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Sri Lanka have defeated India by 121 runs to take the Coca-Cola Cup It has been an incredible team performance by the home side The captain, Sanath Jayasuriya led from the the fronbt with a commanding 99 Russel Arnold was involved in everything that happened on the day, he scored a breezy half century, picked up a wicket, effected a run out, took two catches... what more can you ask of a One-Day cricketer? India in stark contrast folded up pretty meekly Apart from Harbhajan singh with thge ball (2/29) everyone else failed when the going got tough The bowlers all went for runs and the batsmen failed to deliver VVS Laxman made 37 inclusing some neat cover drives but there was never any chance of India winning after they lost quick wickets early on All credit to the Lankans, can't take anything away from them Vaas, Fernando, Dharmasena, Arnold, Muralitharan... everyone came to the party We're waiting for the presentation ceremony here, lot's of awards to be given away! The Coca-Cola Cup has come to an end, and it has been a fascinating tourney While we wait for a presentation ceremony that will have many contenders for the prizes on offer please have a look at the intensive coverage of the tournament available at: Join us again in just a few minutes with the presentation ceremony! Don't go away, after all you will want to hear what Ganguly and Jayasuriya have to say! The losing captain here is Sourav Ganguly and he will have a few words to say no doubt. The Indian skipper looks glum as he steps up to receive a check for 15,000 $ We came back well to qualify for the final says Ganguly The target was stiff and Sri Lanka played very well adds the skipper of the losing side We kept on losing wickets and this did not help us, explains the Indian left handed opening batsman We're looking forward to some good cricket in the Test series says Ganguly to end the short chat The winning captain Jayasuriya comes up now amidst huge roars to take his cheque for 20,000 $ What we planned before the match worked out. I wasnted to bat long and that happened. Everyone else in the team too batted well and it was really an all round performance from the boys, begins Jayasuriya We have played enough cricket to know what to do after we get a good start, the chaps in the middle order really took us to a big total, all credit to them says Jayasuriya The Man of the Match here is Russel Arnold! Not surprising in the least for Russel Premakumara Arnold has done everything possible and is deservedly the Man of the Match! Arnold says that it was just one of those days that worked for him. How everything went well and that he enjoyed the game thoroughly with bat and ball. That's what the man of the match has to say! Nathan Astle is a contender for the man of the series award, Russel Arnold too was in contention, but the final Man of the Match is none other than the captain of the hosts, Sanath Jayasuriya! The home side walks away with all the honours, Jayasuriya gets a spanking new Mitsubishi Lancer for his efforts! There's unlimited joy all around at the R Premadasa Stadium, the Baila is being sung everywhere and there's dancing in the aisles, a great end to an exciting tournament! Thank you very much for being with CricInfo through this tournament and don't forget to come back for the Test series starting soon. India will want revenge and we all know how tough the Lankans are to beat at home! We leave you today with the image of Jayasuriya proudly holding up the Coca-Cola Cup 2001! Thank you very much for being with CricInfo and that's all we have for you from the R Premadasa Stadium in Colombo! If you've enjoyed our coverage p[lease do drop a line to and if you thought we could have done better tell us that as well. After all, we can improve fastest when we know what you want! Till the next time, a very good night to you all from the team at, the home of cricket on the Internet!

Vaas to Dighe, OUT, just back of a length and outside the off, Dighe prods at it, edges the ball to the keeper and trhere's a loud appeal, Umpire Asoka de Silva puts everyone out of their misery, the Lankans celebrate! It's all over

SS Dighe c †Kaluwitharana b Vaas 23 (84m 63b 0x4 0x6) SR: 36.50

Vaas to Dighe, no run,

47 | 3 Runs | INDIA: 174/9 (122 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 3.70, RRR: 40.66)

  • Sameer Dighe23 (61b)
  • Ashish Nehra2 (10b)
  • Kumar Dharmasena8-0-33-1
Dharmasena to Dighe, 1 run, well flighted and on the off, driven to long on for yet another crucial single
Dharmasena to Nehra, 1 run,
Dharmasena to Nehra, no run,
Dharmasena to Dighe, 1 run, full and on the off, whipped to long on, singles still being taken in right earnest