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2nd Match (D/N), Brisbane, Feb 5 2008, Commonwealth Bank Series
(50 ov)
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• The Bulletin by Jamie Alter

Rain forces another Gabba washout

For the second match running, a faithful Brisbane crowd was denied a full day of cricket as further inclement weather washed out the second match of the CB Series, this time between India and Sri Lanka

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Scorecard summary
India267/4(50 overs)

7.55pm Breaking news The match has been called off, as expected. The players are shaking hands with the umpires in the middle. A shame as we were looking forward to the chase after India's up-and-down innings that started well, was pulled back by Murali and then Dhoni and Gambhir had a thrilling partnership which really handed them the advantage. Thanks a lot for joining us today.

7.50pm The umpires are walking out into the middle for the obligatory inspection, reports our super sleuth Nagraj Gollapudi.

7.45pm Not holding out much hope, friends. And Ahmed's back. "The system is moving slower than anticipated. It should take a while before the rain stops completely. By then, we would all be home."

We're really running out of time now and the rain's just not easing off, I'm afraid. They're going to decide in ten minutes.

7.20pm "Most of the rain is almost over," reckons Aussie Ahmed who's either psychic, living in the area, or has been on a weather website. "It should clear up within half an hour." Let's hope so as time is a-ticking.

I'd just like to draw your attention to one of my favourite parts of the site - Quote, unquote. Check out what Warnie has had to say on the subject of advertising hair products.

7.00pm Well, the news is not good news. It's steadily raining, the covers are nailed down in the middle and collecting puddles. The crowd are hanging round, though, wellybobs out. The cut-off time is 8.21 according to the India media manager.

If we were a TV company - technically I suppose we're owned by one, ESPN - it would be time for replays, with a big flashing R in the top right corner for extra retro effect. So here's the highlight of India's innings:

44.1 Jayasuriya to Dhoni, SIX, Dhoni at his best! Brings up the fifty in quality style, with a huge stand-and-deliver six over long-on, played on the up and up, throwing all his weight behind that

Being nice, I'll find you a few links to amuse you while we're waiting and note that New Zealand have just lost to England at Twenty20. Here you go, this will keep us all amused for ages. A free magazine online, how lucky is that? Or, if you're in the mood to play we've got that for you too.

Big shame if this match is also washed out, of course, as it's looking like because that would mean both of the first two matches would have fallen to the same fate.

6.20pm local time The news isn't great from the Gabba as the rain is coming down steadily. The forecast isn't extra special either but fingers crossed there's still time to squeeze a game in, however truncated.

There's a bit of drizzle still on. Play should be getting under way about now but the covers are on and now we can see a couple of the players in the outfield messing about with a couple of remote controlled cars in some sort of race. Strange things happen at cricket matches these days. Previously when it rained the players just sat in the dressing-room with a pack of cards ... now they're racing remote-controlled cars on the outfield.

5.35pm local time The resumption of play after the break has been delayed because of rain. At the moment no time has been set on when play can begin as it's still raining. Until the rain stops there's not much anyone can do. However, looking at the bright side of things no overs will be lost for the first 45 minutes of the rain delay as that much time can be made up.

While you're waiting for play to start there's plenty of stuff you can do. If you're a fantasy cricket buff, click here to create your teams for the Australia-India and New Zealand-England series. There are Apple iPods to be won every match in the Australia- India competition.

end of over 5014 runs
INDIA: 267/4CRR: 5.34 
MS Dhoni88 (95)
Gautam Gambhir102 (101)
Lasith Malinga10-1-56-1
Chaminda Vaas10-0-72-0

Well, India owe everything to Gambhir and Dhoni who have put on ten runs an over for the last ten overs to boost them to a very competitive 4 for 267 on this track. Commendable effort from the pair who were just shy of a 200-run stand. Sri Lanka's bowlers did a fine job for the majority of the innings but will now look to their batsmen to try to overhaul the total. It promises to be an excellent chase so do join us again shortly.

Malinga to Dhoni, 2 runs
outside off, driven hard off the back foot - literally, his front foot was high in the air - and they come back for two
Malinga to Gambhir, 1 leg bye
outside off, across his stumps and plays somehow into the off-side
Malinga to Gambhir, 2 runs
driven high on the off-side, over cover

He's made Sri Lanka pay for that drop earlier

Malinga to Gambhir, FOUR runs
outside off and pulled hard through midwicket for a great century off 99 balls, with ten fours and a six

Top timing

Malinga to Gambhir, FOUR runs
outside off, not a terrible length, rocks back and drives well, wide of mid-off, to inch closer to the hundred
Malinga to Dhoni, 1 run
good yorker, straight, but driven out to mid-on
end of over 4911 runs
INDIA: 253/4CRR: 5.16 
MS Dhoni85 (93)
Gautam Gambhir92 (97)
Chaminda Vaas10-0-72-0
Lasith Malinga9-1-43-1
Vaas to Dhoni, 1 run
outside off, goes across the line with a big sweep to keep the strike
Vaas to Dhoni, 2 runs
low full toss, boomed out to long-off where Dilshan travels 15 or so metres to cut it off
Vaas to Dhoni, FOUR runs
outside off again and Dhoni picks that one up well, driving over long-on for a one-bounce four, no sign of the discomfort there

Rain's starting to fall, folks

Vaas to Dhoni, no run
outside off, deceived Dhoni who tried to sweep from outside off
Vaas to Dhoni, 2 runs
outside off, not too much wrong with the width, and driven out to mid-off easily
Vaas to Dhoni, 2 runs
slower ball first up, full too, and dug out straight through mid-off
end of over 488 runs
INDIA: 242/4CRR: 5.04 
Gautam Gambhir92 (97)
MS Dhoni74 (87)
Lasith Malinga9-1-43-1
Muttiah Muralitharan10-0-51-2

This partnership worth 159 off 163 and has turned India's innings around

Malinga to Gambhir, no run
outside off, very full, cut low to point
Malinga to Gambhir, no run
outside off, the batsman rocking back, too far as it happened because he was nowhere near the would-be launch over long off, his head well away from the ball
Malinga to Dhoni, 1 run
outside leg again, another flick again
Malinga to Dhoni, FOUR runs
yorker outside leg and that's so well pinpointed, Dhoni hardly blinking as he whipped it away off his legs for another super shot
Malinga to Gambhir, 1 run
short, backed away and smashed through short midwicket
Best performances - batsmen
G Gambhir
102 runs (101)
10 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
28 runs
2 fours
1 sixes
MS Dhoni
88 runs (95)
5 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
22 runs
1 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
M Muralitharan
MKDI Amerasinghe
Match details
Brisbane Cricket Ground, Woolloongabba, Brisbane
TossIndia , elected to bat first
SeriesCommonwealth Bank Series 2008
Match numberODI no. 2672
Hours of play (local time)13.15 start, First Session 13.15-16.45 Interval 16.45-17.30, Second Session 17.30-21.00
Match days5 February 2008 - day/night match (50-over match)
Rudi Koertzen
Steve Davis
TV Umpire
Bruce Oxenford
Reserve Umpire
Peter Parker
Match Referee
Jeff Crowe
PointsIndia 2, Sri Lanka 2