2nd Match, Galle, Aug 23 1999, Aiwa Cup
(38/38 ov)
(29.1/38 ov, target 159)
Australia won by 8 wickets (D/L)
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all over folks, even if the umpires have little idea about the new no ball playing conditionand finally they go off, plenty of animated discussion, we nearly had a couple of exhibition deliveries top match for Symonds, might have made a claim for permanent tenancy of the number 3 possieAustralia all but qualified for the finalwould need a couple of thrashings and then Ind-SL clashes to be sharednext match in the Rain Cup is on August the 25th, India v Sri Lanka, a day/nighter from the Premadasa in Colombothat will start at something like 0400 GMTtake two: that will start at something like 0830 GMT. The day matches start at 0400 GMT

BKV Prasad to Ponting, (no ball) 1 run
short again, another no ball, Ponting drags it down somehow to square leg
BKV Prasad to Symonds, 1 run
pull shot, top edge, this match with all the atmosphere of a Kuala Lumpur Super 8s match
BKV Prasad to Symonds, 1 no ball
short and outside the off stump, umpire gives the Aust total a prod