR: 102.00

Smith has crossed over, by the way. Long-off is really straight, says Arun from the ground. Mitch is bowling around the wicket.

Johnson to Tiwary, OUT, Pollard takes it at long-on. Tiwary backs away this time and shows all the stumps. Expects the offcutter and gets it. Wants to hit it on the up over extra cover, there's no deep fielder there. But this is a slow pitch. He mistimes and the bat turns in his hands. It is straight to Pollard who is calm.

MK Tiwary c Pollard b Johnson 7 (21m 8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 87.50

Johnson to Tiwary, FOUR runs, finds the boundary first ball! Walks across the stumps and picks this offcutter from outside off stump and lifts it over square leg. Picked the gap nicely and it's pressure on the bowler straight away

Pune needed 13 to win off the last over in their first meeting with Mumbai this season. Remember that game? Smith finished it off. Manoj Tiwary has been in this sort of a situation too. He hit the winning runs when Kolkata beat Chennai in 2012.

Mitch will bowl the last over. 11 to win.

Supergiant 2nd innings Partnerships

1st17AM RahaneRA Tripathi
2nd54SPD SmithAM Rahane
3rd27MS DhoniSPD Smith
4th25MK TiwarySPD Smith
5th0DT ChristianSPD Smith
6th5DT ChristianWashington Sundar