Player of the Match
Player of the Match
253dThe Report by Amol Karhadkar in Mumbai

TN hit back after folding for 134

Karnataka elected to bowl first on a greenish track and bundled out Tamil Nadu for 134 in the first innings, before losing four top-order batsmen for just 45 runs

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Commentator: Deivarayan Muthu

And that's all she wrote for this Ranji season. The joust for supremacy between the neighbors turned out to be a no contest with Karnataka thumping Tamil Nadu to launch a successful defence. This makes Karnataka the undisputed second-most successful team after Mumbai in the history of the Ranji Trophy. Many thanks for your company and comments. Amol Karhadkar's report will up pretty soon. Until next time, this is Deivarayan Muthu saying cheerio on the behalf of Gopi Rangarajan.

As our feedbacker, Nandeesh, puts it: "Invincible Karnataka"

Vinay collects the Ranji Trophy from Anurag Thakur. The Karnataka players now get together and pose for the photographers. They unleash a collective, primeval roar in delight.

Vinay Kumar, Karnataka captain: It is a big moment for us. I would like to thank all the players, they have worked hard to achieve this milestone. I am very happy with my own performance. Ultimately, winning the Ranji Trophy is important. We won the toss and wanted to play with four seamers. As I said last year, we have a good bunch of players. If we keep performing we will dominate the Indian domestic circuit. Next we will play the Irani Trophy and will try to win that.

Mukund collects the runner-up trophy. This is followed by the Karnataka players collecting their individual trophies.

Karun Nair, Man of the Match: I think the credit should go to the entire team. Rahul also batted really well with me. Our partnership was the game-changer. It was just the hunger and I got settled. It was a good batting surface with a little bit of bounce.

Abhinav Mukund, Tamil Nadu captain: I think we really did well in the first day. We could have batted better, but its history now. KL Rahul and Karun Nair took the game away from us. It has been a great season. After a poor start we have made to the finals. We will go back to the drawing board. We have competed well, I made around 800 runs. I could have carried on, but we ran into a good side.

Good camaraderie between the players as they exchange handshakes. What a performance from Karnataka. A humongous innings win in the final to cap off another dominant season. TN put up a fight with DK and Shankar raising centuries but Karnataka were always winning this one after Karun Nair's record-breaking triple propelled them to a 628-run first-innings lead. Do stick around for the presentation.

Sharath: I got injured last year. This year I got a chance and did very well. Everybody did well.

Aravind: It has been a wonderful season for me. It has been a great comeback for me. Credit goes to the whole bunch. My favorite wicket was Prasanna's . I set him up and made him drive.

Manish: I wanted to have a stump as a memory.

Gopal: I am trying to do a bit of both. I don't have a stump but I have a bail. There is a lot of work to do on my fitness.

J Arunkumar, Karnataka batting coach: We have really worked hard this season. Shreyas is a batsman as well as a bowler.

Mansur Ali Khan, Karnataka bowling coach: We shared the responsibilities. It makes things easier

Bhavane: They never made me feel like a debutant. KL Rahul is my role model. I love the way Karun approaches the game. I love the attitude of Vinay.

Karun : It feels good. Having had a poor season in terms of numbers, I have made up for it. I tried to get as much as I can. I am happy with whatever I got.

Uthappa: The celebrations will be on and we will celebrate more after the Irani trophy.

Rahul: Not everyday does a team win five titles in a row. We will take a break, turn up for Irani and win the sixth in a row. All the boys are willing to put in the effort day in and day out. It is just amazing to see what a team together can do. We don't want to stop here. We want to continue for the next four to five years

Vinay: All credit to the boys. I am not going for forget this game. Someone told me I am the first captain to take five wickets and score a hundred [in a Ranji final]. I am very proud of it.

Mithun: It has been a good season for me, We have been doing well. We wanted to win the trophy.

Aravind to Rangarajan, OUT, Karnataka retain the Ranji trophy! Its all over for Tamil Nadu. Delirious scenes in the Karnataka camp. Parameswaran is injured and will not bat. This was a full ball moving away from batsman, he looks to guide it away and pokes it out to Manish Pandey at wide slip. Vinay races across and plucks out a stump as a souvenir. Pandey also wants it, looks to snatch it away from Vinay. But the captain has the final say

M Rangarajan c Pandey b Aravind 33 (72m 77b 6x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

Aravind to Rangarajan, FOUR runs, banged in short and on the stumps, homing in below the chest, Rangarajan swivels on the back foot and pulls it fine
Aravind to Rangarajan, no run, back of a length and angled in from round the stumps, defended back to the bowler off an inside-edge as he does not get hold of the punch
Aravind to Rangarajan, no run, good length ball on off, defended to the off side, adjacent to the pitch
Aravind to Rangarajan, no run, fuller and on off, he seeks to flick. The ball goes through midwicket off the inside half of the bat

107 | 6 Runs | TN: 407/8

  • Malolan Rangarajan29 (72b)
  • Lakshmipathy Balaji5 (16b)
  • Shreyas Gopal25-4-126-4
  • Sreenath Aravind21-6-48-1
Gopal to Rangarajan, 1 run, Rangarajan fetches this from outside off and sweeps it backward of square leg
  • No shame in losing to Karnataka - Abhinav

    Following his team's innings-and-217-run defeat to Karnataka in the Ranji Trophy final, Tamil Nadu captain Abhinav Mukund said there was no shame in the side's defeat to Karnataka

  • Karnataka retain title with innings win

    Vijay Shankar and Dinesh Karthik scored centuries but Tamil Nadu's middle-order batsmen could not avoid the ignominy of suffering an innings defeat in the Ranji Trophy final against Karnataka in Mumbai

  • Injured Rahul likely to miss Irani Cup

    KL Rahul, the Karnataka opener who batted through pain in the ongoing Ranji Trophy final, has been virtually ruled out of the Irani Cup tie against Rest of India, to be played in Bangalore from March 17

  • Rampant Karnataka close in on innings win

    Karnataka piled on more misery on Tamil Nadu and piled up more records for the statisticians as they ended day three of the Ranji Trophy final with a distinct chance of an innings win

  • 'The first time I have batted so long' - Karun

    Karun entered the match on the back of a patchy season, having garnered just 381 runs from 15 innings. He has virtually doubled the tally with his unbeaten 310

Tamil Nadu 3rd innings Partnerships

1st30M VijayA Mukund
2nd17M VijayB Aparajith
3rd32B IndrajithB Aparajith
4th112V ShankarB Aparajith
5th115KD KarthikV Shankar
6th38R PrasannaKD Karthik
7th35KD KarthikM Rangarajan
8th0M RangarajanA Aswin Crist
9th32L BalajiM Rangarajan